Saturday, May 01, 2010

This Week I Am...

Listening... To Camp Musical Tunes! Loves it!

Reading... Nothing at the moment.. I have lots of books to read, but I haven't got into it.

Watching... So many things! I am looking forward to Britain's Got Talent tonight, and I was pissed that LOST wasn't on last night.

Buying... Nothing I'm afraid, Can't afford it.

Wanting... Some money!

Trying... To find a job, so I can have some money!

Loving... My family.

Planning... What to pack when I go away in a couple of weeks. I will be visiting my grandparents.

Making... Nothing exciting! Salad, for tea? I should make a new youtube video!

Cooking... As above! Haha! Well, and a jacket potato to go with it! :)

Inspired by... So many things!

1 comment:

DaisyBee said...

I can't wait for britains got talent! and over the rainbow too! I'm such a saturday night telly geek lol xxx