Saturday, April 30, 2011

» The Royal Wedding, April 29th 2011. ♥

I just wanted to make short post about the fabulous Royal Wedding from yesterday. It's a day that will go down in history, and I am pretty sure that almost everyone watched it, so why not have a little post with a few lovely images from the day.

I set my alarm for 8.30am (on a day off, that is a big deal!) so that I could get up and watch all the preparations and guests arriving .. I got more hooked than I thought I would, and as soon as I saw William leaving Clarence House with Harry I felt a bit emotional, which surprised me. They both looked so handsome and grown up. I think the fact that their Mother wasn't there made me feel a touch sad too.

The whole thing was so brilliant though, everyone looked amazing, but Kate outshone everyone, and rightly so. Everyone was excited about the dress, and it certainly lived up to expectations, it was beautiful and she looks radiant and stunning - apparently she did her own make up too.

All in all it was beautiful overall. The kiss was so sweet, and they make a lovely couple. I loved when they left alone together in the Aston Martin too! Can I get an Awwww?!

I wish them life long love and happiness together. ♥
Did you love it as much as me?

- New Mememe Nail Shades.

Mememe have four new shades in their nail polish collection, and I have two of them to show you. I'm a fan of mememe, I don't think I've tried anything that I don't like yet, their highlighter, eyeshadows, and nail polishes have all impressed me.

I have 'Delicate' which when I look at the bottle reminds me a little of Chanel Paradoxal, but is actually not really the same, it doesn't have that same shimmer. It's a lovely murky purple colour though.

'Enigmatic' is a dark slate grey, not shimmery, and looks almost black in some light.

Here are my swatches:
These polishes are nice and hard wearing - they have a nice glossy finish and they have a huge colour range, which you can check out here. They are £4.50 each and you can also get them in Superdrug.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

-- Get Royal, With new BRIT Batiste.

Another Dry Shampoo post, Oui !

I love the stuff, I can't live without it, and they have a new one, called Brit, that is out just in perfect time for the Royal Wedding.
Groovy baby, huh? I love the patriotic packaging, and I love the scent. It's got a nice fresh, sweet scent, but it's a light scent, not overpowering at all. It freshens up the barnet like all the others do, and leaves me with volume and clean looking roots. I really don't know what I would do without this stuff.

So, get your bottle of Brit Batiste now, in time for the Royal Wedding (Eee, I cannot wait!) .. I will be wearing mine on the day, even if I don't need to be! :)

Buy it here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

- Oh.. Uh, Hello..

Image from weheartit.
Hey Everyone ..

I firstly want to apologise for my lack of blogging. All posts for the past month or so have been scheduled, and I have been approving comments when I have turned the laptop on, which is kind of rare right now.

I thought I was getting better, but it turns out I'm still not 100% better. I started doing a more personal post about me and what has been going on - but I'm not sure whether I will post it yet - should I?

So, not much good has been going on with me, I've been doing a training course through the job centre, which is okay, and will hopefully help find me work .. Other than that I have been taking it easy. This Easter weekend has been good though, and I have got a few pictures taken for blog posts and things, so you can expect a few random posts here and there for a while, until I am back in full blogging swing.

I hope you are all doing good and have been enjoying the nice weather. Rumour has it that it ain't gonna last much longer!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

BeautyUK Shimmer Blue NOTD.

Here is one of the polishes that was in my prize package when I won a Beauty UK Giveaway last year. This is called Shimmer Blue (No 64), and is exactly that! I’m a bit weird about shimmer polishes, sometimes I love them, and then I hate them and will only wear creamy matte colours. I was in the mood for a shimmer when I tried this out, and it didn’t fail to impress me, it’s a stunning bright vivid metallic like shade that I think it rather eye catching.
I used two coats here, but as you can see from the pictures, I probably needed a third (Whoops!) Application was nice and smooth and the polish dried in good time too, Impressive! I definitely recommend you try out Beauty UK Cosmetics for a nice cheap and cheerful quality drug store brand – Available from Superdrug, or check out their website.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.. GOSH: Long Lasting Brow Pen.

