Friday, May 31, 2013

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box.

If you love trying out new fragrances, you'll love this nifty little idea from The Fragrance Shop. It's the same idea as with beauty boxes, but this is a Discovery Box* that comes with five vial samples of perfumes for you to try out. It's just £5 per quarter and also includes a booklet with money off vouchers if you should want to purchase any one of the fragrances in a full size.

I think this is a great idea for those that love perfume and treat themselves to them every so often, the money off vouchers and the chance to try some different perfumes make this worth the small £5 (with a £2.95 delivery fee).

I really loved all of the perfumes that I got inside of my box and I love having the little samples to pop into my bag when I'm out and about.

What do you think of this cool idea? Do you buy new perfumes regularly and do you have a favourite scent?

Click here to find out more.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How-to Ombre: Using Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL - Max Blonde.

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all good! :) Today I have another Ombre hair post for you. This is my third, which I know may seem like a bit much, but it’s my third time, and it’s a different dye, so I thought I would share it with you.

If you want to see my previous Ombre posts, the first is here, and then the second (which is actually one of my most popular posts) is here. I was so happy with the result after the second ombre, my hair was a nice length and I really loved how the L’Oreal Wild More kit has lightened my hair and blended so nicely.

After a couple of months though, I started getting bored – not with the ombre, but with my hair length, it was at that stage where I either wanted it to be longer, or have it cut. When I visited my Mum in December, I decided to go for the chop (she’s a hairdresser) ... Because I just really wanted a change.

I knew the cut I wanted (a long, choppy bob) was going to mean that all of ombre got the chop and I wasn’t sure if I was going to re-do it or not.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fancy Nails - With Elegant Touch!

Hey guys!

I was recently given the chance to try out some pretty nails wraps from Elegant Touch*. I've only slightly dipped my toe in to the 'nail wrap' water before, and I managed to get myself in a terrible mess, creasing the wraps up and ending up with terrible looking nails.

This time I was determined to do well. I figured I would start with the 'accent nail' before moving on and trying a full manicure, it is actually pretty easy and I don't know why I struggled so much in the first place. Elegant Touch have some really cool designs for their wraps and they have really nice false nails too. I also have a funky set of those to try, but with my natural nails being okay at the moment, I am yet to try them out.

So, to use the wraps you just make sure your hands and nails are clean (and the shape you prefer) and then apply a base coat to your nails.. Let that dry and peel off the nail wrap from the sheet and place the curved end at your cuticle and press along towards the tip until it is flat against your nail. If you do get any creases, I found it pretty easy to straighten it quickly - then you just press on the wrap firmly for a few moments and file of the excess nail wrap.

They're said to last around five days, but I didn't keep my manicure for that long, but mine was perfect on day four before removal. I was certain the wrap would peel off or something, but it stayed put! Even through washing dishes, house work and showering. I'm very impressed and I'm excited to try others!

You can check these out here, and purchase them from Boots and Superdrug, or see here for stockists.

Let me know if you've tried these! I really like the look of the Little Mix ones.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Lately, in Instagram Pictures.

Hey Lovelies!

Today is an instagram photo collage of just some random ‘life’ pics and whatever. I did start doing these a while back, but they were on my iPod and I got out of the habit, but now I have a phone with Instagram on, so I’m pretty addicted. Make sure to follow me here!
1 - Just a fun, true quote. Normal is boring! If we were all normal and the same, it would be bor-ing!
2 - Bright, Spring nails! This shade is Hot Tropic from Look Beauty. Love it!
3 - The new Bourjois cream blusher in Nude Velvet. It's gorgeous!
4 - 'If it's meant to be, it will be.' I totally believe in this quote! Just leave it to fate.
5 - My face, coloured and edited times four!
6 - This speaks for itself. I love it!
7 - GOSH Boombastic mascara. The wettest, gloopiest thing! It didn't work for me.
8 - Oh look, me again. I love to just edit pics sometimes.
9 - Christina Aguilera. I have a girlcrush on her, she's gorgeous and confident and sexy! Who's with me?
10 - Another quote. Ca you tell I love these? I love this romantic one. I love romance. *Sigh*
11 - Rebel Lipstick from MAC. Love, love, love!
12 - No makeup and straight hair. Simples.
13 - My eye, bright makeup! 
14 - Chicago. This is 'The Bean' I think. I just love the look of Chicago and have a friend there who I want to go see and meet! *Dream ~ Someday!*
15 - REN Facemask. This is da bomb, and I've only tried it once so far!
16 - My retro glam sunglasses. These were bargaintastic from Primark and I laaaav them!
17 - Makeup gifts from Christmas that I've been playing with!
18 - My Mum and I. She's my everything. <3
19 - The pretty sky! The sun was shining behind that cloud and I liked it.
20 - Candy love hearts.. How could I not take a photo of that!

