Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Wanderer Returns...

Well, I'm not really a wanderer to be fair. Hah! I just lost my mojo and life happened, y'know? 👀

Hello! Hi! Happy new year! Yes, it is I! Crazy, right? First of all, it has been so long since I have used a laptop, and lord it feels so weird. I'm solely a phone and tablet girl nowadays... Well, I was until today. :)

So where have I been? Do you even care? Of course you don't. I haven't been anywhere, I have just been living my life, working, learning life lessons and growing up. It has been five years since my last post and I have been thinking for the last eighteen months about resurrecting this old blog, I even had someone in my life that nagged me about it for ages. So here I am, finally!

I used to obsess over reading blogs daily and I have reaaaally missed it! Who is still out there? Please say hey! 

Soooo, I am still makeup obsessed. I'd like to think my skills have improved, as have my makeup tastes. I still love 'drugstore' products, but my tastes are also a little more expensive with some things. Maturity, eh?! 

I don't want to ramble on and on about things you don't care to read, but I am back. I have spent my morning revamping this blog, and you can expect some posts soon.

Until then!...

- Thank you for reading.
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