Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scary 'Demonic/Vampy/Zombie' Halloween Makeup.

Helllooooo. Happy Halloween (eve)!!

I wanted to do a not so cute Halloween vampy look for a change this year, so I got a ton of makeup together, went for it, and above is the result. I spent quite a while applying messy makeup which seemed weird, but I enjoyed looking freaky instead of like a glam vampire, or the cute cat look I recently did.

I used my normal foundation for this, mixed with a (terrible, transparent) white face paint. I then powdered and used mostly my 120 palette from eBay to do the eyes and mouth area.. I used reds and blacks on the eyelids, blues and purples with a little black and red under the eyes. I tried to do some small veins coming from the eyes, and really blended them so they weren't harsh.

Someone told me they thought I looked demonic.. I kind of was going for vampy, but to be honest you could use this for a zombie, vampire, whatever. I like the 'demonic' idea. I think it's the lenses in my eyes that give the posessed look, and I love these and how bold they are but that they allow my natural eyes to show. They are the 15mm Defined Ring Lenses* from the website Eyes Bright, who sell absolutely loads of lenses on their site, from normal colours to freaky sclera lenses.. I would definitely recommend trying them out for all your lens needs.

I also have a video on YouTube to go along with this look. You can see it here.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Halloween Cute Cat Look, With Green Eyes!

This weekend I felt inspired to play with some Halloween type of looks, I did one cute and one scary, here is the cute one. I already had some cat ears, and for a costume it's easy to wear black, so I just did the makeup look and added some cool lenses that I recently received from a website called Lenstore .. They have a really nice selection of coloured lenses that are really nice for all sorts of looks, but I really loved the green ones and figured they'd be perfect for a cat.
It's not the most perfect makeup, but I think that it would be super cute and fun for a night out. The lenses really take it up a notch too, I love how vivid the lenses look, yet so natural. These lenses are the Freshlook Colorblend lenses in Gemstone Green and they feel so easy to wear and put in and remove. They are really soft and went it with ease without my eyes watering at all, and they make me look like I have real green eyes.. I always wanted to play around with eye colours! I did also get the same lenses in the shade amethyst, they are pretty but much more subtle than the green, I didn't feel they made such a dramatic difference. Check the lenses out here and check out the range of Halloween Lenses here.
So, onto the actual makeup look. It's quite self explanatory really, I did a very dramatic eye with my Crown Brush smoky eye palette, I used some purples and blacks. I added some very dramatic lashes on my lower lashline and a ton of mascara on top. I did a dramatic winged liner, coloured my nose and top lip with black gel liner and added the red lips and whiskers.  I think when you're doing a look like this, it's best to just go with it and see what happens.  The lenses and the ears were my final touches to becoming a black cat!

I'm actually going away for a week tomorrow and my little Sister is very excited for me to do her makeup as a cat, I'll try and post a couple of pics of that, either here or on Instagram.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a Happy Halloween! . . Oh, and Lenstore are offering 10% off for new customers when you enter the code Makeupwonderland_Reader at the checkout.

What are you going to be this year?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm.

I love REN as a brand, their products are great quality and they never irritate my skin and I always feel a positive difference in my skin when I use them. I'm definitely a fan of their facemasks the most, but recently I've been using this cleanse, the REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm*, and I wanted to talk about it.

First off, I don't usually use balms, I always freak out and think they're going to make my skin more oily... That's not the case, not with this anyway.  I squeeze out a 20p coin sized amount onto my hands, when you squeeze it out it almost has a vaseline texture, very thick - but when you massage it between your palms it melts into a rich oil/balmy texture.

You massage it into your skin and it just melts your makeup off in moments, add a little warm water to emulsify it, massage some more, then I use a muslin cloth to wipe away and then rinse, and my skin is left feeling really soothed and calm, feeling squeaky clean and soft. This product doesn't leave your face feeling greasy from any residue at all and it really gives a lot of moisture, so your skin feels great when you're done and very hydrated.

It is also said to protect your skin against everyday environmental stress, free radicals and pollution. How cool is that? . .I don't believe it's recommended for use on eyes, but I did try it anyway.  It removed my eye makeup really well, but it did sting my eyes and they were a bit red for a while after, so that's probably not the best idea!

This can be purchased here for £23, which I don't think is bad at all considering how little you need. It should last you for ages!
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some things from Stargazer.

I was recently contacted by a nice lady at Stargazer and asked if I would like to try a few of their products out. I hadn't tried anything of theirs in quite some time so I accepted their kind offer.