That's all for now. I may do more of these if you like them. Don't forget to check these out of Instagram ad follow me there. Link!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range.

So the British weather has been terrible recently and terrible weather means dry skin – Yuk! Recently my saviour has been some products I’ve been using from the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range.

I’ve used the original Vaseline petroleum jelly for years on my lashes, brows and lips to keep them hydrated. In recent years they’ve come out with different flavour Vaseline lip therapy tins, and loads of other things, like this range to look after your body – they also have products for men and deodorants..

Anyway, I have been loving the Cocoa Butter range, it smells absolutely divine and is so hydrating! It contains lovely Brazilian nut and Almond oil. They are all very reasonably priced too, which is always a bonus!

The Lip Therapy is cutely packaged in the mini tin and is a lovely lip balm. I always have one of these tins with me always, one is by my bed, one on my desk – I just love it. The best thing about these is that they’re only £1.99! The Cocoa butter is such a yummy taste and scent and makes a change from the plain one.

The Gel Body Oil is one of the standout products for me. I love the smooth feeling of this oil, this doesn’t feel greasy at all and I love to use this straight after a shower, I massage it into damp skin and it soaks in super fast and leaves my skin feeling and looking so radiant. This is £4.69.

The Smoothing Body Butter is so rich and thick; it is so smoothing and sinks in nicely without any sticky residue. This is £4.69 for a huge tub, and it lives up to any other body butter I’ve used, and is half of the price. I keep catching my boyfriend using this after a bath – sneaky!

Last but not least, The Radiant Rich Lotion. This is a nice consistency and a little really goes a long way, it leaves my body feeling hydrated and my skin has a nice glow after using this. I really like to use lotions because I find they’re quicker and easier to use. This lotion is such a bargain at just £2.93 for 200ml. I’d highly recommend it.

The best thing is really luxuriating and using a couple of the body products together, the skin feels so smooth and plump and just has a nice healthy glow about it. These have kept me free of dry flaky skin in the colder months… and when summer finally arrives (I hope!) they will be my go to products for then too. If you want to smell delicious, look radiant and feel hydrated, this bargain priced range is one to try!

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Beauty Look Book: Purple and Gold Glamour | Melovemakeup.

I'm trying my best to post a FOTD every so often. As usual, I have a ton of them saved, but no products listed. I'm thinking of posting some anyway.

This look was a combination of purple and gold - I love how they compliment each other, so I thought I would try a glam, party type of look with the shades. You'll notice from my looks that they are mostly dramatic. I love that look most, I like lots of black so that a look stands out. But don't get me wrong, I do wear natural too, usually if I'm going to the shops or whatever.

Anyway, enough talk, here's what I used.

Liz Earle Signature Foundation
Rommel Stay Matte Powder
Sleek Contour Kit
Revlon Rose Rapture Mosaic Blush

Urban Decay primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pecil (White)
120 Manly Eyeshadow Palette (Purples/Blues)
H&M Glitter Black Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Half Baked
Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Pencil
Eve Pearl Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Rimmel Lash Celebrator Mascara
Outer Corner Eyelashes (Ebay)

Sleek Mystic Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

That's all for now! I hope you like the look.


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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bourjois - Little Round Pot Cream Blush.

I love cream blusher! How about you?

I love the effect that they give to the skin and how they look so fresh and natural when blended into the skin.

These new gems from Bourjois are velvety soft, cream to powder blushers, available in four gorgeous shades for just £7.99 each.

I can't wait to give them a try! They will be available from Boots stores from May 15th. However, if you don't wish to wait, you can get them now in Selfridges, and Selfridges online. Link!

