Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beauty Look Book: Blurple | Melovemakeup.

Blue and Purple = Blurple. This is officially my favourite colour combinations I think. I think they compliment eachother so well and I love how bright and standout they are.. As much as I love my neutral toned smokey looks I still have a place in my heart for crazy brights the most, it's the best way to express yourself I think.

* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* NYX Milk Eyeshadow Base
* Boots17 Limited Edition VaVaVoom Quad
* Eye Pearl Liquid Eyeliner
* Blink & Go Black Mascara
* Trucco Duochrome Palette
* Outer corner Lashes
* Urban Decay 24/7 Zero Pencil
* HD Brow Palette

* Accesorize Picture Perfect Foundation
* Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
* Liz Earle Bronzer
* Liz Earle Blush - Nectar

* Barry M Pink Lipliner
* Sleek Mystic Lipstick
I hope you liked this look! Thanks for looking/reading.

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Enrapture Jumbo Waver.

About five weeks ago I got the Enrapture Jumbo Waver* and I've been trying to get to grips with it ever since. I've been hearing about the brand for a while now on blogs and I was excited to get to try one of their products for myself.

I chose the jumbo waver because I wanted some nice defined waves in my hair. I already have naturally curly hair but I wanted to see how waves would look.

First things first, as you will see above in the pics, the packaging is gorgeous. The storage box is strong and great to reuse. The waver came with a booklet and a heat resistant case to put the waver in too. So, I let my hair dry naturally and attempted to use this.. Geez, this thing is huge! I can't explain it here, but search youtube and take a look at some of the videos, it is huge .. along with the hugeness comes heaviness and I found this so difficult to use at first, my wrist was killing.

So, I went ahead and did my whole head.. it wasn't the result I had hoped for and I figured that I was going to need to flat iron my hair and then wave it.. waving over my hair in it's natural state wasn't really making a great deal of difference.  So I tried that and it looked nice (see above hair pic) .. it took ages to do because I have lots of thick hair, but I did get used to the heaviness after a few sections. I tried this on my Mum who has naturally straight hair and it works perfect for her.. Ideally for me I wouldn't want to have to straighten my hair and then wave it with more heat..

I did love how this made my hair look, but with my hair type I can usually get a similar effect from plaiting my hair and leaving it overnight, and this was just lots of hard work, what with drying, flat ironing and then waving my hair. It's my fault, I chose to try this product, I wish I had gone for the tong/wand now.. I've seen videos on that and it seems to give more defined curls with heat control.  One for the wishlist!

If you have straight hair and you want to wave it (like my Mum) this would be great. If you have thick, already wavy /curly hair like me, it may not work so well without straightening first.

Check it out on the Enrapture website, here.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beauty Look Book: Purple Haze | Melovemakeup.

I absolutely adore a smokey eye with a pop of colour and a bold lip. I hate the rule that if you wear a bold eye you should tone down the lips - to hell with that!

Today I wanted to use to metallic, lots of black and I added the pop of colour at the last minute as I thought it just added a little something extra to the look. Here's what I used..

* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* NYX Milk Eyeshadow Base
* Revlon Mono Eyeshadow - Glistening Snow [Inner Corners]
* (Sleek Acid Palette) Gunmetal Grey [Centre Lid]
* (Sleek Acid Palette) Black [Outer Corner, Crease, Lower Lashline]
* (Sleek Acid Palette) Pink Purple Duochrome [Lower Lashline Inner Corner, Crease]
* Stargazer Matte White [Browbone]
* Maybelline Gel Eyeliner [Waterline, Top Lashine]
* Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
* HD Brow Palette

* Revlon Photoready Foundation
* Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
* Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer
* MAC Peachy Keen Blush

* Revlon Colorburst Lipstick: Plum
* Glossybox Lipstick: Glossy Pink

Thanks for reading/looking! What is your go to makeup look?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Stila One Step Illuminate.

Today I wanted to talk about a product that I've been really loving lately.

This is the Stila - One Step Illuminate*. It's a product that illuminates and brightens the complexion, giving a more evn skintone, it also primes the skin, controls oil and fills in fine lines. My swatch above shows the illuminating effect of it, it gives a really nice glow to the skin that doesn't look unnatural. It works well as a primer and gives a smooth surface to apply my foundation to, also helping it to last throughout the day.

