Monday, June 28, 2010

Simple Spotless Skincare.

I was sent the Simple Spotless Skin range from Superdrug about six weeks ago now, and I have been trialling it since then. I like to give a skincare range plenty of time to work, to see what the results are.

The range is aimed at spot prone skin and contains zinc and camomile which are great for clearing, soothing and helping eliminate oil in your skin. Everything is perfume free too and doesn't contain any nasty chemicals.

Everything is under £5.00 so it's a very affordable range.

So, what did I think?

*The Cleansing Wipes were really pleasant to use, they are soft and remove make up without being harsh on your eyes and face, They are great for when travelling too, instead of taking lots of heavy bottles.

*The Anti Blemish Moisturiser is great! I am a bit of a moisturiser fiend and love to try out lots of new ones if I can. This was really nice to use, quite a thick rich cream that soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling, It just left my skin feeling glowy and hydrated and it's definitely a good base for your make up.

*The Triple Action Facewash is a gel like wash with little micro beads inside, It foams well and left my skin feeling deeply cleansed and really fresh, like a good cleanser should!

*The Blackhead Eliminating Scrub I used this to exfoliate a couple of times a week, it's not overly harsh on the skin, but I wouldn't use it daily, because the face wash has a slight exfoliant in. This is a creamy consistency and doesn't foam, but it felt my skin looking fresh and feeling super soft.

So, do I think it has helped my skin over all? .. Yes, a bit, definitely. I don't feel the changes have been dramatic, but this has kept any nasty breakouts at bay and left my skin feeling soft and healthy. But I do prefer my Garnier Pure Active range for my skin. I will continue to use the products up though, they are enjoyable to use and leave my skin feeling fresh.

*Products sent to me by Superdrug to review. I am a Superdrug Blog Partner. However, This does not affect my opinions and I am not being paid to review products for them.*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

UDPP I ♥ You!

UDPP, How I L♥VE Thee.

Just a little shout out and mini review of this. If you don't use an eye primer for whatever reason, you should.

I was so sceptical about this products for a long time, then I got a mini one with a palette one time, which gave me a chance to try it out.

I was gob-smacked.

It works! It stops my eye shadow from creasing, EVER, and it enhances the colour of eye shadows too. Honestly, it rocks and I will always use this!

That is all.. What do your prime your eyes with?

Come On England!

When I knew England were through to play today I painted a nail with a St George design, It's nothing spectacular, and excuse my dry cuticles, I need a manicure!

It's eye catching though and is my way of showing my support! :)

What do you think England's chances are?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

L'oreal Carbon Black Super Liner! ♥

I know that many of you have probably all seen and heard about this liquid eye-liner from L'Oreal before.

I've had this for a while now, and it is one of my favourite liquid liners, it is the blackest black, and the thing that makes it so nice and easy to use is the thin felt tip applicator, as you can see it is like a fine felt tip pen, and it just glides over the lash line so nicely and is perfect for creating thin lines and flicks.

It really does make lining the eyes so easy and I reach more for this than my Mac fluid line. I think felt tip liquid liners are the best!

Available from Boots for £5.99.

Have you tried this?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Herbalife NouriFusion Moisturiser.

After my review of the NouriFusion Cleanser and Toner, I was sent the moisturiser too, which I was pleased about, because there is nothing like having a complete set :)

The moisturiser comes in a 50ml tube and contains SPF15, I love a moisturiser with SPF included, because I am the sort of girl that would forget to apply it otherwise.

It has a lovely citrus scent to it, just like the cleanser does and it is quite a thin consistency which blends in nicely and soaks in quickly too, a little goes a long way.

It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and using the whole range together has left my skin feeling and looking pretty good, for my skin!..

So, it gets a thumbs up from me, I like the range :)

See the website, here, for more info.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Revlon Gray Suede Nails.

This is one of the colours I was sent from Revlon, It is one of their newer shades, Gray Suede. I looked at the bottle and was a little 'Hmm' about it. But today I saw a NOTD on someone else's blog and it looked lovely, So I decided I would try mine out.