I remember buying this makeup when I was in my teens and I was looking forward to seeing what it was like now. The answer is that it hasn't actually changed that much. I was sent a mix of products, most of them are in shades that I wouldn't ordinarily have chosen for myself, but it's been fun playing with them and swatching them.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beauty Lookbook : Berry Rosemance!

Face of the day time!

This was the makeup I wore on Sunday. No special occasion really, just me experimenting and playing with my makeup. I really liked how this look came out. I absolutely love burgundy and berry tones, especially for fall/autumn time of year.

I decided I'd pull out my MAC Infatuating Rose Holiday (2008) eyeshadow palette!... Yes, it's ancient, but it's fine and the shadows still apply perfectly.

It's pretty much a shimmering pale rose shade all over the lid, with a matte berry shade in the crease, then I added a smidgen of dark brown to define it some more. I did an nice dramatic winged liner with MAC Fluidline and added lots of mascara.

On the lips I have a nude lipliner all over the lips (mine is Natural from Rimmel) and I applied the Collection (2000) matte lip cream in Cotton Candy over top.

The blusher is MAC Peachy Keen. Can you tell I was having a MAC day?! Oh, and to finish, I added a small bit of pink glitter over the lid to add some sparkle.

I like this look and think it's going to look great with a ton of colour combos. I liked the drama of the winged liner against the pale shades though.

Thank y'all for reading!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

The best primer . . . Like ever!

I know that referring to something as the best is a bold claim, but my goodness I love this product!

I've been using the Dermalogica skinperfect primer* for well over a month now and it was literally love at first use. I had it for a bit before I decided to try it and to be honest I just thought that it would be like every other primer, but it's so much better. Let me tell you why.

- It smoothes the surface of my skin like no other primer, I've never seen my face look so poreless!
- It's tinted, so you can wear it alone and it just give the skin a bit of oomph while evening the tone and brightening it up.
- It has SPF in it, so you don't need to take that extra step.
- It keeps oil at bay, this is important for me. Makeup sits on top of it perfectly, and it lasts until you remove it.
- It also smells good!
From the website:
It has peptides and AGE Smart actives that help firm and shield against free radical damage, as sunscreens shield against sun damage. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors. 

I've tried so many primers, good and bad, but I never thought I would find one that could make my skin look as good as thing.

The small downside is the price, it costs £37.50 and you only get 22mls, but I would highly suggest only using this where you need it and not all over (I apply a small blob on my t-zone) and it should last you a good while. I'd say that it is worth every penny though. Definitely my new holy grail primer!
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I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Hey lovely people.

I've had a facelift! Well, the blog has. What do you all think?

I've spent the last 3 or so hours installing my new template and googling how do to this or that with HTML. I know a little but I am in no way an expert. All of my layouts before have been things I've done that were rather plain and simple, but when I saw that Dana from The Wonder Forest was doing a Canadian Thanksgiving promo on her pre-designed templates, I had to get one. They're usually around $60 which I could never really justify spending before, but at the moment they all have about 60% off! Mine was just under £13 (That's $20). The promo is on until midnight (Canadian time I guess) so I got in there quick.

I chose a girly layout, as much as I was tempted by Chalk it up, which I think is lovely! I think if she has a promo again I might get that one too. I like to change things up now and then.

So, that's all from me! I just wanted to show off my new look and let you all know about the offer if you were interested.

Have a lovely day!

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Holy Grail Cleansing.

I love oil cleansers, I love how they remove everything with no stress to your skin or eyes.. The fabulous oil cleansers from Shu Uemura are quite literally the best thing ever. I am in love with this product! So. In. Love.

So, this antioxidant cleanser* is full of green tea extract that will protect your skin from the stresses the environment can cause to it... And, it's also an amazing cleanser.

You apply this to dry skin and massage gently with your fingers, it totally works on the eyes and this is the reason I love it so... It literally helps your heavy makeup and mascara to just glide off with no effort and I am all for that. My face is clean within 2 minutes with this. You add water to emulsify, massage a little more and then rinse.

My skin isn't left with the typical dry/tight feeling that some cleansers leave, but it feels baby soft and smooth, as well as squeaky clean. No greasy residue is left behind either, this is just the perfect cleanser, end of.

Okay, so it's a little on the pricey side.. I always thought so before I tried it - but now that I have, it is SO worth it. This is the smaller bottle, and I've been using it for a couple of months and I've barely used a third up yet. I do use it for really heavy makeup removal/cleanse offs though, and not daily.

Anyway, I highly recommend - I feel that everyone who tries this will love it! Check it out, Link!

Tell me, what are your fave cleansers?

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