Friday, February 20, 2015

Fifty Shades Of... Cobalt?

Another OOTD?! I know! Get me!
I wanted to post about this dress, which I love.. I've had so many compliments on it and the colour is so out of my comfort zone since I usually always wear dark colours! Cobalt seems to be a popular colour at the moment, and I was talked into getting this colour over the black one.. It pained me a little bit, but it's good to step outside of your comfort zone once in a while, no?

So, myself and some friends from work decided we were going to see Fifty Shades of Grey at the weekend and this was my outfit choice!
I am really liking the swing style tunic dress, great with tights or leggings... or if you're brave enough to bare your legs! I like how it just skims over my curves but doesn't look like a big baggy tent, which is what I used to live in.. Haha!

Boots (Old New Look)

Movie Thoughts:
I know there are a ton of mixed feelings about it, and about the books, but I personally enjoyed the books. As for the film, I loved it, preferred it to the book and thought it was way better than I expected it to be. I liked the actors and how things were less cringy than the book was. The soundtrack was/is fabulous and I am obsessed with it! Also, the sex scenes were not overdone at all, tasteful I'd say, leaving things to the imagination.  Have you seen it?  Thoughts?
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

- The Face Essentials.

This evening I wanted to talk about some of my most favourite face products. For me, these are essential staples that I feel like I need to have for my face when doing my makeup.
This one is a very long standing favourite of mine. I can remember when I first tried an eye primer (this one) and being so massively amazed at how it kept my eyeshadow in place all night and it didn't crease! My eyeshadow was always a creasy mess before I discovered eye primer. This one remains a favourite, I have tried others but nothing else seems to compare.
A fairly recent discovery, and a brow game changer from the first use. I love that it has a coloured wax and powder to set it with. It just works - well! I use the wax then the powder with a stiff angled brush, and it gives me somewhat decent looking brows... most of the time! Although brows are always my nemesis.. This just makes them a little less so.
I've been using this one for years, since it came out (whenever that was!) It soothes and cools my undereyes, which is great on those early mornings. It's brightens and conceals and soothes all in one, a win-win-win! I couldn't be without it.

I got this one sent to me when it was first released. I remember anticipating it coming out here when everyone across the pond was talking about it. I wasn't sure it'd be for me because of how light people were saying it was, but I LOVE. This is a must have for me, it's so weightless, covers well and doesn't highlight dry patches or make my face an oily mess. My skin stays reasonable matte because of the powder finish. I have run out at the moment and I am itching to go and repurchase again!

I was very excited when cheaper drugstore brands started latching on to the tinted brow gel idea. I have a few, but I tend to reach for this one the most, I really like how the spoolie wand is teeny tiny, so a perfect size for your brows. It does add thickness to them too, and obviously colour.. Plus it's massive mascara size, so will last for ages!

*PR Sample.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

OOTD | Floral Textured Swing Dress

I haven't done a great deal of outfit posts on here, and I want to change that, I keep taking pics and then being picky about whether I like them or not, so then I just don't bother. Not anymore though, I'm going to try and make more effort with showing some of what I've been wearing.

Today I wanted to show you my new favourite dress, the black and white rose print textured swing dress from Yours Clothing. This is so flattering for my body shape, because it fits best where I'm smaller (my top half) and then skims nicely over the parts that I am not so keen on showing off (them hips and that ass!).
I hope that the image does it justice.. I paired it with and without leggings, annnnd I prefer with because my legs are literally whiter than bottles of milk! *cringe* .. It'd look great with more tan legs (haha) or some opaque tights.
The fabric is nice and thick too, so it doesn't cling to places you don't want it too. It's similar to a scuba material, but it's textured, which just helps it to hang really nicely.

Apologies for the mirror selfies, but a girl's gotta do what she can to snap a photo! I need a larger mirror really.. It's on my to do list!

Dress £25: Yours Clothing
Boots £35: Yours Clothing (Sold out - Similar here)
Leggings £18 (x2): Asos Curve

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Face Favourites | DHC & Foreo Luna Mini.

Hello, hello!

Lonnnnng time no post. You may or may not notice that we've had a makeover. I spent my day off doing it last week and have been eager to start getting some posts up since then, but life got in the way.

Anyway, I hope that you are all well and had a great Christmas and New Year. Happy New Year!

Today I thought I would mention a couple of skincare products that I am particularly loving at the moment, and have been since October time.

So! Thang number one that I've been in love with is the DHC Pore Face Wash.  Now, I love a good cleanser, but so many leave me feeling unimpressed. This does not, this is perfect for those of you with enlarged pores, oily and spot prone skin.. all of which I have.

This wash smells like citrus and it lathers up into a rich foam with just the teeniest amount, like smaller than a pea size.. Massage in - rinse - and be left with really fresh feeling, soft skin. It does tighten slightly, but it's so gentle and it does not leave my face feeling dry and uncomfortable like some cleansers. My pores definitely look reduced after this. I use it every morning, I find that it really wakes my skin up and leaves it nice and matte for makeup application.

Link: DHC Pore Face Wash.

This next little gadget is more on the pricey side, but is so cool! It's a face cleansing device that I always use in conjunction with my cleansers.. It is small and easy for travel, and the silicone is hygenic to use.. I always (and still do) love the Clarisonic, but you need replacement brushes for that and I haven't got around to getting any, so this is easier because you don't have to replace anything and it's handy for taking places.

This little chap leaves my face feeling thoroughly cleansed and I've found that over time my skin seems brighter and smoother, and most definitely less spotty. It's great for acne scarring too, mine have faded considerably since using this.

It has two sides of silicone nobbly things, and two speed settings, depending on what feels good for you.  The slower speed and less nobbly side is good for more sensitive areas, I like to use it around the eyes. Oh, and I've charged it only once, and it's still going - it lasts for up to 300 uses from one charge. Honestly, if you were thinking of getting a cleansing device I would say this is one to try. I love it. :)

Link: Foreo Luna Mini.

So there you go.. Gentle eased back into the blog with a post of a couple of faves. 

Now tell me yours!

Thank you for reading!
Love, Sophie xx
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