These are new from the revamped GOSH range that I showed you the eye shadows from. They are called Long Lasting Brow Pen's, and I was really excited about trying them out – I’ve always been a brow powder kinda girl, I find that pencil is too harsh on me and I end up looking like I literally drew my brows on.. Powder gives a softer look that can be blended.

These liner style felt tip pens are similar to the eyeliner pens you can get, but the colour is not as intense, It almost looks like it’s watered down – which is a good thing so that you don’t end up looking like you coloured your brows in!.. These are nice and easy to use and give a look of tiny hairs if you use small sweeping strokes. I was impressed from the first use, and have been enjoying using it on a daily basis – They last well, but remove easily with a good cleanser.
I was sent three colours: Wheat, Venetian Brown & Mahogany, but Venetian brown and mahogany are quiet red toned and don’t really go with the colour of my hair – Wheat is a pretty good match though, a nice subtle brown shade. I will keep the others for if I have a change of hair colour.. I quite fancy going vivid red again!

Overall I would give these a thumbs up, they are simple to use, last well and look natural.

PR Sample.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

- Sleek Make Up True Colour Lipstick.

Lip products seem to be my obsession at the moment, and these new lipsticks from the Sleek MakeUP range are pretty darn awesome! They are true colour lipsticks, and there is a huge shade range, with different finishes to choose from.

I was kindly sent two of them to try out and do a post on, and I really like them. I have two matte finish lipsticks in 'Pink Freeze' and 'Mystic'. As you would expect from Sleek the pigmentation is unreal - They are smooth, creamy and they are not drying either, like some matte lipsticks can be. My tip is to put a bit of lipbalm on to smooth your lips before you apply, and it will glide on much easier.

The packaging is also really sleek! The casing feels rubberised, similar to nars and is black. It's not cheap looking at all.
Pink Freeze: I knew as soon as I saw this that I was going to love it, I love bright pink lips and this is a gorgeous colour.

Mystic: I was wowed but scared when I first saw this, it looks like a crazy bright purple, but I loved it at the same time. Upon application all of my fears went away, it looks amazing on - it's not scary at all and is so incredibly vivid and great again for summer, and nights out. I love it!

I definitely need to hot foot it down to superdrug now to pick up some other colours, I like the look of the matte nude shade a lot!

Both of these lipsticks, as well as the whole range is available to but on-line or from Superdrug, and they are priced at just £4.00 each.

PR Sample.

Friday, April 15, 2011

» St. Tropez - Skin Illuminators.

When I was offered the chance to try out the new skin illuminator from St. Tropez, I jumped at the chance, They look and sound so pretty - and they really are.

FOR FASHIONABLY LUMINOUS SKIN : Making their debut on the runway at London Fashion Week SS11, the new SKIN ILLUMINATOR collection in Rose, Gold and Violet gives the skin instant luminosity and a high-fashion finish.

Simply choose a shade to complement your skin tone, or your desired look…
Stunning! I don't have a bad word to say about these. They are the perfect highlighter for anywhere where you would like a subtle glow, with a hot of colour. I was sent Violet & Rose, and they are both so, so pretty. I tried my best to photograph them, and it was a bit difficult and my pictures do not do these justice, but take my word for it, they are so nice.
Rose on the left - Violet on the right.

See the subtle hint of colour? It's really nice!.. These are not greasy at all, they soak in nicely, leaving a gorgeous glow and a absolutely yummy scent too. I cannot speak highly enough about them, I will certainly be using them throughout the summer on my legs, collarbone and maybe even a teeny bit on my cheeks or mixed with foundation!

They are only £12 each, and available from here, in three lovely colours! I want the gold one now, to complete the set. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Scent! - Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia.

