Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burberry Body Eau De Toilette.

I love fragrance. I guess I could say I'm a bit of a collector really, I have quite a selection that I've built up over the past few years and I love to try different scents. Two of my most favourites are Stella McCartney and Ghost (Original).

I recently acquire the new Burberry Body Eau-De-Toilette* and it is just stunning. The first thing I love is the packaging. It's in a tall sleek bottle which is heavy and classy looking.

The fragrance is very British and is the most sensual and feminine fragrance we have ever worked on. It's sophisticated, it's modern and it's delicate. We wanted it to be light and feminine but also distinctive - something that appeals to women regardless of their age .

The scent itself isn't like any other that I own. I'm not the best as describing scents but I get a woody, musky scenty with a peachy, slightly citrus hint. It's a perfect day fragrance that smells really fresh. I don't have any trouble with the lasting power, I always have some in a travalo to top up during the day, but I can still smell this on me after 5 or so hours, so I just add a little to refresh when I am out and about.

It's quite a pricey one, but Burberry is a a high end brand, and it makes me feel very luxurious.

This fragrance is available in bottles of 35, 60 and 85mls. Check out the website.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty UK Metallic Eye Spark Crayons.

I thought I would do a little post about the Beauty UK Metallic Spark cream pencils today. I've had these for ages and each time I use them I think I should post about them because they're really decent.

I have the Gold - No. 3 and Grey - No. 5 shades in them. They are like a jumbo pencil (similar to the NYX ones). They are really smooth and creamy and easy to blend, the colour pay off is good and they only cost £2.49. I love using them as a base under other shadows.

.. Yes, they do crease, but if I don't overuse the product and I have a primer on then it lasts pretty well as with most cream products, and they help eyeshadows look more vivid which is why I love to use a base that matches the colour of the shadow I'm wearing. These have a semi metallic shimmer finish, but there is no chunky glitter.

The packaging is cute with the little corresponding colour jewel on the end. It adds a nice touch.

You can check these out here, or at your local Superdrug. You can't go wrong for £2.49.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

L'Occitane Honey Candle For Sight.

Hello Ladies and Gents.

Today I wanted to mention this lovely candle from L'Occitane. It's the 'Honey Candle For Sight'* which was designed specifically for charity, with all proceeds from sales going to the Royal National Institute of Blind people. (RNIB) charity.

What They Say:
A beautiful, honey scented candle, designed to raise important funds for the Royal National Institute of Blind People. 100% of the proceeds* from the sales of this candle will be donated to RNIB to provide professional training for blind and partially sighted people across the UK.

The sweet fragrance of melting honey will create a warm atmosphere in your home for up to 21 hours. Made with 100% cotton wicks to ensure a 'clean burn' and minimal smoke.

It's a limited edtition and costs £13. I love that all the proceeds go to the chairty.

I've been burning this most evenings this weekend and I am in love with the scent. It smells divine! Even now as I write this post the scent of it lingers in the air from last night. It is such a warm, cosy fragrance. It has 20 hours of burning time too and I like to burn it for a couple of hours in the evenings.

I definitely want to get these for all main rooms in my home. I really enjoy how it lingers and smells so sweet. I would highly reccommend it if you love the smell of honey, and love candles.

Monday, July 23, 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick.

So shortly after Revlon released the famous Lip Butters, L'Oreal released something similar in the Rouge Caresse lipsticks.

These are marketed as lightweight lip colours, adding just a veil of colour, with a shiny texture finish.

I was sent four of the shades quite some time ago and I was so excited to try them out. I had already tried the lip butters by then and knew that I loved them, but L'Oreal seemed to have a prettier colour selection and the packaging looked pretty.

I do love how they are packaged, they look much more expensive that their £7.99 price take. The lids click on and stay in place and the product inside is great quality too. I would describe them as a lipbalm texture on the lips, they feel very light and add a nice subtle touch of colour. They feel very hydrating and have a nice shine finish to them. (See my swatches above)

Tempting Lilac: This is just 'My lips but better' for me. It adds a slight lilac tone, but looks subtle enough to be my lips for the most part. One of my fave shades.

Nude Ingenue: This is a nice easy to wear nude. Again, it is subtle, but has a bronze shimmer to it. It's a nice easy to wear shade.

Lovely Rose: Another fave, I love this - it's the prettiest nude pink shade. Super easy to wear and apply when you're on the go without a mirror.

