Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's up and down?!

- The Nice Weather! The sun is shining!
- My New Blog Layout, It's Dark, but I like!
- Vampires! I LOVE True Blood & Vampire Diaries, and I am excited for Eclipse!
- Coloured Lippie, I still love nude, but have been wearing brights!
- Diet Coke, Yum!

- Feeling Crap, I feel unhealthy and it makes me feel ill. I need to lose weight and get fit and well and then I am sure I will feel better in myself and about myself.
- Crap TV Tonight, All the good stuff is off (However, Britain's Got Talent is back next week! Yay!)
- My Hair, It needs a cut and colour, badly.
- We're skint, and it's tough. Finding work is proving difficult.
- Um..? I'm not sure what else.. Sorry!


Victoria said...

I'm loving the sunshine too. It makes everything better! x

Unknown said...

Great new layout! And hooray for coloured lips.
I hope you feel better soon though. I'm skint too and it's miserable.

SilhouetteScreams said...

True Blood ftw! Can't believe it's not coming back till June, that's ages away ;~;

Ew Im sick too, I think I gave myself a stress cold from uni :(