Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amazing Dupe!! Sigma Brush Cleaning Mitt/Glove.

So there I was last week, browsing the aisles in my local Tesco, when suddenly something caught my eye. I rushed over to take a look and grabbed it off the hook to inspect it excitedly. My boyfriend followed me and gave me a look that said he thought I was going slightly crazy.

It was then that I explained to him about the cleaning glove that Sigma recently brought out for cleaning makeup brushes, and how it cost about $40, and there was so much controversy about whether or not a glove with nubs and textured bits was worth that much.
The Tesco glove had texture that I thought would be enough for removing grime out of my brushes, while keeping my hand dry, and it’s lined too.. So I purchased it and tried it as soon as I got home. It’s amazing! I am sold. I admit, when I first saw the Sigma one, I thought it was a great idea, but the price was a major turn off!

So this lovely lime green handy dandy silicone oven glove does just the job. It has a larger texture and then a finer one too, but I like to use the large one for all of my brushes.

I have to tell you, it works like a charm! Just wet the glove, dampen the brush, use a little baby shampoo and lather for a few seconds and rinse for lovely clean brushes! I like the little grip part between the thumb and fingers too; it works great for squeezing out the excess water from the brush when you’re done. The glove is textured on both sides too, so perfect for left or right handed people.
It worked amazing for the Beauty Blender Sponge too, which I always struggle to clean thoroughly.

So, if like me, you liked the idea of the Sigma glove, but didn't want to fork out a stupid amount of money, check out your local stores for silicone oven gloves. Fee from MakeupSavvy actually had the same idea and got a better deal than I did, on Ebay. Check out her post.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April / Spring 2013. 'Pearl Lowe' Glossybox.

This months GLOSSYBOX* is a Spring Special in collaboration with Pearl Lowe.

I have to say, this has been a favourite for me this month. The past couple or so (apart from March, which I didn't receive for some reason, I think my postman is a thief!) haven't impressed me as much, but this one has some lovely things in.

My two favourites are the Nip & Fab Body Butter (It smells amazing!) and the Essie polish, although it's a very sheer shade (Sugar Daddy) and I'd have rather had a brighter shade.  The Yves Rocher mini cream sample wasn't really needed in a box that already has a body butter either, but there you go. The Richard Ward hair product is said to revive hair and sounds kind of intriguing! Lastly there is a face mask from Balance Me... I have tried the eye cream from them (it came in a previous Glossybox) and I really enjoyed it, so I am excited to try this!

What did you get in your Glossybox

(I also have a video on my Glossybox here.)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping My Tablet Computer Nicely Snugg!

Hey Guys,

So last year I desperately wanted to purchase a tablet to be able to use when I’m travelling and at home when I don’t want to set up my laptop. I couldn’t afford anything too expensive, but I did manage to pick up a reasonably priced Android Tablet, which I love! I use it mostly for reading to be honest, but it does come in handy for reading blogposts and watching videos on You Tube.

Mine didn’t come with any accessories really, so I purchased a stylus and a cheap case from Ebay, which was plasticy and not very protective feeling really.

But recently I heard about a website called The Snugg, they sell cases for iPad’s, iPhone’s and other tablets. I wasn’t sure which would be good for mine, as it isn’t an expensive or well known branded one, but after a bit of research on the dimensions of mine, I figured it was pretty similar in size to the 7” Kindle Fire. So I got The Snugg Black PU Leather Kindle Fire Cover* and hoped it would fit.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but it slipped in and feels very snugg (!) and safe in it’s new case. The case is really nice quality, it feels so sturdy and safe for my tablet, the leather it super soft, it has a nifty little place to keep my stylus, and it also stands up, or at an angle – which is perfect when you’re using it, rather than having to just hold it (or prop it against something, which I was doing!).

I absolutely love the case, the leather feels really great quality and expensive.
Haha. Hello Blog!
I am so happy with mine. I've been recommending it to lots of friends who own gadgets. If you need a new case for your iPad, Phone or Tablet, definitely check out they have a big range too.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Freeze 24-7, Skin Products!

I’ve recently been trying out a couple of products from the brand Freeze 24-7. I had never even heard of them before, but on doing some research I discovered that they recently came to the UK from the USA.

There have quite a few products in their range that sounds like mini miracles for your skin, and after trying out what I have, I am intrigued to see what their other products perform like.

The two products I’ve been trying out are the Skin Glacé Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask*, and the Instant Smoother & Brightener*.

So let’s talk about my thoughts!

First up, the Cleanser/Mask. I absolutely adore multi task products so much, and this is great and so refreshing on the skin. It reminds me of an Oxygen Face Mask that I own from Bliss when I use it as a mask. This product foams really well and is great for a quick cleanse, it removes face makeup really easily, I much prefer it as a mask though, after massaging it into the skin it foams and foams, then the foams bubbles dissipate and you can feel then popping on your skin, it is super refreshing and left my skin feeling really bright and very clean looking and feeling - I even felt like my pores were much clearer after this.

The Smoother/Brightener product excited me, because it sounded so good from what I had read. This product is like a primer for the face if you want it to be - but again, it is multi use, you can put it over makeup for brightening, and under makeup for smoothing/brightening. I prefer to apply it underneath and I love what it does, it really fills in and smoothes out all of my flaws, helping my foundation to just glide on and look fresh. With this on my makeup lasts really well too .. always a plus! I find when I use it underneath my eyes before concealer that it stops it from creasing and looks SO much brighter for longer.

These are more pricey skin care products, but you can feel that they are quality when you use them. I absolutely have loved using them - they are are luxurious.

Cleanser and Mask Available here.
Smoother and Brightener Available here.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Deille UK : Imperial Crown.

Hi everyone,

Long time no post! I've finally got around to taking some pics for my blog and will be doing some more posts soon!

Today I wanted to show you this lovely Nail Polish from Dielle UK. They sell some gorgeous nail polish shades and when they asked if I would like to try one out, I said oui!

This shade was most eye catching for me. I love lilac as a spring/summer shade, I thought this would be a nice change, it's not completely different, but much brighter than a lilac. Imperial Crown* is described as a plum with a light purple undertone, it is part of their brights collection.

The shade is gorgeous, very pigmented and opaque within two coats, dry within about ten. The finish is so glossy and my nails felt strengthened by it too. I wore it for three days without any chips too (with no topcoat), that's good for me! - I'll have a nail post with it on my nails when mine have grown a little, I broke one last week and had to chop them all. Grr!

Dielle polishes are toxic free too, which is a major bonus (Free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor, & Pthalic Acid.)

Check out the Dielle Nail Polish range here.