Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Review » The Clarisonic Plus.

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This post is a loooong time overdue, I know that, and I am sorry it has taken me so long!

The thing is, it's harder to write this review than it was to make the video review, because in the video I can just go off on one, babbling on about what I love about it. Whereas to put all of that into words, well, I would be here forever.

So, before I begin - If you want to see a more thorough review of the Clarisonic, go to my channel and watch the video.

For my written review, you can stick around!

So, I was sent the Clarisonic a couple of months ago now, and it was something that I had done a fair bit of research on. I was so incredibly excited to try it and I had so many expectations for it.

In a nutshell, it lived up to every single one. I love it.

So what does it do? .. Well, the Clarisonic is a cleansing brush that cleanses your skin 6 times better than cleansing manually does. It helps with acne/breakouts, pores, fine lines and much more, you can read more about it's benefits on their website.

It also comes with a brush head attachment for the body so that you can polish up all over.

Box Contents Include :
Cordless Clarisonic PLUS
Universal Charging Cradle UK
Sensitive Brush Head
Body Brush Head
30ml trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser and Nourishing Care Cleanser
60ml trial size Refining Skin Polish

Let me tell you this.. After just the first use I felt a difference! My skin felt cleaner than ever before and it looked fresher. After a couple of weeks it was so much clearer and I wasn't getting breakouts any more (.. I always breakout!) .. after a few more weeks I could feel and more importantly SEE a difference when I looked in the mirror, even my Boyfriend noticed it, and that is saying something.

It has seriously worked amazing wonders for my skin. I hardly break out any more (unless it's the time of the month, then I do occasionally) My face feels and looks so much smoother, feels firmer and just in better condition, and most importantly the biggest difference for me is that I now have confidence in my skin, and I never did before.

Let me explain.. I have always, since my teens, been a full coverage foundation kinda girl, I would use everything I could to cover every single blemish on my face. But since using this I have purchased a light / medium coverage foundation which I love, and I am happy with how my skin looks when I wear it. My complexion is smoother and just looks radiant, and I am happy with how it looks.

So, I love it for my face, but the Clarisonic Plus is also a body brush too. I will admit I haven't used it for that as often, but it does do a lovely job of exfoliating and softening the skin, it's great for really dry areas like the elbows and heels and it is perfect to use for preparing the skin before fake tanning, if you do that regularly!

This really does get a massive thumbs up from me, I LOVE it and don't ever want to be without it, ever.

Just a few others things I want to mention. The Clarisonic is waterproof so you can take it into the shower with you and not worry about it getting wet. The brush heads are interchangeable, and you can buy different ones for the face, such as Normal, Sensitive, Delicate. Although there is just the one type of body brush. The brush heads that I have with my Clarisonic (Sensitive & Body) are very smooth and the bristles are soft, so don't be fooled by their appearance, I know they look tough, but they are not at all. I use my Clarisonic twice a day.

Oh, and you have to charge it up for 24 hrs before you can first use it.. That tested my patience!

I think that is everything covered, if any of you have any questions at all, please leave a comment and I shall do my best to help.

Well done if you got this far!

 I give the Clarisonic Plus ten outta ten and a big fat five stars!

The Clarisonic was sent to me for review purposes. 
However I am not sponsored by or being compensated 
for this post and my review is completely my honest opinion.


Clarisonic said...

Thanks so much for giving the Clarisonic a massive thumbs up. We enjoyed your video review too! Keep up the fabulous cleansing routine :) And definitely give the body brush a try more often - you will not be disappointed! Thanks again for sharing - happy cleansing.

Desiree said...

I was thinking great review, and then I saw how Clarisonic had commented with a "Thanks" and it kind of made me think they sent you it for free, you do an amazing review and they thank you :/

Anonymous said...

A bit staged methinks...lol good review. If I were a PR company you'd be on my hitlist lol xx

Sophie said...

@ Clarisonic, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really do love it.

@ Anon & Desiree, You're both entitled to your opinion - all I can say is that I wrote this review without anybody influencing me, it is one hundred percent honest and I had no idea that Clarisonic were going to take the time out to comment on my post, but I think it's decent of them to take the time.

Can a glowing review not be genuine just because the product was sent for review? If I didn't like it, then I would say so, I have no reason to be dishonest.

Corbyjane said...

I kind of want to try this... it looks amazing! I looked at the site, and it looks like it's only available in the UK; is that the case?
(And I totally believe in your honesty. Desiree & Anon are trolls. Ignore them)

Natasha said...

Thanks for the great review. I purchased this myself and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I am buying my sisters one for Christmas. Clarisonic completely lives up to the hype and my yucky, congested, oily skin has never looked better.
I know some people are naturally suspicious but I know EXACTLY how you feel. I love this thing and I don't worked for a PR company or Clarisonic.

Great review!

Sophie said...

Hi Corby Jane & Natasha - Thank you for the more positive comments.

Corby, you can get it in the US, just go to Clarisonic.com :)

Natasha, I am hoping to buy my mum and sister one soon, I know they will love it too! xx

Unknown said...

I am so dying to get one of these. I should now since they are having 15% off until the 20th of this month.

Great review

Kelly said...

Oh it sounds fab!!! I really want one now :)

suzyly said...

I want to get one. How have you found the body brush because i'm trying to decide between the mia and the plus, but the plus is so much more expensive.

Jenn said...

This post tempted me enough. I believe that you love it, and the change is visible in your skin in your videos. The mean comments are just jealous people. I ordered mine last week because of you, I cannot wait to have it in my grasp. XD