Monday, August 30, 2010

Max Factor MakeUp Brushes..

I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard that Max Factor has bought out a range of MakeUp Brushes.

I am a self confessed make up brush addict and believe you can never have too many. It's funny, because when you start with makeup you just want to buy make up all of the time, but when you realise how much difference using a brush to apply it with makes, they become an obsession too! They did for me anyway.

So, when I was sent these to try I was chuffed to see how they would perform. I got the Blusher Brush (£11), The Eyeshadow Brush (£6) and the Eye Definer Brush (£6). They are all really cute, They are sturdy and good quality, and have short handles, so are perfect for travel!

The Blusher brush has lovely soft bristles and is really fluffy. It picks up the right amount of product and blends it really well onto the cheeks. It hasn't shed one single hair for me, and I have washed it numerous times. This is a lovely brush!

This is my fave of the bunch, When I first saw it I just thought it looked like a pretty average brush, but it is perfect. It's very flat with soft bristles, yet it is dense and has a nice stiffness to it. It picks up and deposits colour perfectly.

I'll admit now, this is a strange one, and I just looked at it for a few days thinking 'what am I gonna do with you' .. I'm not sure how it's an eye definer brush. It's a small angled brush, but it's not thin enough for liner. I think it could be good for defining the crease I guess, but when I finally used it I found it the perfect size for lining the lower lash line, and for the eyebrows too!

These are all available from Boots, for £5 upwards. I highly recommend them :)

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Anonymous said...

You can get the Blusher brush and the foundation brush at Savers for £2 each. I got them the other day and they are amazing. I am looking for the eye defining brush and it looks really good.

Check out your nearest Savers :)
(Only for UK residents)