They Say: There is a charming sense of jubilation from the very first vegetal notes which are carried along in a deliciously heady current of crushed Mint, with a zest of Italian Limone Primo Fiore Femminelle, harvested from the first spring blossoms in Calabria.

This emotion transforms into an aquatic renaissance with a delicate and crystalline nature derived from the scent of Water Jasmine, giving the perfume sophisticated and unexpected facets.
At its base, ACQUA DI GIOIA bears the signature of water rooted in the Earth, revealed by luscious Cedar sprinkled with sensuous Brown Sugar and Labdanum, which is one the rare plants to possess animal notes.
My Thoughts: Well, what can I say ... Yum, this is a delightful summer scent that I fell instantly in love with. I cannot even express how much I absolutely love it! To me it’s a light, fresh girlie scent that just makes me sniff my wrists all day long. 

The packaging is also stunning, the bottle is so eye catching, and when the light catches it on my dressing table it’s like a lovely blue summer pool (God, I sound crazy!) – You can see what I mean from the picture, it’s just a fancy bottle. 

This is most definitely my scent of the summer, it smells stunning, and I think that if you are a fan of cool waters, and light blue then you will love this! Have a sniff when you are next in Boots, or The perfume shop.

This gets a massive thumbs up and a 'Mmm' from me! Available from here and in all good perfumey shops!

(Also, Please read this post for details on how you can donate water to the needy in Ghana, for free.)
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Monday, April 11, 2011

- Superdrug Optimum Swiss Apple Day Cream.

Nature and science combine to form a new Anti-Ageing active ingredient
Revolutionary anti-ageing day cream with PhytoCellTec (TM) Malus Domestica which uses extracts from Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber Apples to promote a fresher and younger-looking complexion.
  • Revolutionary anti-ageing day cream with PhytoCellTec (TM) Malus Domestica which uses extracts from Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber Apples to promote a fresher and younger-looking complexion.
  • Helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • With UVA/UVB protection system
  • With Hyaluronic Acid to help firm, soften and soothe the skin
  • Use as part of your daily skincare routine along with SWISS APPLE overnight skin renewal serum.

This cream is lovely; it was brought out earlier this year to go along with the Swiss Apple Serum that they brought out late last year, which I am yet to try. It smells good (I kind of expected an apple scent, but it’s just a light soft scent) it is almost a gel like consistency and is quite thick, but the texture is light – a little goes a long way with this stuff. 

It soaks in quickly and instantly gives my skin a boost, it looks brighter and is so supple and plump feeling, and I also feel that it mattifies the skin a little too, which is great for my oily skin. It makes a good base for make up and I have definitely felt and seen and improvement in my skin since using it in the last three weeks or so. I think I need the serum now, and I hope that they bring out a whole line of products for the range! I would most definitely repurchase this and will continue to use it.

Available from Superdrug, priced £9.99 until May - Then it will be £12.99.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

.. Kabuki Brush + Pouch.

I was recently sent this Beauty Boxes Kabuki Brush to try out and see what I thought about it. It's a really cute little kabuki with the softest hairs. It also comes with the cute little patent purse pouch, which is perfect for carrying the brush around in.

Beauty Boxes Say: This fabulously soft Kabuki brush with a big, fluffy head is ideal for applying your face powder, bronzing powder and blusher. It is made with natural goat hair and comes in its own stylish zipped pvc pouch to keep it safe and your handbag or beauty box clean.
What I Think: It's a really nice Kabuki brush. The bristles are super soft and densely packed into the brush, I have had no shedding from it and it washes lovely, and with a brush guard is shaped like new after every use. I like the little pouch idea too, I was sick of just putting a random powder brush in my make up bag and it getting ruined - but now I don't have to worry, because I have this. 

All in all this is a great quality Kabuki Brush which I would recommend if you are looking for a new one! 

Available from here, along with a whole selection of other brushes.

