Friday, September 30, 2011

Currently Using // Loving .. ♡

♡ Shampoo: Aussie Frizz Miracle.
♡ Conditioner: Aussie 3 Minute Frizz Miracle.
♡ Styling Products: OSiS Dust It // Curl me Soft.
♡ Shower Gel: The Body Shop 'Wild Cherry.
♡ Body Moisturiser : Dove.
♡ Deodorant: Sure 'Cotton Fresh'.
♡ Face Wash: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.
♡ Exfoliator: Liz Earle.
♡ Primer: Witch Primer.
♡ Foundation Brush: The Body Shop Blusher Brush.
♡ Foundation: Max Factor Xperience.
♡ Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection.
♡ Powder: Witch Powder.
♡ Blusher: The Balm 'One Hot Mama'.
♡ Bronzer: The Baml 'Bahama Mama'!
♡ Highlighter: Freak Laboratory 'Stucco'.
♡ Eyeshadow Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Always.
♡ Eyeshadows: Urban Decay.
♡ Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline.
♡ Mascara: Revlon Grow Luscious.
♡ Lipstick: MAC Rebel // Dior Positive Red.
♡ Lipgloss: Nada.
♡ Nail Colour: A Stargazer Purple Shade.

Here are a couple of lovely pictures from my Tumblr, that I am loving, and reblogging!

Beautiful! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boudoir Privé : September Box.

I've been intrigued by these beauty box subscriptions lately, I love the idea of getting a box full of surprises each month. I've seen numerous mentions of the Glossy Box on other blogs, but not so much about this one, until recently.

Boudoir Privé contacted me earlier in the month and asked if I would like to receive a complimentary box to try out - and it arrived the other day. I know this is a little late for September, but anyway ...

So, the first thing that grabbed me when I got this was the packaging. I didn't take many pictures, because I was eager and ripped the box open immediately. But it comes in a gorgeous pink box, with the logo on the front (above) .. The box is sturdy, and definitely reusable too, which is a plus. Inside the box there is black tissue paper, and a pretty pink ribbon, sealed with a cute sticker..
And then underneath, are your surprises! The boxes come once a month with 5 to 6 deluxe samples inside for you to try. Plus you get member benefits, like special offers and discount codes, etc.

So here is the September box, and it's contents:
Pretty, right? I was so excited when I saw everything!

There is a small leaflet inside of the box (not shown) which gives details on all of the products, and the prices for full sized items. So, let's have a look ...

Agent Provocateur L'Agent £70 (100ml) -- £50 (50ml): This is just a small sample size, the same size that you normally get given in department stores. It smells nice, it is quite strong though. As you can see, it has a hefty price tag! One for the Christmas list, perhaps? .. The scent is long lasting though, and you only need a little.

Macadamia Hair Repair £5.75 (10ml) -- £29.95 (125ml): This is the 10ml size bottle, and I have used it once so far. It's impressive for hair like mine, which is naturally curly, and can frizz. I put a tiny bit on damp hair (ends) and leave it to air dry, it really does make my hair look and feel much smoother and healthier. I would seriously consider buying a larger size of this.

Tropic Skincare Body Smooth (200ml) -- £19.95: This excites me, it is from the range that was created by the girl from this years apprentice, Susan Ma. If you don't watch it, she is a girl who has her own skincare range..  I haven't tried this yet, but it smells A.Ma.Zing! Like lemon and lime, very citrusy and fresh. I'm guessing it's going to be really hydrating as it has an oily feel to it. I can't wait to try it.

Colbert MD Nourish: Eye Cream (15ml) -- £90: God Damn! This stuff is pricy, £90 for 15ml? That is certainly not something I can afford - The sample is about 5ml, which is £30 worth - Impressive! .. This skincare range is apparently used by Kate Middleton, and this eye cream is supposed to work wonders for dark circles, etc. I've only tried it a few times, and yes it is nice, and hydrating. I can't report any amazing results yet though .. I can't really afford to like it anyway! 

