Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bee Luscious BIG Sale!<..

I recently did quite a lengthy review on some products from Bee Luscious. I tried out some fab goodies and just thought that I would let you all know that if you go to their website they currently have their 50% on.

It ends on the 7th August, so you've got a week! Just go to the website, here.

You have to be logged into the site to get the discount, and the code you enter to get the discount is backtoschool (all in lower case).

They have some lovely products and I particularly love the Bouquet Blusher and these Superwear Creme Shadows, and these too.

Friday, July 30, 2010

NOTD Eyeko 'Posh Polish',

Please excuse the untidy application, all my nails are short at the moment because I broke a couple so have started again.

Posh Polish from Eyeko is a gorgeous Grey-Taupe colour that I think people either love or hate. Me? I love it, I think it looks sophisticated on the hands and looks good on shorter nails too.

Eyeko Say:
Eyeko Posh Polish
For ladylike nails this chic taupe shade wins hands down.
It's opaque in one coat if you apply it thicker, but I went for two thinner coats. It dries quickly and the brush is nice and a good size too, It's not too stiff or soft, just right.

Available from the Eyeko Website, for only £3.50.

*This product was sent to me by Eyeko for review consideration.*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Poll.

I helped myself to this idea from Charlotte @ Lipglossiping! Check out her blog, it's the best!

1. Mood:
Tired and Blah. I have lots to do in preparation for going to Plymouth to house and dog sit while my mum goes to Turkey for a holiday. I'm off on Thursday with the BF.

2. Finish this sentence: Without makeup I would…
Be plain and boring, but would have lots more space! It's taking over.

3. What are some staple pieces in your wardrobe?
My Black crop trousers, they are comfy and I've been wearing them for ages! Oh, and this long floaty black top that I have, it covers all my lumps and bumps and it is comfy and slouchy.

4. Three things you’d (probably) never guess about me:
I'm an extremely paranoid person, and I hate it. I LOVE and find men dressed as women or in make up attractive! & I've never been abroad before.

5. What would you like to get done today?
My organisation for my trip away, have a nice shower, and try out my new Liz Earle Skincare.

6. What were your favorite TV shows when you were a kid?
Bodger & Badger, Trapdoor, Byker Grove.

7. Can you skateboard?
Um, Nope..

8. I really want…
To be healthy, happy and successful.

9. Do you like horror movies?
I love them.. I get scared easy, but if I watch them with someone else I love the suspense! I'm strange like that :)

10. Weekly goals:
Finish my packing, to have a good safe coach journey to my mums and to try and be more positive.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bloom Cosmetics Review.

I have recently been trying out some goodies from the brand 'Bloom' that I was sent.

Bloom is an Australian brand that is sold in Superdrug here in the UK. The products come in fun colourful packaging that has a hand drawn girls face on front, It looks really nice, It's sturdy and good quality.
* * *

The first thing I want to talk about is the Mascara : It Promises full, flirty lashes and is one of those 'Tube' type mascara's that coat your lashes, then slide off when you remove it.

The brush is made up of soft bristles that grip onto every lash and coats them in the formula, which is really dark black. This added length but not much volume, it lived up to it's waterproof promise, but after a long day I did find it was flaking off of my lashes a little bit.

* * *
Next up, a lip liner and lipstick. I'll admit at first glance I was like 'Ugh, not my colours!' but I was quite surprised at how nice they both were. They don't really match, as you can see, but the lipliner makes for a good liner when I wear a red lip. It lasts well and is really creamy and pigmented. The lipstick is an unusual colour that I was sure would not suit me at all, It's quite sheer and the swatch below is three swipes - I like the sheerness because it just adds a sheer wash of colour to my lips. It feels really soft and moisturising when applied too, not drying at all.

* * *
The liner, in midnight blue is a gorgeous colour, it was a weird slanted tip that you twist up, I didn't really see the point in that, it didn't make application any easier. It's really creamy and doesn't drag on the eye though, and the colour is a nice deep blue shade. I like it as a base under eyeshadow.

* * *
I'll be honest, I haven't tried the face tanner yet, I'm not big on the tanning thing and I'm a bit chicken about using them! I'm unsure if I will yet, It smells good and is a white lotion which made me a little less worried, I imagined it would be a dark brown cream. I'll see how I go with this and let you know...

So, all in all I like these products and enjoyed trying them out, I would definitely like to try some more of the products in the range, especially the lipsticks and eye-liner sticks.