Aphrodite Scarlet: The brightest of them all. My application was a little patchy with this one at first, but I discovered that because they are so hydrating already, you are best to apply them to dry lips. This is a great bright pink/red shade.

Compared to the Revlon Lip Butters I would say these are slightly more subtle in colour. They feel more lightweight though, and more hydrating too. The lip butters have more of a lipstick feel, whereas these do really feel like a balm and are easy to just 'slap on' when you're on the go.

Overall, I heart them. I'm happy that I own them, they are my Summer go-to lip products.

Have you tried these yet, what are your thoughts?

Available Here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Makeup - Hot Tropical Brights.

So as I said in my recent green FOTD post, I have a ton of edited pictures to post, but I can't remember what I used it them all. I really should make a note of the products when I actually do the makeup (my bad!)

So anyway, here is a look from last month sometime. The weather was having a nice week and I wanted a summery sort of look.

I really like this look. I think orange and coral tones make my eyes look so much bluer, and the pink on the lid is fun too. I'm pretty sure all of the eyeshadows were from my 120 Palette, so if you have one of those, you can use similar shades. Mainly pink, orange, a bit of yellow and a little bronze on the lower lashline.

I used bronzer from Boujoirs (the chocolate one) to warm up my skin and the foundation is Max Factor eXperience (love that!).

I cannot remember for the life of me what is on my lips, which frustrates me because I actually really like it and think that it goes perfectly with the eye look. Grr!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed :) If you have any questions, just let me know.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Glorious Greens FOTD. (OCC, Illamasqua, Etc.)

Woah, an actual face of the day post, on the actual day of the makeup! This is impressive for me. I have a folder full of FOTD's to post, but I can't remember what on earth I used for them now so I don't know whether to post them. I still might.

Anyway, today I wanted dramatic and bright with bold lips and lashes. This was what happened.

Gah! I just love playing with makeup.  I don't wear greens that often, but I do really love bright lime shades. Pivot from Illamasqua is a great shade!

What I Used:
Illamasqua Pivot (Inner Corner)
OCC Pigment Chlorophyll (Centre Of Lid + Lower Lashline)
Urbad Decay Zero (Outer Corner / Crease + Lower Lashline)
Eve Pearl Liquid Liner
Rimmel Moonstone (Inner Corner Highlight)
Outer Corner Lashes
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
Blink Brow Bar Intense Black Kajal
HD Brow Quad
2True Clear Mascara
Garnier Under Eye Roll On
Revlon Photoready Foundation
Rimmel True Matte Powder
Boots No17 Peaches & Cream (Blush + Highlight)
Bloom Cosmetics Berry Lipliner
Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter
Thank you all for reading!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway.

I was recently sent a teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant to try out and give my thoughts on it. Now, I have never whitened my teeth before, other than with toothpastes and stuff.. I am the sort of girl who wants a Hollywood smile (Simon Cowell Stylee) so I wasn't going to turn down the chance to try a whitening kit out.
Everything above comes in the kit and it is so easy to use. The LED light works with the whitening gel to help brighten your smile. You ust paint the gel onto your teeth, put in the mouth guard, and then place the LED light in your mouth. (I did photograph this, but I opted out of putting it here, it is not an attractive sight.

You wait for 20- 30 minutes and then you're done. I always promised myself I would do the 30 mins, but I just couldn't handle it, your mouth gets a little.. er, dribbly after about 15 mins. Haha.

Each time I have used this I have noticed a subtle change in the shade of my teeth, my boyfriend agreed. But I think with each extra use they get brighter and I think without being a drastic change my teeth now look rather bright and a nice shade. I'd still like to bleach them someday, but this is great and very reasonably priced for the timebeing. I stupidly never took any before pics. My teeth were not greatly discoloured, but they weren't super white either. Now I feel they look a nice healthy, clean shade!
My Teeths After 4 uses.
Check out the Smile Brilliant website where they sell a range of products (use code Smile20 for 20% off), and they also have a Facebook Page.

If you'd like to win one of these kits to try for yourself.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's it. Thank you all for reading! Let me know your best teeth whitening tricks!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Burberry Warm Glow Bronzer - 'Nude Glow.'

Could that possibly be the most beautiful packaging, like ever? .. I think so!

I've never really been much a bronzer type of girl. I always used to think I was too pale and it wouldn't work for me. I still don't use it on a daily basis, but when I do I tend to just contour to add some warmth to my face. I recently got this Burberry Warm Glow Bronzer* in the shade 'Nude Glow' (No. 3) and it is the most beautiful thing ever.

