Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box. Mmm!

I’ve mentioned the Discovery Box* from The Fragrance Shop on my blog a few times, It’s just £5 a quarter and I love the concept of being able to try out a few scents and deciding what you like before you go ahead and buy a full size… Plus the box comes with a set of money off vouchers to each fragrance that’s in the box, so you can purchase it and save some cash too, definitely worth the money, although not so good if you want to get them all. Haha!

So the latest box is like a bonus bumper box and comes full of nine (instead of the usual five) sample scents for you (and your man) to try, it comes with three male scents and six female ones.

So, I gave the guy ones to my boyfriend (Boss Bottled, Hugo Man and L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme) I think we like them all too much to decide at the moment, I do think that I like the Issey Miyake the most though.

For myself, I am in heaven and actually do like all of the scents. The six female scents are:

Thierry Mugler, Angel: This is so potent and I do like it, but it’s not my fave of the bunch, I think it’s a little strong for me, definitely an evening scent.. My Mum is in love with this though. It’s very intense and it lasts all night.

Thierry Mugler, Alien: I'm in love. This is one of my faves in the box, I had heard the hype on this but never smelt it before.. it is gorgeous and I think I’ll be purchasing a bottle with my voucher! The full size bottle design is so cool too.

Nina Ricci, Nina: This is very fruity and summery, a perfect fresh scent for when the spring time comes. I like the scent a lot.

Gucci, Gucci Guilty: I love this one too and I want a full size, this is quite a deep scent and smells sexy and kind of musky to me (I am not a good at describing scent!) it would be an evening fragrance for me.

Givenchy, Very Irresistible: Sweet, floral, stunning. I really love floral scents and would totally wear this throughout the Summer.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Classique: This is already one of my favourite scents, I am currently out of it so getting this sample has just reminded me how much I love this and want a new bottle. It smells floral again, but muskier and it’s not such a sweet floral. It smells so good!

Check out the website here, the box is currently available!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dirty Looks - Tigi Haircare Review.

I have a bit of an obsession with hair products, especially ones that offer texture and/or volume. Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Dirty Looks (great name!) and I chose three of their styling products to try out… I almost went with hair extensions but with my ombre I wasn’t sure I could make it work.. One day when I go back to all one colour though, for sure!

So anyway, I happened to choose three products from the Tigi range, I always remember loving products from this brand when I was training to do hair in college and I had a weekend job in a salon. They always smelt great and performed so well.

So what did I choose and what did I think? Read on!

I have never tried anything like this before and it’s absolutely marvellous! It’s like a spray, but it sprays out a mousse out of a very fine nozzle! It’s a very lightweight mousse and smells great. It performs great, it gives instant va-va-voom to any style, adding major volume and hold without being sticky or making your hair feel overloaded with product.

Ugh, my gaaad! I am IN LOVE with this, hands down the best dry shampoo I have ever tried. Yes, it’s a little more pricy than some other brands, but it really works and you don’t have to spray loads on for it to leave your hair looking refreshed. It’s also invisible, which is a bonus for us dark haired girls, oh and did I mention that it smells amazing? . . It smells uh-ma-zing, I am kind of addicted to the scent it leaves and find myself having a sneaky sniff of my hair. (Not weird at all!)

*Tigi Salt Spray (£13.95)
Salt Spray is a pretty new thing to me, I think I got a mini sample of one in a beauty box and tried it out and enjoyed the texture that it gave to my hair. This stuff is wow, it smells delish and it really enhances my hair, giving me a totally beachy waved look. I just spray it into my damp hair and keep on scrunching as it naturally dries .. so much texture and volume! It’s massive too, so should keep me going a while. Love!

The packaging is so sleek and eye catching on these products, you can definitely tell they are a professional hair range and if you look on the website at the Tigi range you will see they have some weird and wonderful packaging creations.. I love that, it makes them stand out.

So there you have it! If you can’t already tell… I now totally want to dip my toe further into the world of Tigi hair products. I’m thinking maybe some things to help enhance my curls next!

Have you tried Tigi products? Tell me your faves!
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sleek + Shiny Good Hair Days!

