Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Favorites.

Skincare Questions.

-How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice, in the morning and at night.

-What skin type do you have?
Oily and a little combo, but more oily.

-What is your current facial wash?
I have a few, but my fave is the Garnier Pure Active one.

-Do you exfoliate?
Yep, 1/2 times a week.

-What brand do you use?
I love LUSH Dark Angels & St Ives Apricot Scrub.

-What moisturiser do you use?
The Body Shop Seaweed one, For oily skin.

-Do you have freckles?

-Do you use eye cream?
Yes, I use the Superdrug Natural High one.

-Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Unfortunately, Yes.

-Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleek Palette Series - #1 Bohemian Chick!

Hi Guys!

Quite some time ago, when I completed my Sleek Palette Collection I said that I was going to do a Sleek Palette Make up Looks Series on my  you tube channel. This is the first look I have done in the Series, from the Bohemian Palette. I went for something dark and dramatic, kind of like the box artwork.

I hope you like!

What I Used :

Face :
Covergirl Clean Makeup - Ivory
Max Factor Cream Puff Powder
No 17 Peaches and Cream Blusher
Revlon 'Brunette' Brow Powder

Eyes :
Benefit Lemonaid
Barry M Supersoft Eye Crayon - Black
Bohemian Palette # 6 Lid
Bohemian Palette # 3 Crease
Bohemian Palette # 8 Crease
Bohemian Palette # 5 Highlight
Bohemian Palette # 2 Lower lash line
Bohemian Palette # 1 Upper Lash line
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Lips :
GOSH Lip Jam #100.

For reference Click here to see the numbered palette colours.

Here is the finished look, You like?

My Sleek Palette Collection!

Hey Folks,

Here is a picture heavy post of my whole sleek palette collection, I took individual pictures of them all, so you can see how fab they are.. I have them all, So far, and I love them!

The reason they are all numbered is so that I can post a pic of the palette I used for a certain look and just say what number eye shadow I used. Although I recently read on lipglossiping that they are going to name all of their eye shadow palettes!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad Times.. *Sad Face*

I guess, for those of you who don't follow me on twitter, that I should update you all on the job situation.. If you have been following it that is..

It's not good unfortunately! - Well it was, until today..

So, My interview on Monday seemed to go ok, I asked about the hours, saying that I needed FULL time so that we could manage until my partner finds a job, he said the contract is for 4 hours while in the trial period, but that I would be given lots of hours if I got the job because they need staff.

So, on Tuesday night I got a phone call telling me they would like to offer me the position and to go in at 10.30 on Friday for an induction. Excitin' Stuff!

My BF and I were due to sign on at the job centre the following day (weds) so off we went, and explained the job situation. We were a little worried about signing off if I wasn't contracted to full time hours. The lady advised that I do no more than 24 hours per week for the trial period so that we could still sign on, and then when I got a full time permanent contract we could sign off.

Great, we thought..

Today comes, I toddle off to my induction day, with all my proof of ID, etc and spend and hour or so looking around the whole place, filling out a few forms. It came to 'Signing the contract' time and I asked again about hours, saying that I needed guaranteed full time hours each week, or less that 24.. I was taken to the manager, and I explained it all to him and he said they can't guarantee that I WILL always get full time, as staff that have been there longer get the full time hours if they want them first, I understand that so I asked if he could make it so that for my trial I have 24 hrs or less each week, but no! He couldn't guarantee that either. How ridiculous!

I told him there and then that I couldn't take the job because I needed to be able to get a full time wage to pay the bills, or 24hrs or less so that I could still sign on, He didn't seem bothered and just said 'Sorry'.

So, there you go - what a week!

I feel a bit of a failure, but have been assured by my BF and Mum that it's not my fault and I did the right thing. I guess at the end of the day I have to be positive and look forward.

It's their loss!

Review : Aveeno Hand Cream & Daily Lotion.