Cargo Cosmetics Boogie Nights Eye Pencil -- £13 (for five): I've never tried anything from Cargo before, but I have heard of them. The pencil is cute, but quite small. I have the blue, and it's a nice deep midnight shade that  is packed with silver sparkle. It's quite a hard pencil, but the pigmentation is good. I'm going to use this mostly on the lower lash line or as a base under eyeshadows.
Zoya Nail Polish --  £9.98 a bottle: This is exciting for me! I've never used Zoya before, but I have heard so much positive. I like the shade that I was sent, and will have a nail of the day post soon, showing it off more.

Then there was also a bronze/blot sheet sample included, which I didn't photograph. I haven't tried them, as I'm not one for bronzer much - but as you blot your face they are supposed to leave a bronze golden glow behind - Interesting!

So, there you have it - This months box (just in time!) .. I think for £10 it's worth it, for the samples that you get. I can't wait to see if I'm going to get any results from that eye cream.

For more info, or to subscribe, see the website.

PR Sample.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GOSH - Cool Lip Jams.

Oooh, I love a sticky lipgloss, me!

These are the two GOSH Cool Lip Jam's that I own, and I really think they deserve a post of their own. I know that some of you are probably thinking 'What! You like sticky lipgloss!' Well yes, I do. To me they last longer, and don't feel so wet. These really are sticky, kind of like jam.

I'm not 100% sure if GOSH still sell these, since they revamped the range, but I hope they do, as there are other shades I would like to try.

So as you can see, I have a white one and a blue one. They're really not white or blue at all though. They have a sort of flash of colour through them, but the base colour is quite subtle.

The blue one is number 101 (these don't have names) and is a clear gloss that is packed with blue shimmers. Blue gloss is great for brightening up other lipsticks, and it makes your teeth look whiter too!

The other one, number 100 is a creamy sheer pearl with violet shimmer shot through it - It's more intense that the blue one, and I think I like it just a little better - But they are both really nice glosses.

They last well, wear off without looking all gross on the lips, and they are only about £7 or so.
These are not on the superdrug website, but they are included in this years Christmas Makeup Kits from GOSH, which would lead me to think that they do still sell them individually.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Thoughts: Freak Laboratory Cosmetics.

I was recently contacted by Freak Laboratory Cosmetics, who asked if I would like to try out a few of their products. Being someone who is makeup obsessed, I accepted. I love the whole look of their website, the branding, and the name mostly, I love that they're called Freak Laboratory!

My package arrived after a few days, and I was excited to see what they had sent me. I was lucky enough to receive two of their eyeshadows, a foundation, a highlighter, and a lipstick. I couldn't wait to play. The packaging is also sooo cool! As you can see above, everything looked lovely before I unwrapped it - I love when things come nicely presented, it always makes me feel a little bit special.

(So, get ready for a picture heavy post!)

So, Freak Laboratory is a company that was founded by two lovely ladies, Katie and Maria - Here is a little about what made them want to create their own products, in their own words:

We'd always been users of MAC, Lancome, Clarins etc when it came to foundations, but the continuing irritations they caused our skin (sometimes within the same day!) were frustrating. This is where our mission really began. We knew mineral foundation was the next thing for us to try. So, we set about creating a mineral foundation that provides a base as beautiful as any liquid or cream foundation, but without skin irritants. It's taken a lot of time, work and passion, but we've done it. We now have a small but dedicated customer base in our local area and we're so delighted to hear from our customers that their skin is improving, friends and family are commenting on it, they'll never use another foundation etc. 

We also wanted to work with colour cosmetics, so alongside the foundations we've created loose, highly pigmented eyeshadows, brow wax, long lasting + colour rich lipsticks, mineral blushers, contouring + bronzing powders, a fixer, and very soon a gel eyeliner that will be available in colours not seen in other brand's gel liners so far. We're really excited about this one! Our chief aim is to provide high quality + fashion reactive makeup, bringing unique colours and finishes across an array of cosmetic products.
Read on to see the swatches and products.

Friday, September 23, 2011

- My MAC Lipsticks.

Someone recently sent me an email asking to see my MAC lipstick collection. I wasn't sure whether to bother or not, as it is not large by any means. I have four!

I love them all though, and thought I would do a little post with some swatches. I really like the quality of the MAC lipsticks that I own, but they are quite pricey, and I do believe that you can buy just as good quality lippies from other 'drugstore' brands for less.