I rarely straighten my hair, mostly because in the past couple of years I’ve been embracing the natural curl that my hair has, and to be honest I wear it up more than anything else. I hate that I wear it up so much but it’s just an easy option after I’ve washed it.

When I was younger my hair was a crazy frizz, I had no idea how to control it really and there weren’t really hair strengtheners around (or not that I knew of!).. Then one day I remember a friend of mine showed me her shiny new GHD straighteners, like me she was a frizz battler and when she used them I was in awe at how sleek her hair was. From then on I was a convert and my hair was always sleek and straight and I remember saving up for my very own GHD’s which lasted me for years.

Since then GHD have released multiple different models of their flat irons and I now own the gorgeous Classic Gold straightener. They are a huge upgrade on my first pair appearance wise, but they still do that amazing job of giving me sleek, shiny hair! (As you can see!)

The plates are so smooth and glide effortlessly through my hair without snagging at all, leaving it poker straight with just one pass over a section of hair, my hair is sleek in less than 15 minutes.

These straighteners come with a protective heat guard which is perfect for when you’re done so that you can set them aside without risking burning yourself (these get pretty hot), and it also protects the ceramic plates. They heat up within ten seconds and you are ready to go, the lead is over two metres long, so you have freedom to move around your head, and they have a sleep mode, so if you happen to forget to switch them off, they will go into sleep mode after 30 minutes.

I love them and I love how sleek my hair looks when I use them, I think I may just be going for this sleek look more often now - I never realised my hair was so long. It's amazing how they lock in shine and make my hair look so healthy. I also know that you can curl with them too because they have curved edges on the plates, but I am still trying to master that. Any tips?

Want to try these for yourself? You can check out hair straighteners from GHD here at Argos.

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

» Christmas Gift Ideas - For Her. ♥

Hey lovelies! Happy December (Eeek!)

Is everyone getting into the Christmas Spirit yet? I've been listening to Christmas songs since mid-October.. I'm a weirdo, I know! I love Christmas and I love giving gifts to those I care about, I feel like it's approaching so fast though and I am totally not organised yet!

Today I thought I'd show you a few cute gift ideas for women in your life, I think that these are great for girls/women from Teenagers to more mature women like Mum's and Nan's. They're all pretty much scent related goodies, I don't think I know any woman that doesn't like to smell good and we all love to receive such gifts, right?

» This Yardley Polaire gift-set surprised me, I've never used Yardley fragrance before and kind of associated it with older women, but I was wrong! This scent is perfect for younger to more mature women, the scent is sweet and fruity with some floral notes in there, but it's not overly so - it is also warm and autumnal/wintery. The packaging is so classy too, I absolutely love the perfume bottle! This set comes with a body lotion.. I love to use a matching lotion to my fragrance, it definitely keeps it lasting for much longer. Available here.

» Who doesn't love to get a gift from The Body Shop? I have loved their products ever since I was about 11 or 12 and nothing has changed there, they have everything in there for guys and girls. These products are perfect for teens and women alike, the Scrub and Soften Duo contains a full sized Shea body butter and a smaller Shea sugar scrub.. How perfect of a treat for dry winter skin? Scrub it away and slather on the delicious body butter to inject moisture back into your body. The Body Shop body butters are a dream! This set is available here, and it come packaged in the cutest festive snowman tin. :)

» Also from The Body Shop, how cute is the little Reindeer wash-ball? I adore it! They have a few different Christmas designs of these and they're just £3.50, so a great stocking filler. He's so soft and squishy! Available here.

» Last, but not least. This Weleda gift-set is a treat for anybody. The products are packed full of natural oils and are ideal for hydrating very dry skin. This contains a body wash and body lotion, both full sized... They are designed to regenerate and protect the skin, the scent is fruity and gorgeous and both products are so hydrating. I'm sure any woman would like to get this set as a gift.. Very perfect for the more mature woman too, as it contains goodness that stimulates cell renewal and protects skin from damaging external influences. Maturing skin is said to gain firmness, leaving it feeling velvety-smooth. This set can be purchased here.

Thanks for reading today, Merry Christmas!

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