Friday, April 08, 2011

- Maybelline 'Instant Anti-Age' Foundation and Primer.

I have been meaning to do this review for ages! I have had these since they first came out, and I did do a video review on them, back then - But I wanted to do a follow up here.

The Eraser Foundation:
I have the shade Ivory, which is the lightest. It looks hideously orange when I put it on my skin, but surprisingly it blends in well without leaving me looking like I have been tangoed. It blends in well and feels very light on the skin, however, it does leave my skin feeling quite slick and in need of powder. It looks quite nice and luminous if you like that look, but with my oily skin it's not a great look.

Once I have powdered it though, I like it. It looks good, like my skin but better - the coverage isn't great, I would say light - medium, but possibly buildable. It doesn't last all day though, before I get oily again, and I have to blot and powder after 4 to 6 hours or so.

The packaging is naff. I'm not even going to go into how unhygienic it is, I'm sure you can guess. It has a weird sponge thing at the top which the product comes though (eventually) .. It's a useless gimmick, just to make the applicator look like an eraser, so that you think it is erasing something. It won't. I pulled the sponge thing off and just put it onto the back of my hand.

So, all in all a pretty average foundation with dodgy packaging. I will use it for lazy days at home, but I wouldn't bother repurchasing - It just didn't work for me really.

The Smoother Primer:
My first thoughts on this were that the glass jar is tiny and that it wouldn't last long at all. I was wrong though, you hardly need any of this to covers your whole face. It feels very smooth, like the gosh velvet touch (that will be the silicone).. It mattifies my skin though and fills in pores, leaving a nice smooth base for my foundation.
It's a pink-ish transparent gel, and you really do only need a small amount. It does a good job of helping my foundation last throughout the day without getting slick too quickly. I give this a thumbs up. I like the packaging and the feel of it.

You can purchase both of these from Superdrug stores and online. They are £9.99 each.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

.. *NEW* GOSH Eyeshadow Trio.

GOSH has always been a bit of a hit and miss brand for me, I own loads of there old trio's and quad eyeshadows that I had collected, but I never really use them, as the pigmentation wasn't great. However, they seem to have had a brand makeover and improved many of their products, and I am happy to say that this includes their eyeshadow trios!

I was sent these to try out, and I am super impressed by them. The packaging is more sleek and less chunky than before and the eyeshadow quality is excellent. Here, see for yourself:

See? How gorgeous are they? They are smooth, blendable and gorgeous! The colours are so bright and intense and I am really looking forward to using these over the summer.

I love them all, but limelight seems to be standing out for me the most at the moment. I did use it for a quick look recently, nothing fancy - but here it is:

What do you think? Have you or will you be trying these out? I highly recommend them. They are available from all Superdrug stores that sell GOSH, and should be available online soon. They are priced at around £7.00.
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Monday, April 04, 2011

♥ Armani Code.

Not so long ago I showed an exclusive clip of the new Armani Code advert, with the gorgeous Megan Fox who is the very gorgeous face of 'Code'.

You will have most probably have seen the finished ad, but here it is for those of you that are interested.. .. I was sent the perfume and it is more gorgeous than I imagined or expected..
A seductive and magnetic scent, this fragrance is unforgettable and captivating and will render the wearer irresistible. Top notes of orange blossom, bitter orange from Africa and sweet orange from Italy. Middle notes of Tunisian orange blossom, and sambac jasmine. Base notes of vanilla and honey.
It has a musky scent, and for me is definitely an evening perfume. It's a flirty sexy fragrance that is long lasting and makes me feel grown up. My boyfriend approves too, and commented without being asked for an opinion. This is a perfume that will be saved for special occasions, and evenings out for me. I love it.

The bottle design also deserves a mention, it's a unusual shape that feels good to hold, a slender glass bottle with eye catching blue as the main colour. It looks great on my dresser.

This perfume is available from Boots, and all good perfume shops.
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