The One Step Illuminate has three colours swirled into it:
Light Gold: To highlight the skin.
Pale Pink: To warm the complexion.
Kitten: To Brighten and Illuminate.
I really like this product, it works well at controlling my oily skin and it also helps to give my skin the dewy glow that you get from some foundations that oily skinned people avoid because they contain oil! (Hah!) ..

It's a win-win for me. I definitely reccomend this if you like to have a glowy, evened out complexion.

You can check this out here, £24.00.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FOTD: Autumnal.

I love Autumn and Winter and Christmas and basically this time of year when you have to wrap up all snug and warm and wear lots of layers. I feel like you can really feel Autumn setting in at the moment, with it getting darker earlier and being all cold and windy outside. I was tempted to start on the Christmas songs the other day but I decided it was a little too soon yet.

So anyway, because of Autumn setting in I wanted to do a warm autumn inspired face of the day look, and this is what happened. I used the Limited Edition (Sorry!) Sleek Monaco Palette to create the burnt burgundy/rust coloured eyes with lots of black liner and mascara, and a berry lip -- You can find very similar shades in other Sleek palettes though.. I used New CID lipstick in berrylicious for this look, with a layer of a deep berry lipliner underneath. I used Revlon Photoready foundation and some Liz Earle bronzer lightly on the cheeks, then I added a touch of damson blush from Boots 17.

That's it! Let me know, do you love Autumn/Winter too?

 Thanks for reading. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Loving.. Liz Earle Face Products!

I have been loving these products from the Liz Earle makeup range. The Natural Glow Bronzer* and the Healthy Glow Blusher* have been all I have been reaching for in the past few weeks.

It's funny to think, but not so many years ago I never ever used cheek products, just my foundation and translucent powder.. No definition to my face, nothing. I remember someone piling the blusher on my cheeks one time and me being wowed by how much better I looked.

These two products are just perfect. The Bronzer is matte and a gorgeous shade, no orange tones here, it looks really natural on my pale skin and blends in so well, I have been using it to contour my face. It is a huge 10g too, this will last forever.

The blusher is in the shade Nectar (Loving that name!) and is described as a fresh rose pink. It's perfect and would suit most skintones I think. The blush isn't shimmery or glittery but leaves a satin finish glow on my cheeks. It really gives a fresh faced look. These two products have made me very eager to try some of the cream blushers in the range - I have a bit of a thing for cream blush at the moment.

I cannot fault these products, the quality, packaging and effect they give is spot on. I heart them.

Be sure to check out the Liz Earle makeup range here!

GOSH Cosmetics Long Lasting Lip Marker.

I have been loving GOSH Cosmetics so much lately. They seem to have rebranded themselves a little a while ago and since then everything has been much better quality and they have introduced new products.

I've really been loving their new BB Cream (Review soon) and the improved eyeshadow trios too, the pigmentation compared to before is great. I have also really been enjoying these two little gems, the GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker*. These, as you can see, are like marker pens. Apply them to dry lips, let the colour dry and it stays on for about 6 hours. These do work, but you do have to make sure that you apply them to your dry lips, atleast I do.. On wet lips the colour doesn't really transfer or show.

I have the colours Soft Rose and Natural Brown - I wasn't so sure the brown would work, but as the name suggests it does look really natural on. These have a sweet taste when you initally apply them, but once they settle it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything atall.. They wear off well, without looking all gloppy or gathered at the corners of the mouth, like some stains can.

These are just £6.99 each and available from Superdrug stores and online.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vivo Lacquer Shine Lipgloss.

.. Angelic (Peachy shade) and Sunset (Red shade) ..
I've had these Vivo Lacquer Shine Lipglosses* for a few months now and I have been meaning to write about them. Vivo Cosmetics is a range that is exclusively available at Tesco (Not mine though! Sigh.) and is also available online. I haven't tried much from their range but I do have an eyeshadow trio that I can't fault from them, and I can't fault these glosses either.

The range is really reasonable priced and these glosses are just £1.99 (50p off that at the moment!) each. They are called lip lacquers and they remind me a little of OCC Liptars, they are super pigmented and a tiny amount is enough to coat your lips. They are a little on the sticky side, but I prefer that because it makes them last longer, and these do last well.

They have a nice colour selection and for the price they are well worth it. I'd reccommend checking out some of their other products too. Their website is here.

Let me know what products you love from the Vivo range! I have my eye on this palette!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream.

