Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation Review.

First off, Thank you so much to the lovely Lina for letting me be her guest reviewer on this foundation. I was so excited to have the chance to review it.

This colour (Ivory) is pretty much a great match for my skin tone. The foundation comes packaged in a cute summery looking box. The bottle contains 30mls of product.

I have really enjoyed trying this out, I loved it as soon as I applied it! It has quite a thin consistency, which is not something I am used to, being a fan of Revlon Colorstay. But It applied really well and blended so easily too, and it felt lovely and light on my skin.

[Eek, No Make-ups. UGH Sorry!]

I would say it gives a medium coverage, but it is definetely buildable if you want more coverage. In my pictures I just have one layer of it on my face, and I think it has evened out my skin and got rid of any discolouration, I did use concealer to cover blemishes though (I have had more spots than normal recenlty!), I think it gives a nice even look and made my skin look quite glowy and fresh, and it minimized the look of my pores, which is always a good thing!

The finish was quite dewy and it felt slightly tacky on my skin after I had applied it, but that wasn't a problem because I always powder over my foundation because of how oily my face gets, the powder didn't completely mattify it though, my skin still looked as though it had a healthy glow, which I like. If you like a dewy finish though and your skin isn't overly oily, then I am sure you would love the finish of this.

It lasted really well, I applied it around 10am and at 5pm everything was still intact, my skin was starting to get a little oily again though, but I am used to that, and it had been a hot day.

I hope you all enjoyed my review! Thanks again Lina, for the opportunity :)

Available here for £20.00.

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Anonymous said...

I may have to treat myself to this foundation! Love your blog btw :) xo