Aveeno is a new brand that I have recently been seeing all over my TV screen and my local Superdrug, and when I was offered some for review purposes I accepted, I love trying new creams and lotions and these sound wonderful.

I was sent the Daily Moisturising Lotion and the Hand Cream

I'll start by talking about the lotion first.. This is what Aveeno say :
  • Combines the concentrated goodness of finely milled naturally active colloidal oatmeal with rich emollients.
  • Clinically proven formula goes beyond 24 hour moisturisation to replenish the skin’s natural barrier function.
  • Significantly improves the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks.
  • Absorbs quickly and leaves skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and healthy.
I really enjoyed using this cream, It is a nice thick consistency that just glides onto the skin, it smells divine, To me it smells natural and healthy, like a sweet oaty almond scent which I think smells god enough to eat!

This lotion melts into my skin almost instantly and leaves me feeling soft and smelling fresher, It has really helped on my drier areas too (Knee's & Elbows.. You get the idea?)

I love the idea of using it from the pump bottle (which it is also available in) and I would definitely prefer that for ease of use. I actually quite fancy trying the creamy oil .. ;)

This has been the first thing I have been reaching for after baths and showers recently, just because it smells so good and sinks in quickly, It's a really nice product.

Next up we have the Hand Cream.

They Say :
  • Formulated with naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal. Moisturises dry skin for 24 hours.
  • It forms a “protective glove” which lasts through hand washing.
  • Absorbs quickly and leaves dry hands looking soft, smooth and healthy.
This stuff is strange, but in a good way! I have never used anything quite like it before! It has a lovely texture that soaks into my skin within a 2 or 3 minutes and the same luscious scent that the lotion has. It feels like a normal hand cream when you apply it, soft and creamy, but after it has soaked in my hands feel so amazingly soft still and so silky, almost like an invisible layer of silk is covering my hands... I know, it sounds crazy right? But it really does feel like it creates a barrier from everything and my hands just stay lovely and sweet scented.

I wasn't sure about the 'lasting through washing' thing though, and couldn't wait to put it to the test.. It seems to be true, although I'm not sure about 24 hours! I do wash my hands quite a lot though (OCD, anyone?)

After a couple of washes I can still smell the scent and they still feel reasonable soft (I don't have very rough or dry hands anyway - *touches wood*) I have been using this quite frequently though, and chucking it in my handbag to put on throughout the day, especially after I use my alcohol hand stuff, because that really seems to dry my hands out.

Check out the Aveeno Discoveres Programme, where you could try some of their stuff too!

I can't wait to try some more products from them! What do you like the look of?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Extreme Gloss Spray

Before I start, Sorry about the crappy picture! I had bad lighting when I took this!

So anyway, the Schwarzkopf silhouette shine spray is an extreme gloss/shine finishing spray that has been created using a special shine-boosting formula, which enhances the light reflection on the hair surface.

I have been using this for weeks now and I have to say that I think it's really lovely! I am not one for overloading my hair with too many products, I normally just spritz a bit of hairspray on when I have straightened my hair and I'm done.

I was curious about if this would actually work! - So I started to use it after using my Cloud9's (which already leave lots of shine on my hair) and this just make's it looks really glossy and healthy, you can't feel it on your hair either, my hair still feels completely natural and flexible yet this stuff seems to hold my hair in place too, it doesn't have an extremely strong hold, it's a bit more natural but it's enough for me.

This was also awesome for when I let my hair dry to it's naturally curly state, It held the curls and made them look so glossy! I tend to have trouble with trying not to let my hair look frizzy when it naturally dries, but with a little frizz ease on the ends and then this to finish I had shiny healthy curls.

It has a light fragrance to it, but nothing to overpowering and it's such a light weight mist that makes my hair looks amazing, I really like it! It is a huge 300mls too, which will last me ages.

Have you tried this, or anything else from the range?

*This was sent to me for review purposes, My opinion is honest - as always*

Review - Evian Brumisateur.

