Saturday, October 29, 2011

♥ I'm in love... with a hairbrush!

Meet the lovely, amazing, gorgeous Tangle Tamer, by Denman! God, I love this this.

The Denman pink Tangle Tamer is a great way to gently remove tangles from hair, whether you are using it on your children or you! The gentle bristles are soft and flexible enough not to cause tugging and are of varying lengths in order to achieve even, detangled hair. The air cushioned base ensures maximum flexibility to the scalps shape and pain-free use, so you wont have to worry about causing painful tugging during brushing.
It is a saviour, a godsend, I love it! can you tell? .. So, as the description says, it has soft bristles .. Yes it does, but they have a bit of backbone and then get right through my hair, and to my scalp. This is perfect for brushing my hair after shampooing... and let me tell you, combing my hair after washing it before the tangle tamer was a nightmare, now I don't dread it, it's simple, easy and painless. Aside from all of that, it's cute because it's bright pink and a nice little size. This is also a great brush for dry hair, smoothing and styling, and it is especially great for back combing. ♥
I am yet to try any of the other de tangle brushes or combs that are out there, but this has impressed me greatly, and I would recommend it to anybody.

have you tried this? // It's also available here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blue Smoky 'Alice' Makeup!

 Hey Everyone.

Today I has a quick face of the day post! This look was requested by my sister. She asked if I would make a video showing her how she can do her makeup for Halloween to go with her Alice in wonderland costume. she wanted 'pretty and dramatic' ..
This is Chloe. My STUNNING Lil Sister! Beautiful!
So this is what I did.
To do the look I used all colours from the Urban Decay NYC Palette, because I know that Chloe has it, because I gave it to her as a gift for her birthday. But this look can be created with any colours, from any brand.

I like how it turned out, and so did Chloe, so yay!
If you would like to see the video tutorial I made, you can do so here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Blogging.

Hey Lovelies!

This is a very short, quick and random post!

I just wanted to let you all know about a random blog that I have.. I have had it for ages, and I used to use it, then I deleted everything and stopped, but now I occasionally blog there.. Mostly about music so far, admittedly, but I will post about other random things in good time.

If you want to check it out, please do! Just click the little badge thingy!

Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment.

I had never tried a proper hair oil before up until recently. I had however heard mention of them, and how cool they are for nourishing dry ends and adding some smoothness and shine. I'd tried using bio oil and the superdrug oil on my hair a few times, and it always added a nice shine, but I felt I could feel it a little on my hair.

I was recently sent this Oil Miracle from Schwarzkopf to try out, and I wasted no time in testing it out. I use a tiny pea sized amount for my long thick hair. I rub it into my hands first, and they distribute it through my ends first, and then whatever is left I put through the length, a little of this spreads a long way.

I then left my hair to air dry (I always do), and then the following morning I straightened it. The shine was amazing, my hair looks really healthy after I use this, like 'just out of the salon' shiny. One friend of mine commented that my hair looked like the hair from a glossy shampoo television advert.. That was totally unprovoked too, they just complimented me.

It's a bit of an addiction now, and probably a new step added to my hair regime. The oil really makes my hair feel and look more nourished and shiny. I tried to capture it for you below:
Also, it's funny, but this picture surprised me, I never knew my hair was so multi tonal!

This is also great to add after styling your hair. I use the teeniest tiniest amount, just through my ends for even more shine. It's lovely, and this 100ml bottle will last me for ages.

Available online, here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long Lost Love! Boots No7 Eyeshadow.

I don't think it's quite vintage, but it's old. So, so old! .. This eyeshadow was an shade I had when I was in my teens. I remember I swapped it with my best friends older sister for something, and I thought I was so cool with my lovely No7 eyeshadow. It's a lovely taupe shade with shimmer that I didn't appreciate back in the day.

Somehow my mum got hold of it (It's her kind of colour) and I found it in her makeup stash this Summer, and memories flooded back of how I loved it, and thought I was cool to be wearing it. Mum told me she doesn't use it, and so I swatched it to see how it was, the pigmentation is perfect, the shadow is soft, has great pay off and is definitely still usable.