The shades that I have are:

Pretty Please - This is a lovely sheer nude-ish lipstick. It does not blank out the lips, just gives a nice sheer 'my lips but nicer' look. It's very easy to wear, and just 'slap' on when I'm in a rush.

Snob - This is a definite fave, a pink / lavender shade. So creamy, so pigmented. I love it, it has a matte creamy finish, which is a fave for me.

Girl About Town - This is the most awesome bright, bright pink! This is an amplified lipstick and the pigmentation is insane, it glides on and just looks *wow*.

Rebel - Probably my current fave. I had this for ages, untouched. I don't know why. It's a deep burgundy / pink shade. I think it's perfect for autumn/winter, and I know I'm going to be wearing it lots.
I do love them all, and there are lots of other shades that I know I would like to try some day!

What is your number one mac lipstick?

MAC Lipsticks are £13.50. Buy them at your local counter, or online.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Love .. MAC Peachy Keen!

I love, love, love it! I wanted this blusher for such a long time, and then one day, a couple of years ago, I swapped it on Make up alley with someone. It made me wonder why I had never just bought it, all the times I had lusted over it in Mac.
It's a stunning peach with a subtle gold sheen to it. No chunky glitter, no disco ball face, just a pretty peach looking glow. It's perfect and is definitely my favourite Mac blusher of the ones I own. It is a sheertone shimmer blush, and isn't 'too' pigmented, but you don't need loads to get it to show either. It blends in perfectly, and leaves a lovely flushed look. I heart it.

Swatchy Swatch:
 Do you own this blusher? -- Tell me your most loved MAC Blushers!

- You can buy this online, and from MAC counters.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rimmel Colour Rush Eyeshadow : Backstage. ♡

While I was at my Mum's recently, I spied this inside her holiday make up bag. I swatched it, and I fell in love! She had bought it the previous year to use on her holiday, and was about to take it with her again. .  Lucky for me, when she got home and she hadn't use it for the whole two weeks, she said that I could have it. She said it was a bit shimmery for her.

This is a Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow, and I think you can still by them in Boots/Superdrug, but I can't be sure. It is one of the most luscious eyeshadows ever. It is so, so smooth, the pigmentation is strong and the colour is a stunning golden/bronzey taupe. It looks great alone, or paired with a dark brown in the crease (Fotd soon).
It's funny, because I used to hate browns, golds, and bronze eyeshadows, thinking they were boring, but as I've matured, I love them just as much as I love bright shades now. There is nothing like a sophisticated smoky eye with these kind of shades.

I've googled it, and it seems you can get this colour here, for £1.25, which makes me think it might be discontinued in Boots, etc. If you like these kind of colours, I would recommend!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The MAC 'Club' FOTD.

Following on from my post on Mac's Club Eyeshadow the other day, I wanted to show a quickie fotd to show how lovely it looks, and how it transforms and looks like you have made an effort with more than one colour, when you wear it over a black base.

I used the Barry M Supersoft Eye Crayon in black as my base, blended over the lid. Then I just put Club eyeshadow over the top, and blended it up into the crease (past the base) to give a two tone effect.
Barry M Base                                    ----                     With Club Eyeshadow.
Then I added some liner, mascara, lipstick, foundation and blush, and here is a face of the day. 
Do you own Club eyeshadow?  ... Do you want to own it?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Love .. MAC Club Eyeshadow.

This could quite possibly be my absolute number one MAC eyeshadow. It is such an interesting duo-chrome colour. It's so versatile and can be used as a liner, a wash of colour, a crease colour - and it makes for a great smoky eye!

I love to wear this eyeshadow alone. I put a black base on my lid (which brings the green of club to life) and then blend it over the top and up into my crease above the black base, and it looks as though you've made a real effort with two colours, when it's just one.

In my swatches you can see the colour alone, and then on top of a black base, and blended around the edges so that you can see the difference. MAC describe it as a red brown with green pearl.
Beautiful, no? .. I really love it. I thought I had a FOTD where I had used it on my blog, but I can't find one, so I will do one soon :)

Available from MAC online and MAC Counters for £11.50.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MUA Professional Palettes.

I've had these two palettes for well over a month now, They're from the MUA Pro Range.  Being really honest, I didn't expect that much and so I wasn't that bothered about any of the products .. But the I started seeing rave posts all over the blogosphere, and I wanted in!

