Monday, October 13, 2014

Plus Size OOTD: The Fancy Frock!

I'll start with a little back story first. My brother got married in August (outfit post here), and when I was shopping with my Mum for an outfit to wear I found a dress in Evans that I fell absolutely in love with, (Link!) it was from Scarlett & Jo (Prom Dress Range) and it was like my dream dress, I picked up the size I thought I'd need and went to try it.. If looked amazing, perfect. It was just *the* dress, ya know?

Only problem was that it was too big and because I am currently losing lots of weight, it seemed pointless. So Mum ran out to get the next size down... They didn't have it, and because the dress was in the sale they didn't have more. I left the shop with a pout and went home and searched the internet to see if I could find it anywhere, or on the Evans website. No such luck.

Fast forward 3 months and I'm casually browsing the Evans sale (as you do!) and I see this dress from the range (the exact same style) and it's on sale, but they don't have the size down that I needed in July. They did have the next size down though (Size 20, FYI) so I thought I'd order it and give it a go because I love it so much and I thought I might get lucky, or I could slim into it.

I picked it up in store last Wednesday and I love it. It fits and it's perfect.. It's not the black spotty one I originally wanted but it's just as pretty, navy blue and flowers are not usually a me thing, but I feel good in it - I think it's the style of the dress. It's so me and so well fitting, flattering and gorgeous.

The point of all that chatter was to do this outfit post and show the dress on, sooo...
Pretty, huh? I love how it flatters my shape and skims my hips, bum and tum. I am very happy with my purchase! I now want to get this dress in every version they have. Like THIS! Sooo tempted.

Get it here: Evans, Scarlett & Jo Navy Floral Print Prom Dress (£30!) But they have very limited sizes.

Thank you for reading!
Love, Sophie xx
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Lov-ing! - The USpicy LED Lamp.

If you wear gel nails you will know how important a good lamp is in that set up, I had a small LED lamp (from Nailene) and a UV one before I got this one.. I always opted for the LED lamp as it's safer and there isn't a need for protecting your exposed skin from the rays of the UV lamp.

When USpicy offered me the chance to try their lamp for review, I took a look and accepted right away. It sounded great and since I am still quite new to the at home gel nail thing, I was more than happy to try new things and see what worked for me.

So here's what I love about it.

It's crescent shaped and has room for a whole hand (or foot!) my smaller LED lamp was only large enough for 4 fingers, I always had to do thumbs separate, so because of this is saves me so much time.

It looks pretty! I mean.. it's a peachy pink colour and so cute looking! Importantly, it also feels very sturdy and is not too heavy at all.

It has a timer! I cannot even tell you how much I love that feature! My previous lamp beeped after so many seconds.. THIS lamp doesn't even need to beep, it has three auto time settings 30, 60 or 90 seconds! Or you can just put it on continuous if you'd prefer (but why?!), up to you.

The timer helps greatly, and the coolest part is that the lamp has a sensor, so you set it to the time, and it will automatically start to count down when it senses your hand entering the lamp.

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this LED lamp whatsoever. It is my go to for when I do my nails, it saves me time and it does the job perfectly, setting my gels in place for 2 weeks +!

If you're interested in this lamp, or taking a closer look..

USpicy Crescent 18w Nail Polish Dryer LED Lamp. £59.99.*

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Love, Sophie xx
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Monday, October 06, 2014

Gilette Venus & Olay Superberry Razor.

Y'all love silky smooth pins, right?

I know that I do. But as the winter months come in, we can get a little bit lazy and let some of the fuzz make a reappearance. Ugh!

I am typically an epilator kind of girl, especially for summer, but that can take more time than I like, so I like to have a razor at hand for when I want the job done. This razor from Gilette Venus is so nice! I had the old, plain style Venus razor before this, and I was more than happy with it but this just takes it up a level.

This razor contains the great five blade razor head for a great, close exfoliating shave... Then it has the superberry moisture bar with Olay, that feature is so cool! First off, it smells incredible, it makes your legs feel extra silky and it takes out the need for any shaving cream because it creates a light lather on your damp as you shave. It also comes with a cool little in shower holder that you can stick it to the tiles so you can reach for it when you need it!

This razor has totally made me want to bother with shaving my legs more! (Yep, even in the winter!) because it's fun to use and makes my legs feel so lovely. The moisture bar keeps them feeling so soft for ages after too.

Gilette Venus & Olay Superberry Razor* £10.99.

Thank you for reading!
Love, Sophie xx
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