It's just water in a can, right?.. Well yes, but it's awesome and I love it, lots :)

This was sent to me for review purposes by a PR company and I have been using it ever since I received it.

They Say :

The Brumisateur® is nature's solution for glamorous looking skin based on Evian natural spring water's balanced mineral composition and remarkable purity - the neutral pH of Evian® natural spring water invigorates all skin types. At home, in the office, on the plane, at the gym, or to perfect your make-up, make Evian facial spray part of your daily skincare routine, all year round.

My two main uses for this have been Morning and Evening as part of my skincare routine, I cleanse, pat my face dry, soak it with this, wait a few minutes for it to settle, pat off the excess and then apply my moisturiser. My moisturiser sinks in as normal and my skin feels supple and more refreshed.

The other way I like to use it is to set my make up. After full face application I hold the spray at arms length from my face, spritz and then go! My make up feels hydrated and does last longer! Amazing how a pressurised can of water can do such a thing, huh?

This is easy to use and comes in different sizes, mine is a cute travel size can which is nice to carry around in your purse.

I know that this would also be awesome for hot summer days when you are clammy and need a boost, Because it's just so cooling and refreshing.

You can buy this here, It is quite expensive for what it is, but I have really enjoyed using it. Some people have said you can put Evian water in a spray bottle and use it in the same way, but I like it in the can because it's cooler and is a nice subtle mist.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vichy Essentielles Review.

Well over a month ago I saw a post on Sophie's blog, asking if anyone wanted to try out the Vichy stuff she had been sent. I put myself forward, and a few days later the goodies were in my possession.

I'll admit I was a little sceptical about using them properly until I knew I wasn't going to react to them, if you are not aware, a few people have had some extreme reactions to the products, and because Sophie has sensitive skin she decided not to risk it.

So, what did I think?

Body Cream Milk for Dry Skin
: This, like the other products has a lovely rose scent which I think is lovely, and it is quite subtle. It isn't too thick and soaked in pretty well without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin, My skin felt nourished and well moisturised after use.

Facial Cleanser for All Skin Types I like this, smells delicious and lathered up really nice me (that always makes me feel like I am really cleaning my face) It's quite thick and rich and after rinsing it off my skin felt really soft and fresh. I didn't see any amazing changes to my skin, but it was pleasant to use and made my skin feel very clean.

Facial Emulsion for Normal to Combination Skin I use this after cleansing, It's not overly thick in consistency and it soaks in nicely and moisturises my skin well leaving it feeling soft. The scent, once again, is subtle but really nice and not over powering.

Overall I think this is a nice range, but I wasn't wowed by anything in particular. They are nice to use but I don't feel they helped improve my skin, but then again I don't know if anything will!

*This was sent to me for review purposes, This does not alter my opinion at all!*

Three Things..

Three names I go by:
  • Soph
  • Sophsterlicious
  • Sophster
Three jobs I have had:
  • Barmaid
  • Shop Assistant
  • Chefs Assistant
Three places I have lived:
  • Coventry
  • Plymouth
  • Leeds
Three favorite drinks:
  • Diet Coke
  • Ribena
  • Hot Chocolate
Three TV shows I watch:
  • LOST
  • Eastenders
  • Fringe
Three places I have been: Pfft! Not many!
  • Blackpool
  • Butlins (Minehead)
  • That's all :(
Three places I would like to visit:
  • Las Vegas
  • Dubai
  • Australia
Three people who text me regularly:
  • My Mum
  • My Sister
  • My Boyfriend
Three favorite old TV shows:
  • Queer as folk
  • Friends
  • Sugar Rush (did anyone used to watch that on channel 4, why did it stop?!)
Three favorite dishes:
  • Salmon, dauphinoise, Peas
  • Lasagne
  • Chinese!
Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Lipgloss
Three things I'm looking forward to:
  • Going to see Westlife in May (Yay!) ☺
  • Weekend away in July
  • Christmas! lol
I tag YOU if you haven't done this yet! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a Haul! Yeah!