Vichy isn't a brand I had ever tried until I recently tried this cream, the Vichy Idealia Face Cream*. I had heard of them but I never knew much about what they sold or saw their products about much when shopping in the usual high street drugstores.

This cream is like a dream cream though, I have really come to love it over the past month or so of use. It boasts to smooth the skin, reduce pores and help with wrinkles, amongst other things. I can confirm that it smoothes and does make my pores appear smaller, but I haven't noticed any other major differences yet.

But yes, I love it.. On application it instantly brightens the skin, giving a fresh faced glow.. It smoothes and illuminates, hence the pores apprearing less. For me it is a perfect cream to apply before foundation because it gives the glow underneath foundation aswell as the smoother texture.

It feels light to apply and sinks in quickly, it also has a nice scent, non offensive and very light and fresh. I am quite addicted to how it makes my skin looks and would most definitely consider repurchasing this, though this 50ml seems to be going a long way.. you don't need to use to much at all.

Vichy Idealia is available for dry skin and normal/combination skin, it contains fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water. It is Paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin. It's a skincare/beauty must have for me.

It's available at Gordons Direct for £22. For Normal/Combination or Dry Skin.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Instagramming ♥ #002.

1// Bare faced. Eek. 2// New microdermabrasion tool to play with. 3// New makeups. Love these.
4// My Sunday face. Wavy hair. 5// Blackberry phonecase. Cuteness! 6// Primark specs. 50p people!
7// Enrapture jumbo waver. Love! 8// Short nails. Sassy Pink (L'Oreal.) 9// Yummy squares treatness.
10// 50p glasses on face. 11// Shu Uemura Cleanser. My new fave. 12// Smokey eyes.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Anastasia Lash Genius - Clear Waterproof Topcoat.

What it is:
A clear topcoat that instantly waterproofs, refreshes, and protects any mascara all day, without drying or clumping.

What it does:
This advanced, lightweight formula glides on smooth, dries quickly, and gives your lashes a touchable, soft lacquer finish that lasts all day.

This was sent to me to review ages ago now and I was saving it for when I went away to My Mum's because she lives by the sea and there was more chance of me swimming and needing to try it properly.

First off, I love the packaging, it is simple and elegant. The mascara itself is a white-ish coloured gel that applies and dries clear. I apply it on top of my usual mascara, after it's dry so that I didn't mess up the brush for this. After leaving it to dry for a few moments I was ready to go.

Disappointingly I didn't really go swimming at my Mum's as the weather was crappy, but I did wear it out in torrential rain and also in the shower to test it...  I literally walked out of the shower completely the same as I walked in it while wearing this, I did get my eyes wet, but I didn't rub them and there was no change. Another day I wore one without the topcoat and one with, a true test I think.. and the topcoat one hadn't budged, the normal mascara eye had smudged a little under my eye. It definitely worked for me.

I never normally use waterproof mascaras because I hate removing them, it's such a hard job.. but this came off fairly easily with a cleansing oil and it didn't leave my own lashes feeling dry or like there was still mascara on them.

I do think this is a great purchase if you love your fave mascara and it isn't available in waterproof, or you need a waterproof mascara, but don't want to have to change from you current fave or whatever. This will waterproof any mascara you like!

You can purchase this from Cult Beauty for just £7.50, I think it's a handy little addition to have.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Accesorize Lipsticks: Smitten and Infatuated.

Hi Lovelies!

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, I spent a couple of weeks at my Mum's and just spent time chilling out and enjoying some of the sunshine we had (which wasn't much).

I have loads of reviews and other posts to do, so I thought I would start today with my review of the Accesorize lipsticks that I was sent a while ago.

I really like the Accesorize makeup range but this was the first I had tried of their lipsticks. I wasn't disappointed either, these are both shades I would have purchased myself.  The packaging for these, as you can see, is gorgeous with the arty detail. I love how eyecatching it is. The formula of the lipsticks is a tad on the waxy side, moreso for the shade Smitten that Infatuated, but I find that a slick of lip balm beforehand to soften up the lips does the trick.

I especially love Infatuated, it's a deep cherry/red shade.. It's very me. I used to be a nude lip girl, but I prefer bright/dark shades now. Smitten is a nude/peach toned shade, also very nice but not as easy to wear, this does feel slightly more drying than the red, and it does need to be blended a little more for it to look smooth.

These lipsticks are £4.95 each and are available from Accesorize and Superdrug.