Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BeeLuscious Superwear Cream Eyeshadows.

Hi everyone, I have something that I have been wanting to show you all.. Something quite fabulous actually!

They were sent to me from Bee Luscious and they are 'Superwear Creme Shadows' and they are amazing! They are smooth, pigmented, blendable and they last for ages! To me, they rival a MAC paintpot, seriously!

They cost $19, which is around £12 ish.. They are really big (I've forgotten the size but I think it is 8g or 9g).. They are bigger than a paintpot though!

As soon as I first tried these I have been in love, they are the ideal base for an eyeshadow, but they are so pigmented that they are extremely wearable on their own too, and they last all day without creasing.

Here they are..

Pretty, huh??

Here are some swatches..

They are really gorgeous. Once you apply them you have about 20/30 seconds to blend them out, and then they set, and do not budge! My fave is truffle, it is stunning :)

Oh! Remember, Bee Luscious have got their 50% off sale at the moment too!

Have you tried these?


liloo said...

ooooooooooo, this shade of gold is stunning. did you experience any creasing with it at all?

Sophie said...

They lasted for me all day with ni creasing, They are very similar to MAC paintpot, but they crease worse on me than these. I use a primer too, for extra staying power!xx