Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleek Makeup Goodies!

Hey Everybody! I hope you are all doing well?

I know some of you know this already, but for those of you that don't, I was the winner of Sleek Makeup's Facebook contest last week! My prize was this..

Any twenty products I want from their site! How exciting?

I was proper chuffed, as you can imagine.. So I go my package through today and after an afternoon of playing with it all, and then taking some pictures, I am gonna show you the goods! It's picture heavy, so make sure you are sitting comfortably!

How amazing is all of that? ... I am sooo excited that it is all mine!
 Now I'm gonna break it all down for you .. Enjoy!

Who knew Sleek did eyelashes? I didn't, but when I saw them I knew I had to try them! I ordered 'Rio', 'Shanghai', 'Harare', and 'London' .. The London ones are individual lashes, the rest are strip lashes.

Poison Ivy, Royalty, Oxford - Lilac, Pastel Pink, Turqoise.
I chose six nail polishes.. maybe a bit excessive? .. I don't know! But I have never tried Sleek Polishes so I went for it. I got three festive metallic shades, and three of their summer pastels. These are a generous 10.5ml.

This is the contour kit in light, which Sleek have an exclusive on at the moment, you can get the kit and brush for a limited time. I have wanted to try this for ages so I went for it! The brush is broken though :(  .. The highlighter brush comes off .. I have let Sleek know about it though. The bristles are lovely and soft!
*Update : They are replacing the brush for me*

I went kind of mad ordering skin/face products, but I took this as my chance to try all of the things I have been wanting to try. The luminous powder is something I always look at when I am in Superdrug. I needed a new translucent pressed powder, so I ordered it in light.. Which is is not! It is orange and way too dark for me which is annoying. 

The 'One' finishing powder is amazing though! More on this soon! The Skin Revive foundation is very impressive too. I wouldn't normally go for a lighter coverage but I feel the Clarisonic is improving my skin, so I braved it. This is lovely, I am wearing it now.

Blusher! Something I have been wanting to try from Sleek forever! I got Pixie Pink, Flamingo and a new shimmer blush in Pomegranate. More on these in another post.. I haven't properly played with everything yet.

Last up, I ordered two lip products. Highshine gloss on 'A Touch Of Pink' and sheer lipstick in 'Silk' .. The lippie is nice, but I haven't tried the gloss yet.

Here is my list, and prices for anyone who is interested. All available from here.
  • New Skin Revive Foundation - £6.99
  • Translucent Pressed Powder  - £4.99
  • ONE Finishing Powder - £6.99
  • Luminous Pressed Powder - £5.99
  • Blusher -  £3.99
  • High Shine Lipgloss - £3.49
  • Sheer Cover Lipstick - £3.69
  • Nailed Polish -£3.49
  • London Individual Eyelashes - £4/49
  • Other Strip Eyelashes - £3.49
  • Face Contour Kit and Dual Ended Brush - £8.00
If you got this far, well done! I hope you enjoyed. :)

Thank You For Reading! 
x x ..Sophie..  x x


rottenotter said...

So lucky to win all this! Sleek always have really great competitions, I won their two eye kohls :) Can't wait to see more posts on everything :) xx

Stevista said...

Wow!!!! :) You're so lucky! I never win anything :( I can't wait for your reviews! :)

Aru said...

congrats!!! everything's gorgeous! ^^

cosmetichameleon said...

Well done Sophie! What an amazing prize!
I never knew Sleek did eyelashes either. I may have to look at the website now. The 'One' finishing powder sounds interesting - looking forward to hearing more about it. I really like the highlighter in the contour kit. I use it a lot, especially on the brow bone.

Anonymous said...

wow so jealous, great win

Dani said...

oooh well done, I remember seeing someone called Sophie had won :D that's an awesome prize!x

Kate said...

Eeeks! How jealous am I?! And also, congratulations on winning a great haul! Please will you let us know what the brush is like and especially, the foundation as that looks almost light enough to possibly suit me! :)
Kat x Click&Make-Up

Jo Ellis said...

Wow you got some nice goodies there can't wait to hear more about them

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness i'm so jealous!
Great mix of products, i'd be interested to know what the face products are like as i've never seen any of them around on blogs! ♥

Ms. Wedgie said...

Ooh congratulations you lucky lucky lady! Looking forward to reading some reviews! :)

May said...

What a fab load of goodies! Congratulations lovely! xxx

Becky said...

Congrats on winning!! Have fun playing with all those goodies!

Muffy said...

Wow, congratulations! I love the look of the polishes and the contouring kit.

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Ooooh wow, what a wonderful collection of goodies! Congratulations! I'm so in love with the lashes, I'll have to try and get some!


Irene Blushing Loves said...

Congrats you lucky!!!!They all look gorgeous!Enjoy your goodies!
Hugs and kisses!!!

Helen said...

Six nail varnishes isn't excessive! Not to me, anyway, who would have ordered 20 nail varnishes, hehe.

Gina said...

I'm soooooooooo jealous!!! Congrats xxx

Renate said...

Aww, lucky you! :) I really want to try some of the palettes and blushes, but Sleek is hard to find in Norway.

tracymiami said...

Wow well done honey what a great prize - ever so slightly jealous lol

I have a giveaway going on myself which ends tomorow so feel free to enter

t xx

LynSire said...

Sooo lucky!


Vonvon said...

Congrats! This is amazing! Any 20 Sleek products you want! I would love to have all their eyeshadow palettes.

I bought their new Shimmer Blush in Pomegranate today! Well, that's the only shade left, but I wanted Rose Gold too!

Muna said...

Congrats! Sleek products are Great! i run a makeup training academy and sleek makeup is one of the products we use to teach!

Hope you know how to apply all your goodies!


Anonymous said...

Hello and belated congrats!
I just discovered your blog. I have been using sleek make up for about two years now and I have a question. What can you do to stop the eyeliner or the ink pot from getting dry?


Unknown said...

I love SLEEK :D