Friday, April 30, 2010

My Holy Grail Foundation!

It took me a while to find a foundation that I love, but I knew when I had found it.

Here it is, Revlon Colorstay.. I love it!

I know that everyone knows about this foundation, and I've never heard anyone say that they dislike it yet (I'm sure someone does!) .. I had ready so much about this before I bought my first bottle, but from what I had read it sounded perfect for me. It keeps oily skin free of oil, and it has good coverage.

I always feel completely confident and happy with my skin when I am wearing this. No other foundation has ever made me feel like that. The coverage is so great, it makes my skin look flawless, doesn't highlight my pores and it keeps my oil at bay!

This colour is perfect for me and I honestly think I will always use this now.

I wish the bottle had a pump though, it would be so much easier and less messy. I have heard that they are bringing it out with a pump soon, is that so, anyone know?

I know that MAC Studio Fix Fluid is apparently similar to this? I've never tried a MAC foundation and would be interested to try SFF and see if it lives up. But why change when I love this so much?!

You have to work fairly quickly with this because it sets rather quickly, but that's fine with me, because when it is set it will last ALL day. I most like to apply it with a damp make up sponge, it isn't such a heavy coverage and it makes it easier to blend. I would really love to get a beauty blender and try it with that.

It is also fab to dab onto blemishes to conceal too. It's just perfect for me, and that's that!

Does anyone else love this as much as me?


SilhouetteScreams said...

I've always wanted to try Colorstay, but it's so expensive here =/ So I'll have to colour match myself at the store, then go buy it online, which is kind of a hassle.

But I swear I'll get around to it one day, haha :)

Unknown said...

I love it too :) & Im the same colour! XO

Unknown said...

I've never tried it before as the lightest colour is just slightly too dark for me :( I've heard nothing but amazing reviews though!

K said...

I love it too! The bonus is that here in Japan, it comes with a pump!!

Stevista said...

I LOVE this foundation!!!!! I have combination/oily skin with dry patches around my mouth and on the sides of my nose! I always combine this foundation with elf face primer and it keeps me oil-free for at least 7 hours!!! WOW!!! I apply it with Elf powder brush and I wet it with Avene Thermal Water!! :) So, try it with a flat top brush if you want, I think you're going to love it!! :)