It's actually a really pretty nude, slightly shimmery pale beige shade (Can you tell I am bad at describing colours?) It's nothing like a gray anyway. It's just lovely and it looks modern and I love it.

Application was lovely, as with all Revlon polishes I have used, the formula is quite thin, so not gloopy at all, and two coats gave me the coverage shown in the pictures.

I then decided to crack open some Nailene Nail Art stickers that I've had for a while now, and just put one on each thumb, like so..

Pretty, no? I love how it looks, it's not too over the top, but they look pretty. This is a lovely colour polish too, what do you think?

Revlon Polishes available from Boots & Superdrug for £6.29.

Revlon Liquid Quick Dry!

I am really impatient when it comes to painting my nails.. I can spend ages trying to perfectly paint them, just to go and do something to mess them up straight away.

I have numerous nail dry sprays which I think do the job quite well, and speed up the drying process, and I know that Seche Vite is supposed to dry them for you and leave them shiny, but I don't have any of it.

So, I was quite happy when I received this a while ago in a package of goodies from Revlon. It's the 'Liquid Quick Dry', and all you have to do with it is apply it over your freshly painted nails (wait about 30 seconds) and it magically dries them, leaving them with perfectly dry and with a lovely shine.

This is what they say :

- Mineral oil wraps nails in a smooth, glossy layer
- Vitamins C + E provide antioxidant protection
- Panthenol: "nail-friendly" pro-vitamin B5 helps to provide conditioning to nail

I'll admit I was sceptical, but it actually works really well and It makes painting my nails so much easier, because I don't have to sit around for ages waiting for them to dry.

This costs £6.29 and is available from the usual places that you find Revlon :)

*Item provided for review. This does not alter my opinion*

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh Summery Look.

Here is some summery make up I wore the other day. I wanted something not over the top with a bit of colour and some added glitz!

I went for a champagne colour all over the lid (I used a NYC eye dust) with a brown blended into the crease, Then black liquid liner on the upper lash line with Collection 2000 'Hustle' glam crystals liner on top of it.

The lower lash line is Rimmel's Glam Eye Mono Eyeshadow in 'Posh Peacock' and some white kohl on the waterline. The Mascara is Clarin's wonder lash (I think?).

On the face is Revlon PhotoReady and the lips of course is Snob Lipstick from MAC, which I love.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NOTD Berry Ice Cream / Pale Purple.

I recently got this is a swap as I wanted it So sosososoo badly and it was sold out everywhere I looked (although it is back on their website now). I just knew I had to try it and I knew I was going to love it from all of the NOTD posts I had saw about it.

I was right, I DO love it, lots! I think it looks super duper pretty and it's one of those colours that makes me keep admiring my hands. Application was quite annoying and streaky on the first coat, but I added two thinner coats to get it as you see in the picture (So 3 coats all in all, although 2 thicker coats would do it).

It's definitely LOVE!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse! ♥

I love make up that I can just reach for on a day when I can't be bothered to make much of an effort with my make up, or if I am in a mad rush.

Maybelline's dream matte mousse is one of those products, I wouldn't say it was my HG foundation, but it is one of them, I reach for it when I want a quick all over foundation application with no fuss!

It gives decent coverage, is matte and feels velvety smooth on the skin. I love this stuff!

It applies easily, blends in perfectly and the Ivory shade is perfect for me. It lasts pretty well if I set it with powder and it feels light on the skin, Oh and it has never broken me out either.

What products do you reach for when you're in a rush or can't be bothered?

I bought mine from Boots, it was £6.99 and I will repurchase over and over!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too Faced Lip Injection.

Is it possible to get a fuller pout without any surgery?

We can all try and fake it, with a bit of lip liner, like Jodie Marsh p'raps?

What I am actually talking about is lip plumping products, do they work?