The two that I have are Heaven and Earth (Browns) and Starry Night. I absolutely am IN love with them. They are seriously amazing quality for the price. You get twelve super soft, pigmented, creamy eyeshadows for just £4. They have a whole range of palettes too. I can't wait to try some others out.

Here is a closer look at the shades.. I didn't do swatches, as I'm not the best at swatching and you can probably find them on other blogs.

Pretty, huh? I seriously recommend these palettes if you're looking for something reasonably priced, yet still amazing quality!

Do you own any of these palettes? Tell me your faves!

You can buy in store and online from Superdrug.

PR Sample.*

Monday, September 12, 2011

Adele UK Vogue Inspired Make Up Look.

I love Adele, her talent is awesome, she can sing, write great music, and perform with soul. Her album is one of my most played, and I don't seem to be getting bored of it!

She is also gorgeous, and I love her style, and how her make up always looks perfect! Oh! and get this, I have actually been told a few times recently that I remind people of her, which is a very flattering compliment, though I can't see it myself.

Recently when I saw the cover for the current Issue of UK Vogue and her make up in the shoot, I saved the image to my inspiration folder straight away. And at the weekend I decided to give it a go.

It's a fairly simple look with neutral colours and a defined crease. I think I did it a little too light though. I needed more volume on the lashes, and a black liner in the waterline. D'oh!

Anyway, here is my look ..

To do this make up, I used the following products:
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Primark Peach Blush
  • HD Brow 'Foxy' Quad
  • Urban Decay Sin Eyeshdaow (Lid)
  • Stargazer White Eyeshadow (Brow Highlight)
  • L'Oreal Hip Foxy Duo (Dark Brown) (Crease)
  • Boots No17 Mardi Gras Eyeshadow (Crease/To Blend/Lower Lashline)
  • Urban Decay Zero Eyeshadow (Lower Lashline)
  • Illamasqua Vow Medium Pencil (Waterline)
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Girls With Attitude Flirt Lashes
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
  • Gosh Darling Lipstick / OCC Hush Liptar

That's all for this look. Thank for reading!.. Are you an Adele fan?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Bright Green Glitzy Eyes // Bold Red Lips.

For once, an actual face of the day, on the day of wear!

This is todays look for me. I'm not going anywhere special, I just wanted to play with make up, and so I did, and I ended up with this look. I really love the contrast of the emerald eyes and the bold red lips. I love how they are both festive shades that clash in a good way! .. It's kind of halloweeny to me, in a glam way. I don't really know why.. Random!
To achieve this look I used the following products:
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.
  • Dior Blush (I cannot remember the name, but I don't think you can  get it anymore, Sorry!)
  • HD Eyebrow Quad Kit.
  • Barry M Matte Green Eye Crayon.
  • OCC Pigment - Chlorophyll.
  • Urban Decay Acid Rain.
  • Green Glitter.
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.
  • Revlon Colorburst True Red.
  • OCC Liptar NSFW.
  • Outer Corner Lashes.
  • Max factor False Lash Effect Mascara.
That's all for today's look, if you have any questions or anything else, let me know! ..

Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter, and Tumblr too!

Someone in the comments pointed out how this is very similar to the look Sophie Ellis Bextor wore in the 'Murder On The Dancefloor' video.. And it totally is, completely by mistake. I always remember liking that look when the video came out though.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Snazzy Rainbow Crackle Nails!

This nail of the day was totally inspired by Bicky's amazing nail of the day post from a while ago.

I was feeling a bit blah about all of nails breaking, and so I decided this could look pretty cool, so I gave it a go. It was easier than I expected it would be. Bicky's post is really detailed, so make sure you check it out.

Here are some more pics.. With a flash, and without..
I think it looks so eye catching and effective, and I got so many compliments when I wore it. I love it!

To achieve these snazzy nails I used:

-Barry M Block Orange
-Barry M Bright Pink
-Illamasqua Force (Blue)
-Mememe Impulsive (Yellow)
-MUA Nail Quake (Black)

What do you think? Cool, or tacky?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

- MAC Vex + Deep Truth FOTD.

Hi Lovelies!