Hey Hey Everyone!

I have a haul post, it's not often I have these, but I got a bit of Adsense money (First time EVAR, w00p!) and had a chance to treat myself for a change.

Before I show you the goods I wanna thank you all for the comment on my rambly post about the job interview. I went for it and I think it went alright, There were a lot of questions and I stuttered on a few, but tried my best. It will be full time hours, which is awesome if they offer it to me. I should hear by wed/thurs if I am successful.

So anwyay, after my interview I went on my little shop, my main thing was so get the new sleek palette, which I did! They had two left, one broken, and the one for me.. Meant to be me thinks!

So here is what I got :)

*Click Pictures To See Full Size*
[All items £1.00 (Discontinued) from Superdrug. Golden Brown Nail Polish. Effect Powders in Rosewood, Bright and Black, Emerald.]
[Swatches of GOSH Pigments - Bright & Black, Emerald, Rosewood.]

[Cool lip jam - £3.50 half price in Superdrug]
[GOSH Shadestick £1 - Discontinued colour in Superdrug!]

[New Candy No17 Boots Stuff, Currently on 3 for 2.]
[Barry M Soft Eye Crayon - Black £3.90, Superdrug.]
[The BEAUTIFUL Bohemian Palette :) My Collection is again complete! £4.99 Superdrug.]
[No7 Totally Teal Nail Polish £6.25 - I had a £5 off voucher!]
[QVS Eyelash curlers - Have tried these, they're fab! £1.99 from Superdrug]
Here are a few essential items I picked up too, nothing overly exciting really!
[Mouthwash & Chewing Gum!]
[New Garnier Deodorant]
[Make up removing cotton pads]
[Baby wipes - These are fab for a whole host of things!]
[Some make up wipes, not sure what these are like but they were 75p each, so we shall see!]

Picture heavy, eh? Sorry about that and well done for making it this far! Have you got/tried any of the things I got? .. Let me know!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rambly Talkin'.

So, I'm a little nervous about my interview tomorrow, I'm also excited at the prospect of maybe working there, I always enjoy going to a VUE Cinema, where the staff always seem friendly and cheerful.

However I have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind... IF I get this job (Which I'm unsure about right now, obviously) then I may not be able to take it.. You see, my BF and I are both on Job Seekers Allowance at the moment, we have a joint claim, If I get a job and he doesn't then it needs to be over 30 hours to support us both, or under 16 hrs for us to get a top up from them on the money I would earn - Now, I don't know how many hours the job I am going for is for yet, but I hope it's full time if I do get it, cos if they offer it to me and it's only 20 hours or something then I'm gonna have to say no and that'll make me sad!

Don't think that from me saying this that I expect to get the job, because I don't.. I've been out of work a while and there will probably be better people applying than me, but if I do I would hate to turn it down, just because the job centre say I have to support me and my BF if I get a job over 16 hrs.

So, it needs to be over 30/35hrs for it to benefit us basically.

Ideally my BF will find work too, and we will both be working full time and won't have to worry about the pesky so and so's at the job centre!

God, that was rambly.. Wasn't it?! Sorry!

Wish me luck for tomorrow anyway! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Up's and Down's !

  • Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone Video, I love it!
  • Sleek having a new palette (I don't have it yet though!)
  • Having a job interview on Monday, The first one in a long time, I am nervous!
  • It's Friday!
  • Sport Relief being on TV tonight, Woo some good TV!

  • This headache I've had for days, It comes and goes, but it's annoying!
  • Stress, I've been stressing lots over lots of stuff recently, Argh!
  • Being skint - Me and my BF are absolutely POOR and need to find work!
  • Bitches, I cannot do with people who are always bitchy and over dramatic! Ugh.

Maybelline - Falsies Mascara.

The first and most fabulous thing about this is the packaging! It's so bright and pink and eye catching, I love it. It even tops the Colossal lash, which I love too! I know lots of people find it a little big garish, and I guess that's just personal preference. I think it's modern, sturdy and pretty!