Enter 'Too Faced Lip Injection' Products. I bought these a while ago now, and they're not cheap, but I must have been in some kind of mission for a fuller pout at the time, I can't really remember to be honest.

I remember the first time I tried the 'Lip Injection Extreme' - I was in a department store and tried some out, It stung and felt funny, and after a while my lips looked much fuller, My boyfriend said at the time that I looked like Pete Burns?! I think he was over reacting..

So, I purchased it from boots a while after. It costs £17.00 which I think is rather expensive when I think about it now. But I do think it makes my lips fuller!

What do you think? I think there is a difference, although not massively. It is advised that you use it morning and night to get results, but the picture above was taken about five minutes after one application. I don't use it religiously, just if I remember.

It tingles for a few minutes, feels almost burning like most plumpers, and then it stops - then you can apply your lipstick and go about your day.

The packaging is cute and it has a brush applicator. The serum itself is like an iridescent clear substance that is fairly thin, but leaves quite a nice sheen on your lips, even after the tingling stops. My lips always feel really smooth and soft after using this, and makes lipstick application smooth too.

Then, to further extend the lip injection family you can buy mini lip injection glosses (not 'extreme') ones. These are coloured and can be applied throughout the day to perk up your pout. So these can be used in between your morning and evening applications of the 'Extreme' to keep your lips full. They also work, but not as well as the extreme serum. These have a sheer shimmery colour to them and are quite thick, but apply nicely.

(I never did any swatches of these, Sorry. If you would like them, let me know.)
I think they retail for about £8/£12 each, but I found them here on Amazon for £4.99 each.
The 'Extreme' Lip Injection can be purchased in Boots, for £17.00.

Have you tried any of these products, and do you see a difference in my before and after shots?

♥ Random Make Up Looks!

This post is just a selection of picutres from my blog picture folder on my desktop. They were all intended to be FOTD posts but some are quite old and I don't remember what I even used!

In future I'm going to try and make a note of what was used and put it in the folder straight away so that I can mention the products I used too! :)

I will tell you what I can remember about each look, and I hope you like them..

This look was done using MAC's Iris Print Eyeshadow, which I have had for ages but neglect lots.
I use Chrome Yellow here and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I love yellow!
I know I used some Barry M Dazzle Dusts for this.. It's just a summerish look.
I remember using a brown Collection 2000 Dazzle me and a Black Sleek eye dust for this.
I used Boujoir's 'Noir Emurade' Eyeshadow for this look.

Wow, I am quite impressed at how much I remembered there! So, that's it.. My blog folder has no more FOTD pics in it, So I can start again, properly! :)

Barry M Raspberry Nails!

This is one of the newer nail polishes I have added to my collection. I had heard lots of people rave about it on you tube and blogs, and so I wanted to try it for myself.

It is not what I imagined it would be. However, it is a very stunning colour that I can't stop admiring on my hands, It's elegant looking and more mature than the pastels I have worn recently. I hope that makes sense? .. Don't get me wrong though, I love fun colours!

I'll be honest though, I don't associate the colour with raspberries, I think more of Cherries when I look at my nails. But that's unimportant, It is a lovely shade!

What do you think, does it look like a raspberry colour to you?

What are your favourite Barry M Nail Paints?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Simple Summer Look ☺

I love to keep my make up simple when the weather is warmer, and a nice liner with mascara and bright lips is a nice clean look I think..

What I Used :

Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Translucent Powder
NYC Pink Colour Wheel
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
Rimmel Pure White Kohl
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
No17 Heartthrob Lipstick

What's your simple summer look?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleek MakeUp - Raspberry Souffle Pout Polish.

(Sorry for the dodgy mouth shot!)

Say Hello To Raspberry Souffle, One of the brand new limited edition Pout Polishes from Sleek Makeup.

This is a very pigmented hot pink colour which has a slight blue/purpley undertone to it, The colour is very pretty and it feels so moisturising on the lips. It also contains SPF15 which is an added bonus, so you don't have to worry about your lips on those Hot Summer days, just slap your pout polish on and go! I would say this is comparable to a MAC Lip conditioner, for a fraction of the price.

