Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mushroom Nails, Barry M.

My apologies for the quality of this picture.. this is from ages ago, and have been stuck in a folder. It's the lovely Barry M 'Mushroom' nail paint though. I like it :) It's another of those sophisticated wintery beige/greigey shades.

I used two coats to get an opaque finish.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lush Snow Fairy Solid Perfume.

God, it feels like ages since I blogged.. I think it's only been six days. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. It was my birthday last week and then I came to my mum's for Christmas, So it's been all go. I'm still here now, but I am going home on Tuesday (Sad face!).

I had a nice Christmas and received some gorgeous gifts which I may blog about at some point. For now I want to mention something that I have been loving this festive season.. It's the Lush snow fairy solid perfume, it's so yum!.. I know that many of you love the shower gel when it comes out every Christmas, and this is the same, but a solid wax that warms to your fingers and you can apply wherever. It smells divine and the scent lasts for ages.
It's available from Lush (at Christmas I presume) .. and is about £5 I think. The lush site is down so I can't check! It's available her£.

Thanks to the lovely Jo for giving me this solid perfume as a gift! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

» Sleek MakeUp : ONE Finishing Powder.

An ultra-translucent powder which sets and enhances the effects of foundation by providing a glowing, translucent finish.

The ONE Finishing Powder is ideal for all skin shades and provides an immediate cooling sensation as it is comprised of 60% water. The formulation also includes natural anti-oxidants and botanicals that nourish the skin and prevent inflammation.

Can be used to set foundations or on its own to provide a flawless, radiant glowing look.
When I was choosing the prizes I wanted for my Sleek Competition win, I was a little stuck.. I was browsing the site, with a couple more products to choose when I spotted this, I was intrigued by the description and decided to add it to the list!
It's a weird powder.. Well, what I mean is it gives a weird sensation. It almost feels wet and like you are splashing your face with water when you apply it. It feels cooling and rather soothing for a few seconds, and then it has a normal powdery finish.

It does have a very fine shimmer in it (which I think is visible in the above photo), but it is so fine that this can be worn all over the face without you looking shimmery, It's so fine, like light reflecting, it brightens the complexion.. I love it, I use this to set my foundation and occasionally if I want a little bit of a sheer highlight.
And yes, if you are thinking you have heard of something similar somewhere before, you would be correct! Mac released a Magically Cool Liquid Powder with their recent Disney Venemous Villains Collection... It sounds like the exact same thing to this, and that was over £25 .. This is just £6.99! So, if you missed out on the MAC but were curious, I would say give this a go.. It's really nice, and fun to use!

This can be purchased here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Aussie, How I love thee!

This is just a short post, and a little shout out to one of my all time fave conditioners. Aussie 3 minute miracle! .. This is the frizz remedy because I have curly frizzy hair.

The idea is that you use it as a special treat for when your hair needs some extra care, and leave it in for 3 minutes. It will leave you with lovely smooth soft conditioned locks, that smell great! 

Of course, You can use this every time you wash you hair if you wish, but I appreciate it more if I use it ever now and again as a treat. It smells yummy and perks my hair up, leaving it frizz free, shiny and soft.

Do you use any Aussie products? I love them, and how they work.. and smell! Yum!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

O·P·I Texas Collection. S/S 2011.

The OPI Spring / Summer 2011 Collection, The Texas Collection. There are quite a mix of interesting shades, some more than others. I love the bottom row of pinks/deep purples.

I was fortunate to be sent a few of the shades in advance of the release..

I love them all..

I vant to be A-lone star is such a perfect festive colour and I will be sporting it for Christmas (It's all packed for my travels to my mums!) It's a creamy pastel blue with a silver icy shimmer to it. It's like ice, and I really like it.

Don't mess with OPI is another fave. I've been looking for a lovely green polish for ages, and this is it. It is a cream shade, really nicely pigmented and looks fab on the nails. I also like it with nail effects on top, because it's so vivid green underneath.

Guy meets Gal-veston is a jelly, so it is a little more sheer than the others, but it's a perfect coral/orange shade that will look gorgeous in the summer for holidays. I used about three coats of this for opacity, and am wearing it on my toes at the moment. It's lovely and bright.

I will be back soon with nail of the day posts for these shades!
Thanks for reading!..

All of the Texas Collection will be available from Lena White from Feb 2011, Priced £9.95.

Friday, December 17, 2010

» Revlon … Fire and Ice!

Are you made for Fire & Ice? 

For over 75 years, Revlon has brought the most beautiful colors in the world to the most beautiful women in the world. In 1952, Revlon launched its iconic color collection Fire and Ice, with matching lips and fingertips in a bold, fiery red.

Revlon has brought back its Fire and Ice collection for today’s woman – who is as bold, confident, and glamorous as ever.
The gorgeous Fire and Ice lipstick is smooth, creamy and gorgeously pigmented with staying powder. Absolutely glam and perfect for Christmas!
All fired up nail polish is opaque within two coats, nice consistency which dries quickly.. and look at it, a gorgeous red that will match those festive lips! I love it... <3
 Lipstick : £7.49
Nail Polish : £6.49
Both available from right here!
PR Samples.

» MeMeMe Create The Look Gift Set!

I received this today, and just had to blog about it right away. MeMeMe Cosmetics (which is becoming a bit of a fave of mine recently) are doing gift packs, perfect to give to any make up lover as a gift this Christmas. (available until 22nd Dec I think..)

I got the drama pack, which is just perfect for me, as I am a dramatic make up lover.. The kit contains the following :

- Eye Sweep precision Eye Definer
- Drama Eyes Baked Quad
- Fat Cat Lashes Mascara
- Eyeline Kohl Pencil

Now, from my working out, buying those items separately would cost around the £25 mark, but you can buy the kit for just £15.. What a bargain, eh?
It's lovely, isn't it? I can't wait to get stuck in and play with them all (reviews soon!)..

