Monday, July 23, 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick.

So shortly after Revlon released the famous Lip Butters, L'Oreal released something similar in the Rouge Caresse lipsticks.

These are marketed as lightweight lip colours, adding just a veil of colour, with a shiny texture finish.

I was sent four of the shades quite some time ago and I was so excited to try them out. I had already tried the lip butters by then and knew that I loved them, but L'Oreal seemed to have a prettier colour selection and the packaging looked pretty.

I do love how they are packaged, they look much more expensive that their £7.99 price take. The lids click on and stay in place and the product inside is great quality too. I would describe them as a lipbalm texture on the lips, they feel very light and add a nice subtle touch of colour. They feel very hydrating and have a nice shine finish to them. (See my swatches above)

Tempting Lilac: This is just 'My lips but better' for me. It adds a slight lilac tone, but looks subtle enough to be my lips for the most part. One of my fave shades.

Nude Ingenue: This is a nice easy to wear nude. Again, it is subtle, but has a bronze shimmer to it. It's a nice easy to wear shade.

Lovely Rose: Another fave, I love this - it's the prettiest nude pink shade. Super easy to wear and apply when you're on the go without a mirror.

Aphrodite Scarlet: The brightest of them all. My application was a little patchy with this one at first, but I discovered that because they are so hydrating already, you are best to apply them to dry lips. This is a great bright pink/red shade.

Compared to the Revlon Lip Butters I would say these are slightly more subtle in colour. They feel more lightweight though, and more hydrating too. The lip butters have more of a lipstick feel, whereas these do really feel like a balm and are easy to just 'slap on' when you're on the go.

Overall, I heart them. I'm happy that I own them, they are my Summer go-to lip products.

Have you tried these yet, what are your thoughts?

Available Here.


Bir Minik Bir Minnoş said...

Omg ! These are great ! :)

Sara said...

Tempting Lilac is so tempting. I love that they look natural and have no glitter in them. :)

Sarah said...

I love these, Dating Coral is a must!

Sarah xx

anon said...

I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!! Ohhh i have been wanting a Revlon lip butter but these seem better for me and the packaging is so... so... expensive looking?!

Great review and thanks for the pictures it really helps!

Fleur said...

I LOVE these. My favourite is definitely cheeky magenta. Far prefer them to the lip butters, they feel a lot nicer on the lips. xo

Cecilia said...

Hermosos!, besos desde argentina!

Anonymous said...

These look so luxurious, definitely checking them out next time I'm in Boots. x
'Lovely Rose' Looks divine!