Here is a FOTD that I did quite recently. I wanted to use some lashes, and went for quite a colourful look with bright lips. MAC Girl About Town is one of my fave bright lippies, and that's what I decided I would use.

On the eyes I used Deep Truth and Vex eyeshadows from MAC, with a little shimmer on the inner corner. The lashes are from Blink and Go, and are my fave kind! I like how flirty they look, and they are so easy to apply, and wear. They feel so light!
Products Used:
  • MAC Vex
  • MAC Deep Truth
  • Duochrome Shimmer Blue
  • Stargazer Matte White
  • Urban Decay Asphyxia Shadow
  • MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
  • Blink + Go Flirt Lashes
  • HD Brow palette
  • Max Factor Xperience Foundation
  • The Balm Hot Mama Blusher

Review: MUA Nail Quakes.

As most of you know, shatter polish has been huge recently, since Barry M released their nail effects, which I love! I know that some people hate it, but I'm a fan and I like how it changes up your polish.

I've recently been trying the MUA Nail Quakes from Superdrug. MUA is a really very reasonably priced range, and these shatter polishes are just £2.99 for 10ml of product.

I was a little sceptical about how they would be, just because of the prices of the whole range in general, but I am happy to report that they are impressive, and I really enjoy having shatter polishes in different colours! .. I know lots of other brands are coming out with different coloured ones too, but for £2.99 these are a bargain.

I have four of the shades, but there are six in total, and I plan on grabbing the others next time I am in Superdrug.

Shockwaves, Jailbreak, Shattered Ice, Quiver.
 And here are my swatches. They aren't the best, my nails were short, and I just painted my nails roughly to give you an idea. I will be featuring these in some nail posts, coming up soon. They are all really great though, and crackle really well. They're not too thick or gloopy and they dry quickly too.

You can purchase MUA from Superdrug stores, or online at
I have some more MUA products to post about soon. I am loving the pro range!

*PR Samples: But my review is honest, as always.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bio Oil Alternative!

I'm a big fan of using bio oil for different things, and I did do a post on it a while back, but recently I came across a bottle from the Superdrug range. It's called Restoring Skincare Oil, and so I've been trying it out.

They Say:
Restoring Skin Care Oil is specially formulated with a blend of eight natural active oils which help minimise the appearance of scars, stretch marks, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

It is also effective for use on mature and dry irritated skin.

Sweet Almond Oil, Canola Oil and Soy Bean Oil. Renowned for their emollient qualities which help to rehydrate your skin and help restore its elastcity and suppleness.

Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary Oil and Sunflower Oil. Rich in anti-oxidants which help to soothe, protect and help tighten and tone the skin.

Suitable for all skin types. For use on the face and body. Contains Vitamins A and E. Non-greasy, quickly absorbed. Ideal for use as a therapeutic bath oil, after-sun moisturiser or a pregnancy massage oil.
It comes in a large 100ml bottle and is a fraction of the price! This, like Bio Oil, is brilliant for multi use. I use it for dry skin, cuticles, after a bath or shower, scars and on my face when it feels dehydrated. I use this for all of the same things, and it does the job just as well as Bio Oil.

It's the same colour, and it feels the same, but it soaks into the skin really quickly, and the bonus with this is that it has a nice scent to it. Bio Oil has a light smell to it, but nothing overly pleasant. This has a very slight pleasant scent to it, which I like more.
If you're a fan of Bio Oil, I would definitely recommend that you check this out the next time you are stocking up, I doubt that you'll regret it!

100ml of Bio Oil is over £10, and this is normally around the £6 mark, although it's online for £3.33 at the moment, but it is sold out currently.

Lipstick Loving. Sleek Makeup!

I just want to show some love to my tiny collection of Sleek True Colour Lipsticks. I love them so much! The quality of them is amazing, the pigmentation is so great and they are under a fiver! £4.00 people, bargain!

I only have three so far, and they are all matte finish, but I like matte. I really like them all, they are so creamy, smooth and bright. I cannot wait to build my collection up, I have my eye on loads of colours. 
I have two super bright pinks, and a purple shade. I need the red, and some of the lighter shades too. I would like them all really! I can't wait to get down to superdrug and get some pout paints too. I am SO excited to try them.
 You can purchase these online and in Superdrug. What colours do you recommend?