Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Max Factor Lash Extension Mascara.

This item was in a goody bad that I received at an Aussie event I went to a while ago. I was excited to try it, and when I did I was very disappointed. I didn't think it made a difference to my lashes and I threw it into my mascara tub with all of the others, and carried on reaching for my usual.

However, a couple of weeks ago I did a really natural make up look and decided for a natural lash look, I would use this.. My opinions were so different this time, It coated ALL of my lashes, It's really black, and it lengthens really well adding a little volume too. I have been using it daily since and decided I would talk about it, and tell you how much I like it!

The formula is so black and the plastic wand is covered in soft rubbery bristles that grab and coat each lash. I love that the wand bristles are soft, because if I catch the inner rim of my eye it doesn't hurt as much as some of the harder plastic wands too. Also, if I accidentally touch my eyelid with the wand it doesn't leave any black splodges and ruin my make up! It's like all of the mascara is on the wand, and staying there.

That's probably because the formula isn't wet, which I am glad about. It means working a little quicker with the product, but it dries faster and the results are nicer.

Here is a before and after :

(Sorry about the flash/no flash pics. The naked eye should have had flash on too, but it was blurry)

Now bad, eh? I love the effect, lots! :) Have you tried this, do you like?

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Kelly said...

This is what I use now and its amazing!! I was using the other Max Factor one - the false lash effect which I thought was the best as I like the bigger brushes and didnt think this new one could beat it but it really does :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

I might go check it out when I use up my ridiculously large stash of mascaras to try out, haha ;D

Nikki said...

It looks really nice on your lashes.. Im sure Lollipop26 did a recent post mentioning this and that it was almost impossible to clump - which sounds ideal for me as sometimes I can go a bit overboard! I might check it out, thanks :)

Rica said...

That's impressive! It looks so promising. Too bad we don't have MAX Factor here. But I might ask my brother to get me one LOL

Unknown said...

Oooh i think it looks really nice! Adds good definition to your lashes :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! This mascara looks great on you. Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

love what its done to your lashes I want to try this! XO