I really love it! There is a ton of product in here, and the pan isn't on show yet! I wish I knew the name of the shadow, but the sticker on the back is long gone. But whatever! Isn't it a lovely shade?
So I just wondered, do any of my readers have some really old makeup items that they still love? I am so glad I rediscovered this eyeshadow! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty Hauly, Haul! :)

Hey Lovelies!

I never usually bother with hauls when I get new things, and I should - So this time I have. I had a little money saved and went shopping last week to treat myself.
Boots and superdrug were my shops of choice (which they pretty much always are), and I picked up a few nice bits.

I have some closer pictures and shades, etc. It's a little picture heavy though!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Avon 'Mocha Latte' Quad.

I just wanted to a mini review post on this Avon eyeshadow quad that I bought about a year or so ago now. I have recently started using it again, what with the colder weather, and wearing more autumnal darker colours.

The shadows are really soft and nicely pigmented - not saying they are the best ever, but they are buildable and the four shades obviously compliment eachother well. I love the coppery shade the most, and the palest shadow is a perfect highlight.

Here are some swatches of the shadows.
Nice huh? .. My quad is in 'Mocha Latte' .. They have a good selection of different colours. I recommend!

Available here, for £8.50.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orange, Pink and Purple Eyes!

Lame title, I know! I'm bad at thinking of interesting names for looks.

Anyhoo, here is a quick post on a look from the weekend that I did.

I used some colours from my 120 Palette, which can be purchased from Ebay. I used a pink, purple, orange, and a little black in the outer corner. The lashes are also some ebay cheapies which make for great demi/half lashes! I can't remember the lip colour, but I think I mixed a couple of shades and came up with that.

Onto the look!

That's all for now folks! -- I have a folder full of face of the day looks, most of which I don't remember what I used for them - Should I still just post them, or would it be annoying if I couldn't remember what I used? (I must start jotting products down as I used them. *Slaps wrist*)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Playing with colour..

I used to LOVE using colour mousse when I was in my teens, it used to be fun for me and friends to add some colour to our locks when our parents wouldn't let us really dye our hair. The great things is, they washed out in the shower/bath.

I was recently sent a can of red colour mousse from a brand called 'Indola' who are a professional hair products company that I hadn't heard of before now. I thought it would be fun to relive my teenage years and add a bit of colour to my hair, which I don't really dye any more, I haven't for over a year now! Aren't I good? - Though I am itching to dye it! I have my first greys showing now!
So anyway, I went for the red colour, as I have brunette hair and needed a colour that had a chance of showing up in my hair. Sadly, it didn't show as well as I would have liked, but it did give a really nice subtle red tint to my hair.

Here are some pictures. I hope that they make sense! Basically the left side is before (with and without flash) and then the right are the afters. You can definitely see a change in the richness and tone of my colour.
 Can you see the subtle tint it gave?

I really like how it gave my hair a slight richness with the red tone, I would have just liked it to be brighter, but that's down to my hair colour. I would suggest you always wear gloves when applying a colour mousse too! I did this time, but I can remember in my teens, my mum going crazy because I had crazy coloured staining on my hands.

Do any of you use colour mousse, or do just prefer a good old hair dye? I bet some of you used to play with colour mousses when you were younger like I did, right?!

You can buy Indola Colour Mousse from here.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sleek Makeup PPQ Palette.

If you would love to see my review of the above palette, then head over to Leanne's blog to see it!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Urban Decay 'Gash' Liquid Eyeliner.

Hey Lovelies, Happy October! I have a little review today! ...
This was the first and (so far) only Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner I have ever tried, I picked it up in TK Maxx while out shopping one day. It's a liner that I'd had my eye on for ages after seeing girls on you tube using it. So when I saw it, I snapped it up.

First off, I love the packaging of the liner, it's really unique looking, and the actual brush itself is really nice to use, and very fine, which for me is always a must. It's not too soft and floppy either, it gives a nice clean line without the bristles splaying all over.

This shade is so lovely and unusual. I haven't used it as much as I would like, but it's not your every day liner - I might use it at Halloween though, I think it will be perfect for that!

The formula of the liner is great, it's not too thin at all, and it dries super quickly. Once it's on and set it doesn't budge all day. No crumbling, smudging, nothing. I'd like to try this in black, for every day.
Have you tried any of these liners, and if so, what are your thoughts?