Have you tried anything from Bloom? What would you recommend?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Superdrug Natural High Eye Cream.

I enjoy doing these little 'What I love to use' posts at the moment.. Today we have the eye cream I use! .. Eye cream was something I never used for a long time, but one day (a couple of yrs ago) I decided I needed too, and these were my purchases..

These are Superdrug's Natural High Eye Creams.. I bought these of a whim one day to try them, and was surprised by how nice they are, then all of a sudden I saw the brightening one popping up on blogs, it seemed that others were trying and liking it too.

The brightening one is the best of the two and really does brighten, as well as instantly soothe and cool, I couldn't be without it. I always recommend this to people who ask what eye cream I would suggest.

The Anti Ageing one is soothing, but doesn't feel like it's working as much as the brightening one does, but that is ok, I used the brightening one in the morning and the anti ageing at night.

They leave my under eyes feeling soft and moisturised and more awake.

I also use their MakeUp Remover/Cleanser which I like, but I have since found my love for the Boots Botanics one.. The Natural High Range consists of lots of skincare though, and I would definitely like to buy some more items to try out soon.

The eye creams are only £4.49 each! and at the moment all 'Natural High' products are 2 for £5 which is an absolute bargain! I might need back up's!

Let me know your thoughts on this range if you have used it :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sleek 'Glo' >+

What Sleek MakeUp Say: 5 complimentary glowing strips of powder available in 3 shade variants which can be applied to the face and body to give the skin a shimmering, naturally glowing and sunkissed look.

Softly run the enclosed brush over the bars and dab on desired parts of the body where the light hits. These may include your cheekbones, forehead, brow bones, shoulders, back or chest.

My Thoughts: I bought this quite some time ago in the shade 'peach shimmer' and for a while I didn't really use it, I think because I thought it was more of a summery bronzy product.

So, with the decent-ish weather we have had recently I have been giving it a go, and I have to say it's a really lovely product. It's smooth and well pigmented and it applies well and blends in easily, leaving a lovley healthy bronzed glow on my cheeks (I should have taken a picture of my cheeks, oops!)

It definitely gives the sun-kissed effect, as Sleek put it!

I would definitely recommend this, another star product from Sleek MakeUp, and for less than a fiver too!

I'm Currently Using..


Shampoo - Aussie Miracle Moist

Conditioner - Aussie Miracle Moist too!

Hair Mask - Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - It's addictive!

Styling Products - OSiS Stuff.. Mainly 'Curl Me Soft + Dust It'


Body Wash - NAKED Orange Blossom Body Wash

Body Moisturizer - Lula Bloom Body Butter

Deodorant - Soft and Gentle

Fake Tan - Nothing, Really.. I embrace the pale! I do have a few to try out though!


Makeup Remover - Boots Botanics Eye Make Up Remover! Love This!

Cleanser - Garnier Pure Active Face Wash

Exfoliator - St Ives Apricot Scrub

Mask - The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask


Primer - GOSH Primer

Foundation - Max Factor Miracle Touch

Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection

Powder - Max Factor Cream Puff

Blush - MAC Spaced Out

Bronzer - FCUK Bronzer (When I wear it)

Highlighter - Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Baked Highlighter

Eyebase - Urban Decay Primer Potion

Eyeshadow - This is ever changing, on a daily basis! I am loving the Bee Luscious 'Super Wear Cream Eyes shadows' though

Eyeliner - Eyeko Graffiti Liner

Curler - QVS Eyelash Curler

Mascara - Varies, mainly No17 Wild Curls

Lipstick - MAC Snob

Gloss - This Varies!

Nail Varnish - Barry M Mushroom

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review - New, OSiS Hair Products!

I'm weird about my hair, sometimes I can't be bothered with the hassle of washing, drying, straightening it every other day, and so I just end up wearing it tied up in a ponytail or messy bun all of the time.

When I was asked if I would like to try some products from the new revamped OSiS range, I couldn't resist. I gave a few choices of what I would like to try, and I was sent a selection of three things, show above. All of the products are in really modern looking packaging, and they have 'hold strength' from 1 to 3 I believe, one being light hold..

Dust It : (Hold 1) This is a light styling powder designed to texturise hair with a soft matt effect.

This is really different for me, and for a while I was a little confused about what to do with it, even though I chose to try it out! It's a mattifying dust that comes in a shaker tub. I used it on my roots and it gave instant 'ooomf' and volume! It is also good for soaking up any oil on yours roots too, so it's like a dry shampoo and volumiser. I really like this product, but I do think it would work better on shorter layered styles.

