Sunday, May 09, 2010

Up.. and Down.. !

- Diet Coke, Just because I love it, lots!
- Lady Gaga, Her performance on American Idol was fab and so is she!
- Weekend away! I'm off to see my Grandparents next weekend for a couple of nights, and I'm off to Westlife in Concert too! My seventh time or something. (Don't hate! I ♥ me some Westlife!)
- Sleek Kajals, I have just got them both and so far me likes!
- Christina Aguilera's new song and video. One word = FIERCE!

- Missing the Sleek Event last week, I am gutted that I couldn't make it. So jealous of all the fun you girls who went had!
- Missing the Aussie Event yesterday, again, I couldn't make it. London is a bit far and I was supposed to be going away tomorrow, but that has been cancelled now. Pff!
- Being skint and jobless.
- The fact that there is only two weeks of LOST left and then it's gone, forever! *sob* I actually cried at it last night when they were all crying on the Beach.


Unknown said...

Im going to see westlife too :D XO

Tottering along said...

I LOVE Westlife!!! I'm so jealous!

I hope you get a job soon and aren't skint for much longerr.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this feature, so a fab idea.