Firstly, the packaging is just to die for! It's shiny and posh and gorgeous. The casing has the burberry print on it and a magnetic closure.. It really is stunning! The product inside is more important though, and it is equally as perfect. It's the perfect bronzer, it looks a bit orange in the pan in my pic but as you can see from my swatch, it asolutely is not. The colour is perfect for warming up my compelxion, but a light hand is needed, this is so buttery and blendable in texture so the smallest dab of the brush goes a long way.

It's matte so great to contour with, which is how I have mostly been using it. But it's great for a sun kissed glow on the cheeks, and also in the crease of the eyes to add some definition. Can you tell it's love?

It's a little on the pricey side, but Burberry is a luxury brand, and I think for the quality and the amount of time this beauty will last you, it's not so bad. You can buy online here.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Stila 'In The Light' Palette.

Take a look at the gorgeous new(ish) palette from Stila. The In The Light Palette* is a stunner and has been compared to the Naked Palette from Urban Decay alot too. I think it's different though, none of the shades are quite the same. It comes with one of their brilliant smudge sticks too. I have the shade Moray from a while ago and it's an amazing liner, it's smudgy (clue's in the name!) and it lasts really well on the eyes.

What Stila say about the Palette:
A beautiful palette consisting of 10 natural Eye Shadow shades (including the best-selling shade Kitten) and a limited-edition Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner.

The new In The Light Palette is a beautiful collection of Stila's award-winning Eye Shadows in wearable, neutral shades for every skintone that can be worn wet or dry. The palette also includes an exclusive Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel, a matte chocolate brown, and an eight-page lookbook with detailed how-to tips and tricks.

Friday, July 06, 2012

4th July Nails.

I'm not sure why, but when I was doing my nails earlier this week I felt inspired to do a nail art for the 4th July. No, I'm not American, but some of my readers are, and I have some friends who are too - and I just thought it would be fun!

It started out as me experimenting to start with, but this happened, and so I went with it. I really like how they came out and got lots of comments about how impressed people were that I did it free hand. (Trust me, my left hand was not so neat!)

I used Barry M white, Mememe Confident (red), Barry M Red Glitter, Illamasqua Force (Blue), and a red, white and blue Rio nail art pen.

I know it's late, but I hope you had a lovely 4th July if you celebrated it! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Makeup Academy: 'Going for Gold' Eyeshadow Palette.

I want to show you another new release from Makeup Academy for today (July 4th). This is the limited edition Going for Gold palette*, this has been created in honour of the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games. It contains 10 square pan large eyeshadows that are of the usual MUA eyeshadow quality.

MUA Say:
To celebrate the much anticipated 2012 London Olympics, MUA has introduced the champion of all make-up palettes, a limited edition Going for Gold Palette!

Made up of 10 fabulously shimmering eyeshadow shades in the new square pans, MUA urges you to get in the winning mood and go über glamorous to cheer on your team. Whether you’re going for a subtle highlighting effect or attention-grabbing statement eyes, you will be sure to dazzle with the Olympians.
I really love this one, it is packed full of every gold, silver and bronze shade that you could possibly need for any look. I love the bright yellow and copper tones because they really enhance my blue eyes. All of the shades are smooth, buttery and nicely pigmented..

They are really blendable and will make for a great Olympic inspired look, and will also be perfect for festive looks at Christmas I think!

Check this out here, or in selected Superdrug stores.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette.

Would you look at that? My lovely new 'Undressed' eyeshadow palette* from MUA, it's practically an exact dupe for my Urban Decay 'Naked' Palette...  Don't you much prefer the word undressed than naked? ;)

I just love when a company release a good product that rivals an expensive product. I don't know if it was the intention of MUA to copy the Naked palette, but I'd say it was. (Can you please do and Undressed 2 palette? Please!)

Anyway, I'm babbling. The brand new MUA Undressed palette is amazing. It has 12 eyeshadows on for £4 and they are all highly pigmented, smooth and perfect for the most natural look, to a dramatic smokey eye. I absolutely love it! I didn't do swatches because there are plenty around, but check out Leanne's post here, she compares both palettes.

This will be for sale from tomorrow (July 4th) in selected Superdrug stores, but is avalable online already. Ch.. ch.. check it ouuuut! Link!