The brush is a curved spoon like shape which is supposed to catch every lash as you apply your mascara, The edge of the brush that you swipe on your lashes has quite flat bristles, and then the sides have long bristles. I like the brush design and it does get all of my lashes, and it's easy to angle the edge of the brush if you do need to get to any hard to reach inner/outer corner lashes.

The picture below shows the before and after results from one coat of this.. I think the pictures speak for themselves, the result is impressive!

The formula is nice and it dries fast on the lashes too, which I am glad about. I hate nothing more than a wet mascara that takes so long to dry! It also doesn't stink like the Colossal Lash Formula, Which some of you may know, I hate! It's a nice rich black colour too.

Here we have another coat..
You can tell that the extra coat just does it, they almost look false! They look so curled and dramatic, I really the the effect. The brush really does get in and coat all lashes and give an amazing effect. This mascara was applied straight to my lashes without me having curled them too, Great huh?

Have you tried the new Falsies Mascara? What did you think?

You can buy it from Superdrug and it has £2 off at the moment : Click Here.

*This mascara was sent to me for review consideration. My opinions are honest and I am not affiliated with or being paid for this by the company.*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream.

What They Say :
Nourishing care for dry sensitive skin.

Formulated with plant-based active ingredients, this cream is ideal to make up for lipid deficiency and restore skin’s natural protective barrier. Moreover, skin is protected against external aggressions thanks to Pretocopheryl which protects the skin against the skin ageing effect of free radical.

The Rich Compensating Cream, with a smooth and rich texture, nourishes and moisturises the skin which, day after day, recovers its comfort, suppleness and radiance. Paraben-free.

What Do I Think? :

First off, this cream is designed for people with dry/sensitive skin. My skin is a little dry in places but not overly so, however when I began using this we were still in the middle of freezing cold weather and my skin was a little more dry.

This cream comes in a cute little glass jar and there is also a spatula in the box to use rather than dipping your fingers into the jar, I like the idea of the spatula, because I can take just the amount I need and put it on the back on my hand and apply it with my fingers.

It has a light scent that is really subtle and not offensive at all and the cream itself is a super thick 'rich' consistency, hence the name 'rich compensating cream' I guess! It is super thick but warms to your finger tips and just melts and blends into the skin really nicely, you don't need to use alot to cover your face and neck either because it really spreads out well.

When this is on the skin it feels really soothing and completely hydrating, like nothing else that I have ever used, which is why it will be so good for very dry skin. It makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised and I feel glowy and fresh faced after I use it.

One this I will mention is that it says you can apply in the am and the pm, I tried this when I first got it, but felt the cream was too heavy on my skin for the morning, and applying my make up on top just felt a bit wrong and I could still feel the cream on my face. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin, but I was just aware when I tried to apply face make up that it hadn't all sunk in yet. So, I opted for just using it in the evening before bed, That way it has all night to do it's work and I wake up with smooth refreshed skin.

I would most definitely recommend this for people which sore sensitive dry skin, I really think it will work wonders. It has removed all dry patches from my face and was a great help in the cold snowy period we had.

Where is it available? :
Boots Online - Click here.
See the Avène website here.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. I am not affiliated with nor being paid for this review by the company and my opinion is honest*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oui Oui Oui !

I recently bought this lovely lip butter from The Body Shop, I had seen so many other reviews and I was intrigued about it. It smells delicious and feels really creamy and smooth on my lips, I'm not sure it moisturises my lips massively though.

When I first got it I found dragon fruit the scent a little overpowering but after a couple of uses I realised I love it.. The balm has a pale colour to it as well, when you apply it it tones down your natural lip colour very slightly, or you can apply it on top of a bright lipstick to help tone it down a little, as Lollipop26 demonstrates here.

So, I do really like this, It looks nice on, smells good and the proceeds go to a HIV & Aids charity too, which is a bonus.