The consistency of the pout polish is really smooth and soft, and it leaves the lips looking super glossy!.. I like to keep it in the fridge on warm days, otherwise it can be a little melty.

One thing I will say about this new shade is that I would have expected a Raspberry Scent, but it doesn't really have one, It has a sweet scent, and taste too it but it's not raspberry. It's the same scent as the regular pout polishes have, It's pleasant though!

This is a great quality product for the bargain price of £3.99 and you can buy it online, or purchase it from your nearest Superdrug.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Nail Post!

This is a really quick NOTD from last week sometime :)

I really love the effect GOSH's Rainbow Polish gives .. Lovely!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review - The Brush Guard!

Available here for $5.50 per pack. International Shipping is just $3.00 (or Free if you live in the US)

I have recently tried out the amazing Brush Guard. It is a plastic woven sleeve that you slip over the handle of your make up brushes, and up over the bristles.

It works perfectly when drying your brushes as it reshapes them as they dry so that when you remove the brush guard they are like when you first bought them again.

This product has seriously become a product that I will always use now.

Here is what they say :
The Brush Guard is an entirely new product that keeps your makeup brushes like new!

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:

* While drying—bristles dry in perfect shape
* In use—handle stays clean and grips better
* In storage—no snags or squashing
* On the move—perfect packing

As you can see the woven Sleeve is really flexible and has tiny holes so that the air gets in to dry them. They are also a great idea for travel, so that your brushes stay in shape.

I made a video review of these a few days ago, and if you want to see how my brushes looked after using the brush guard, and know a bit more about them and what I thought, you can watch my review  on my channel.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lip of the moment! ♥

Hey girls and boys! I wanted to share with you my current lipstick obsession! The Boots No 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in 'Heartthrob' .. Cool name too, right? I bought this about a year or so ago, and have never really bothered with it until recently.

It's a gorgeous bright pink, but not a shocking pink, but of a pink creme. It's a stunning colour. The lipstick itself is a nice creamy consistency that applies smoothly and is well pigmented. It lasts really well too, hence the name 'Lasting Fix'!

It cost £3.49 and is available from all good Boots stores, or online! I definetely wish to buy a few more colours, this is a lovely product for the price!

*Note* I have been informed by Boots 17 that unfortunately this shade is discontinued. Not sure why because it's lovely!

Matte Nails and Thank You!

Recently I purchased a couple of new Collection 2000 hot looks nail polishes, and one of them was a coral(ish) colour called fruit salad, not normally a colour I would go for, but I thought I'd give it a try.

So, here is a NOTD with 'Fruit Salad' and a coat of Essie's Matte About You' on top.

Also, I must say a big mahoosive thank you to the gorgeous Hannah who sent me the Matte top coat because she wasn't digging the matte look. I really love it, Like I thought I would, So thank you so much hun!.. You should all go check and follow her blog too, she is having a nice MAC give away at the moment, which is awesome!

So here is my nail look.. The Fruit Salad looks patchy, I know! I only did two coats, and before I put the topcoat on it didn't look so patchy, but the matte-ness just highlights it a bit, and the camera highlights it even more so.

But you get the idea!..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Revlon Fuchsia Fever Nails!

Hi all..

Revlon kindly sent me some gorgeous goodies to try out a while ago, and one of the items was this new nail polish shade, Fuchsia Fever, It's stunningly bright and eye catching.

Revlon polishes apply really nicely in my opinion. The formula is quite thin, but that saves it from getting gloopy and difficult to apply. To get an opaque finish I used two heavier coats.

Isn't it lovely? The picture with the flash is actually more true to life than the one in natural light. It's so bright and pretty and lasted about four days without a top coat (I must get me a god topcoat!)

The Revlon Range is available from Boots and Superdrug. This nail polish is £6.29.