Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Love True Blood!

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True Blood. Do you love it, or hate it?

I absolutely LOVE it! I am soooo into it right now and think it is the best thing on TV, It is so exciting! I love that it is more adult than the likes of twilight or the Vampire Diaries, but don't get me wrong cos I love both of those so much too..

But True Blood.. It's just so thrilling, it has me gripped every time I watch it! I love the characters, the weird story lines that I am slightly confused about and I love how it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I am currently watching Season Two on the FX UK Channel, and it is nearing the end of the series. (I know lots of UK girls watched it online and are waiting for Season Three now)

I am so excited to see how it is all going to progress, especially the Mary Ann thing, man she is weird, and those black eyes are freaky!

Season Three begins in the US in June, so I may just have to watch that online, cos I am not sure I'll have the patience to wait until next year or something.

Onto my next Question ; Who is your favourite character?

The Men ; Bill or Eric? .. It's Bill for me, although Eric is really starting to come into his own now, and I do like him!

I just think that Bill is such a sweet gentleman, so gentle and kind.. Well, most of the time!

I really Like Jessica too, I thought she was annoying at first, but she makes me laugh now.

Sookie is cool, how I wish I was her! Ha!

I hate Mary Ann, as I mentioned above, she is one nasty woman!

Jason is lovely and cute too, and I like Sam as well..

Anyway, I am rambling now, and this is a total weird non beauty related post, But it's my blog and I wanted to ramble about True Blood!

Do you love it too?


rottenotter said...

I love Eric and can't wait to season 3 to start! I watched both online as I couldn't wait for them to start here in the UK :) xx

Misstania08 said...

I love true blood too and i am looking forward for Season 3 now !
Eric looks so sexy :-) but Bill looks more handsome, Of course Sookie is amazing as well !! I have to watch it online too !! Amazing Series !! Thanks for the Post Sweety
P.S I love the new poster :-)

Liss said...

I adore it!

I read the books too, my favourite is Eric - he's so scrumptious and even better in the books ;)

SilhouetteScreams said...

ERIC FTW, and he's even better in the books :)

Oh god, I HATED Maryann so much, I had to actually look on wikipedia to see if she dies or not - that's how much she was frustrating me.

And I also love Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen of Louisiana <3

Unknown said...

I've only seen the first series and i adore it. Sookie is so sweet and i love Bill so much. I just can't stand Jason, i hate him so so much! And his evil hippie girlfriend whose name i've forgotten.

Unknown said...

I read the books. I tried to watch the series but it just wasn't anything like the books so gave up. Annoyed me that the books aren't followed.

I like Eric tho, prefer him in my imagination with books rather than on the series :P