Thursday, August 26, 2010

Funky Pink Leopard Nails!

I'm doing lots of these nail posts lately, aren't I?!

I think I'm just into doing my nails lots at the moment..

So this nail look, as seen on numerous blogs and youtube videos is done free hand - It's a leopard print type look.. I do have the Konad plate, but wanted to try it free hand.

I like how it came out, apart from the little silver blobs, they completely ruined the look, but I thought it might look effective.. Ah well, you live and learn!

I used :

Barry M Bright Pink, Maybelline Red Polish for the spots, Black Rio Nail Art pen to outline the spots and as I said, ignore the silver crap!


June said...

I LOVE the nails!! I would never be confident enough to show my nals in extreme close-up. My cuticles are in shreds because I have to use alcohol hand rub about a million times a day. I dion't know what sort of subliminal stuff is going on on youtube etc at thye moment but everybody seems to be getting into nails....I have bought about 20 bottles of polish in the last few weeks and i used to have a measly collection of about five boring colours.

Unknown said...

Love this :)

Anonymous said...

so kute!!!!!! <3

Stevista said...

So cute Sophie!! :)