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Monday, May 06, 2013

– FM Cosmetics Products/Review.

Hey everyone! Today I have a post about a makeup brand that I recently tried out.

Now, being a blogger, I sometimes get sent products to try out and post about if I choose to… So when I got the email about this brand (FM Cosmetics), I was really excited, as I love to try new makeup, especially new brands! I had never even heard of this brand before, So I took a look at their catalogue and emailed back with a yes please!

So, a few days later I got rather large package from them with a lot of things to try out! I kid you not, they sent quite a few things for me to try, which I am so grateful for. I do think it’s important to test more than one or two products, as every brand and range have good and bad products.
I've spent the past month (maybe a little more), using them in my routine, trying them all about, and I wanted to mention a few of my faves..

The Second Skin Foundation is a very lightweight, light/mediun coverage, buildable foundation. I really love how it looks on the skin, and the glass pump bottle packaging for £12.99 is impressive.

The Shiny Nude Glossy Lipstick has such potential to be a popular product! It's such a nice shade, very natural without giving concealer lips, and the glossy finish means that it is hydrating and looks good on the lips. 

The Nail Lacquer and Extra Rich Lipstick in Hot Red. Wow, BAM! These are bright and sexy! Like a bright, in your face red, I love having the two match. The lipstick is so pigmented but such a perfect glamour red shade. The polish is great for any time, but I can't wait to put it on my toes for Summer.

I also love their Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in Chocolate Mousse. The little compact is cute, the pattern over the eyeshadow adds a nice touch, and the shadows have really good pay-off ad are great day to day shades. They're also very buildable for an intense look and they have a lovely satin finish.

I hope that gives you a bit of an idea. You'll see these popping up in some FOTD looks soon, I'm sure of it. I'd definitely recommend taking a look at their website. The prices are great and so is the quality. Link!
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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What's In My Handbag?... Spring Spruce Up Kit!

What’s In My Handbag is a new site (to me) that I only discovered a few weeks ago when I saw another blogger mention it on Facebook.

I didn’t really know what it was at first, but I looked into it and it’s a great little site, full of features from other bloggers, and they have these beauty themed boxes that you can buy from them, they come with a range of products and there are different ones that you can choose from.

I have the ‘Spring Spruce Up Kit*’ which costs just £14.95 from the What’s In My Handbag website, but contains products that would usually cost £44!
So let me talk about the products…

- ROQUES ONEIL Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts.
I have given these to my other half and he is looking forward to trying them out after a long day at work.. I’m more of a shower girl, so I wouldn’t use them. They contain juniper, lemongrass and rosewood essential oils, therapeutic Himalayan pink mineral salts and powdered amethyst. They are said to help to clear physical and emotional toxins. They sound great!

- Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Moisturiser SPF8.
This smells great and is a lovely hydrating moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling smooth and plump. It’s quite an intense cream, so would be great on dry skin, I like to wear it over night and my skin feels great the following day. This contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and ultra-hydrating botanicals.

- James Read Gradual Tan Face Medium.
This is a moisturiser with gradual fake tan built in. I’m kind of terrified of fake tan and I am an embrace the pale kind of girl, so I didn’t use this. I did swatch it on my hand and forget though. For days afterwards I have a brown swatch mark, the colour was good and natural looking, but that’s all I can really tell you!

- Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
Okay, not gonna lie. I was the most excited about this product! It is a cult product that have heard and read soooo much about, and I’ve always wanted to try it out. So it’s a fast dry topcoat, you apply it onto your nails after painting and they dry super fast and have a super glossy look to them. It lives up to what I expected! I am terrible with polish and it never lasts, but I’ve had this on top of a shade for three days now, and we’re still going. Actually, I think it might be time for a change. I love this product! I don’t think I’ll ever want to be without it now.

So, that was my Spring Spruce Up Kit from What’s In My Handbag! I am super happy with it and love the idea that you can choose a kit that appeals to you. I want the one with the Tangle Teezer in!  (Dying to try one of those!)

Definitely check out their website here, and if you fancy making a sneaky purchase, I have a special 20% off code for you! Just enter LOVEMAKEUP20 at the checkout until May 31st on orders over £10.