Curl Me Soft : (Hold 2) This is a velvet curl cream designed to define curls and prevent flyaways.

This is my favourite of the bunch. I purposely chose some things that I could use to emphasise my curly hair, rather than something to use after straightening. Because my hair is naturally curly it's healthier for my hair to let it do it's thing, rather than using any heat. With this product I would applying it to my damp hair (after washing) and then just let it dry naturally, My hair dried into natural ringlets that were frizz free and separated, it also holds well too! I love what this did for me and it is something I have been using constantly.

Grip : (Hold 3) This is a long lasting super hold mousse.

Mousse is something I always use for my curls, and this one is great, it's lightweight and didn't make my hair feel clogged with product, it brushes out easily and doesn't overload the hair at all. It has maximum hold and when going for an evening out this is the perfect product to hold my curls all night long, in conjunction with the curl me soft.

What are your favourite hair products guys? .. I recommend this range if you're looking for something new to try.

Monday, July 19, 2010

M.A.C's Controversial Rodarte Collection.

[Photo : Courtesy Of MAC]

Oh Look, A Promo Image For a collection that is supposed to be inspired by the Beautiful Mexico Landscape.. I don't think!
I actually find this image haunting.

Hey Everyone,

In the past couple of days there has been a lot of negativity surrounding the New MAC Rodarte Collection that is set for release in September, and rightly so.

The Collection which is 'Inspired' by Juarez, Mexico is in very bad taste.

I won't go into detail here, because basically I can't explain it as well as many of my fellow bloggers already. But what I am going to do is link to just some of the posts about this subject, and I urge you to go and read them.

Beauty Junkie London

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Le Petit Jardin De Liloo




Mizz Worthy

Perfectly Polished

Oh and for a list of ALL posts relating to this matter, click here!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

FOTD : Platinum Smoky Eyes.

So today I decided to play with the gorgeous new eyeshadows that I was sent from Revlon. (If you missed my post with swatches, click here!)

They are all such a pleasure to use and they blend like a dream without fading or anything. I opted to go for a smoky eye look this time, but I have plenty more ideas swimming around in my head that I am going to do looks for soon.

Wanna know what I used?...

♥ Urban Decay Primer Potion
♥ MAC Beige-ing Shadestick
♥ Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeshadow (Perle) - Glistening Snow
♥ Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeshadow (Satin) - Platinum Glimmer
Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeshadow (Perle) - Black Galaxy
Stargazer Eyeshadow - Matte White
Benefit Eye Bright
L'Oreal Carbon Black SuperLiner
No17 Wild Curls Mascara

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation
♥ Benefit IT Concealer Stick
♥ Vital Radiance Brow Powder - Brunette
♥ Translucent Powder
♥ No17 Blusher - China Pink
♥ Garnier Eye Roll On

Oh and on the lips I have Barry M #147 Peachy Pink with their #4 Nude Pink Gloss on top.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My HG Make Up Remover!

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover..

All I can say us definitely believe the hype about this product! I did and I'm so glad I did, It's amazing.

It's only £2.99 for 150mls of product and it seriously is the best thing I've used so far to remove make-up. It has two layers which you shake up and use with cotton wool pads. I hold it on my eyes for 10 seconds to dissolve the mascara, then wipe and it practically removes everything in one swipe!

It's gentle and soothing and I definitely recommend!

Have you tried this? I know a lot of you have.. tell me your thoughts!

I bought this with my own monies and have and will continue to repurchase! :)

First Look : Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeshadows. > +

Look at them, how beautiful do they look, all sitting together, waiting to be touched, and swatched and admired! . . .

These beauties are the newest addition from Revlon, due for release in mid September, Meet the Luxurious Colour Eyeshadow Mono's .. They have two different finishes, Perle and Satin.

Let me show you them..

Here are the four gorgeous satin shades that I was sent, they are luscious!

I apologise in advance for the poor lighting in some shots, I don't know what was going on with it, but all pictures were taken in natural light to give you them as true as I could.

The Satin's are as smooth as butter, highly pigmented, blendable and vibrant, I absolutely adore the finish and all of the colours are just gorgeous, Shimmering Sienna and Nude Slip are going to be a great combination, I just know it!

* * *

Next up we have the Perle finishes, these are more shimmery and sheer, but they are all nice colours, and lovely to apply.

