Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did you feel a bit LOST?

I know quite a few of you are fans of LOST, just like I am. My BF and I got up at 5am on Monday to watch the amazing finale, and we enjoyed it but were left feeling a little bit confused and disappointed.

However, I have since found a very interesting article that someone has copied onto their blog. It was written by someone who worked on Lost for the whole six years and it helped me understand it a little better..

So, I'm going to post that link here for anyone else who may be feeling a bit like I did after watching 'The End'.

**Please Note** If you haven't watched the finale yet, don't read as it has major spoilers!

Click Here To Read the article!


Unknown said...

That's mental! However, I don't want to read it as I've never even seen one episode. I may get into it and don't want to spoil it for myself. Cheers though xx

Victoria said...

I was also up at 5am! I cried through the whole thing. I felt like I had lost a friend or something! That's how much it affected me! lol.