Sunday, May 16, 2010

Five Favourite Lippies ♥

Here we have some of my most worn and favourite lipsticks..

♥ NYX Narcissus : This is a lovely creamy formula and a lovely bright barbie pink shade. It looks glossy on the lips and feels really moisturising. This lipstick makes me want more NYX Lipsticks!

♥ MAC Pretty Please : I love this! It's quite a sheer nude, but is so easy to wear and so wearable, It's the sort of lipstick you can apply without a mirror and it looks ok. It's gorgeous.

♥ Barry M (#101) Marshmallow : I wanted this for so long, and when I got it I was so happy. This is the nudest nude ever, concealer lips stylee. It's not the easiest to work with, but if you put the effort in, it can look lovely.

♥ Maybelline Ambre Rose : I bought this after seeing numerous blogs about how gorgeous it was, and it is. This is a lovely pale pink/gold it looks very natural on the lips and enhances my lip colour and improves it. It's easy to wear and looks lovely.

♥ GOSH Darling : Quite possibly my favourite nude. I know some people hate it, but I love it so much. It applies smoothly and is so creamy. It looks lovely applied lightly so it is a little more sheer, and it gives the perfect nude lip in my opinion.


missy_ellie_uk said...

I love NYX Narcissus, I don't wear it often as it is so Barbie-ish, but I love it when I do :)

Unknown said...

Gosh's Darling is one of my favourite lipsticks too.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ahhhh I've been lemming GOSH Darling for such a long time :3

alriiight duchess said...

Gosh Darling is totally lovely, I agree.
A really similar one (in texure, quality and paleness) is NYX Black Label Nude lipstick, its got pinker undertones which makes it 'healthier' looking if that makes sense...? lol
Lauren x