Most of the Perle's have tiny micro glitter particles in them, It's not chunky glitter that falls out though, it's glitter that transfers with the eyeshadow and stays put - Pretty!

Let's have a look ...

Sunlit Sparkle is a gorgeous Ivory with a slight golden sheen to it, The perfect highlight colour in my opinion. It has shimmer and it sparkles nicely without being too over the top.

* * *

Violet Starlet was the eyeshadow that most disappointed me the most out of all of them, I love how it looks in the pan, but it doesn't swatch nicely, it looks a lot darker and is quite difficult to blend on the skin.

* * *

Brushed Copper could almost be a satin, it's smooth and blendable and a gorgeous colour, my swatches really do not do these eyeshadows any justice. This is a lovely pale tan colour that is sheer but buildable and has a nice sheen to it.

* * *

Glistening Snow is white and shimmery with micro particles of glitter, it's really pretty and the glitter sticks with the eyeshadow rather than falling out all over the place. This is a lovely all over the lid brightening colour.

* * *

Black Galaxy, the one I love the look of, it is like a black/gunmetal colour, it's pigmented, smooth, glittery and the perfect smoky eye colour, I love it. This will look great in the crease with Glistening Snow on the lid.
So, as you can tell, I have lots of ideas and combinations for these shadows and I can't wait to play with them more and create some nice looks. I will be doing some FOTD looks and videos with these where I am sure you will get more of an idea of the colours.

Which are your faves and what combinations would you wear? I think it will be nice to mix up the Satin's and Perles.

Available from Mid September @ Boots and Superdrug priced £4.99.

In the meantime you can read more about them on the US website here : Satin & Perle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

20 Questions With Me ..

If you're interested to see my '20 Questions Post' which is featured on the 'Nice Things' Blog today, then please go check it out and leave a comment!

Thank you :)

Click Here To See My Answers!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Current Nails!

I am currently sporting Illamasqua's 'Force' nail polish, with a coat of GOSH Rainbow on top, I really love the effect, it looks so pretty!

The Illamasqua polish only takes two coats for a perfect finish and applied really nicely.

*Illamasqua polish was sent to me by Illamasqua*

Mum Reviews : Schwarzkopf Seah Black Pearl.

This Range is designed specifically for Mature Hair..

They Say :
Delicate, dry and mature hair needs special care in order to look and feel healthy and radiant. The SEAH HAIRSPA MATURE HAIR product range contains mild and light formulas with Hyaluron Rejuvenate Copmplex, enriched with Black Pearl extract, to rejuvenate the hair with moisture, whilst protecting it from external damage. The result is beautiful, youthful looking hair, soft to the touch and radiant in shine..
So, obviously, with being 27 I don't exactly have hair that is that Mature, but my mum does! She has been a hairdresser for over 30 years, Er.. Well, a long time! So we can safely say that she knows her hair products!

Meet My Lovely Mum, Sylvia.

She was very excited at the opportunity to test and review some products, and to write her review for my blog. She has very long hair, as you can see. It is coloured and quite dry and damaged.

She has been testing these for about 5 weeks now, and here are her thoughts..

* * *

I really love the packaging of all of the products, it is very sleek, modern and expensive looking.
The shampoo and conditioner both come in large pump bottles which is much easier to use than a standard bottle. The mask comes in a large tub, and you just scoop the product out.

One little off putting thing, which is just in the mind really, was that the actual product also had a grey tinge to it, a similar colour to the packaging. This doesn't affect the product, it just looks a little off putting when you pump/scoop it out.

All three of the products had the same scent, I'm not great at describing smells, but they all smell very good and the scent lingered on the hair until I washed it again.

Seah Black Pearl Bath Shampoo : This product is thick and luxurious, it lathers well but I did need quite a lot of product to get the lather going, but my hair is very long and quite dry on the ends. It smells good, as I mentioned, and it left my hair feeling smooth.

Seah Black Pearl Wrap Conditioning Lotion : Again, this is rich and creamy, but it really wasn't enough to soften my dry ends fully, So I found that I would use the mask afterwards to help with my dry ends.

Seah Black Pearl Masque Cream : This is a thick cream that can be left on as a treatment to condition the hair, it left my hair feeling really smooth and soft and I enjoyed using this.

All three products were very nice to use, and using them in conjunction with the others left my hair feeling very soft and manageable and left it frizz free and smooth on my dry ends.

*Products were provided for free for review consideration.
All opinions are honest*