Oh, and I also got a little card inside with a discount code, as you might have noticed. You can use the code 'Christmas 2010' online at to save 25% .. How good is that? The code is redeemable until 15 February too! I think lots of you will definitely take advantage of that.

You can see the range of gift kits available here.

So, if you have every fancied trying some MeMeMe, or you already love their products, now is the perfect time to shop!

Merry Christmas! :)

PR Sample.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Purple Festive Sparkle Nails!

Just another NOTD for you guys. This time it's an Avon Nail Polish, in the shade Decadence, it's a stunner, opaque in just two coats, it dries quickly and I love the application brush, it's thin and precise.

I have had this polish for years, but am pleased to see that they still do it, they just have a different shaped bottle now. For the glitter I used Models Own 'Juicy Jules' polish. Gorgeously sparkle, but a nightmare to remove!

Do you like it?

Decadence is available here, and is currently half price. Juicy Jules can be purchased from here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

» First Light Cosmetics Review.

I was recently contacted by First Light Cosmetics, a Mineral Makeup company and asked if I would live to try a few of their products. They asked me to choose what I wanted and to let them know. I picked the Mineral Blusher in the shade 'Kohilo' and the Finishing Powder in 'Air Kiss'.

First off, they came packaged so nicely, I didn't photograph it but they came inside a woven drawstring bag, that is perfect for travel and I will reuse time and time again. I also got one of their Brushes to try out too.

So what did I think of the things I tried out?

I'll start with my least favourite thing, which is the powder brush sadly. It's nice and it's soft, large and it's dense, but it sheds like crazy. I washed it when I got it before I tried it, it shed. I washed it again the next day, it still shed. I washed it again, hoping this would do it, but it just carried on shedding.
Now, I can handle a small bit of shedding, but this leaves a ton of bristles tickling my face. I did read something though the other day where somebody had said they couldn't live without the brush, so maybe I was unlucky and got one from a bad batch. However, priced at £11.99 I can't say I'm a fan of this.

The other two products however, I love!
The mineral finishing powder in air kiss is a light powder that has the finest lightest sparkle to it, it's not really visible when it's on the skin, but it is there and it give a lovely glow to the skin. It's a lovely finely milled powder that is just perfect for setting my foundation, and keeping it in place. I recommend this!
The blusher is just GORGEOUS! I definitely picked the perfect shade for me, it's a pretty cool pink shade that has a lovely mirco gold fine shimmer to it. It just lights up my skin, giving a naturally flushed look and a night highlight at the same time. As with the finishing powder it's finely milled and it blends in lovely.

All in all I am very happy with what I was sent, and I have been eyeing up some other blush shades and a couple of the eyeshadows too! - You can purchase First Light Cosmetics online, from their Website.

Monday, December 13, 2010

♥ Lush Skin Drink Review.

♥ What LUSH Say : Rich moisturiser for parched skin. This is our rich, thick cream to turn rough, dry skin into soft, supple skin for as long as you continue to use it. A delicious blend of sesame, almond and evening primrose oils to moisturise, organic avocado to soften and calming rose oil, all mixed up in soothing aloe vera.

My Thoughts : This is lovely. Admittedly it is not normally the sort of moisturiser I would use, because I have oily skin and this is SO moisturising! But it is like a godsend at the moment, with the freezing temperatures, and because we always have the central heating on, my skin is so dry and feels awful.. It is thirsty and needs this skin drink! You only need a little of this for your face too, it goes a real long way!

It's a weird colour, which was off putting to begin with, but it works. It sinks in nicely and leaves my skin feeling amazingly supple and plump, as well as hydrated. It's really lovely and I definitely suggest it if you suffer from dry skin in the winter. It is also great for anywhere else where you may have dry patches too.

Price : £10.25 for 45ml. Quite pricy, but I do think it is worth it as it goes far, and is a little pot of miracle stuff for dry skin sufferers!

Where To Buy : From the Lush website, Or in a Lush shop.

If you are tempted but don't want to fork out the money just in case it is not for you, why not ask for a sample next time you are shopping in Lush!

» Max Factor Xperience Foundation Review.

Love a full coverage but hate that heavy foundation feel? Well treat your skin to a new Xperience. Weightless to the touch and flawless to the finish it's what your skins been waiting for.
The new foundation from Max Factor is my new HG foundation! I am in love with it, completely! Priced at £9.99 you can purchase it from the ususal places, like Boots and Superdrug.
I like to apply it with a #188 brush.
I have the second lightest shade 'Raw Silk' and it matches my skin perfectly really. This foundation is in a squeezy tube and it is a creamy consistency that just blends into the skin so well. I prefer to use a brush, but it applies well with fingers too. It just glides on and melts in, leaving my skin looking covered and fresh.

Here are just a few things that I love about this foundation :

- The Coverage
- The Weightless Feel
- The Texture
- The Lasting Time
- How It Makes My Skin Look

I would say it is a semi matte finish, but it does leave my skin a little glowy. It sets nicely, and I use a powder on top to keep the oil at bay. I can wear this all day (8 hrs) before I start to get any oilyness in my T-zone. It makes my skin look covered, but still showing through, if that makes sense?

The best thing about it, is that you don't even know it's there. It's like applying a moisturiser, leaving it to soak in, and forgetting about it. It really lives up to it's weightless name!

Here are some before and after application pictures! (Just the foundation. No concealer or Powder.)

So, I would say if you are on the hunt for a new foundation with good coverage, but that you don't know you are wearing, Then try this foundation out, I am sure you will love it too!..

This foundation definitely has the X Factor!

PR Sample.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lovin' and Hatin'..

I don't do these posts too often, because they can get repetitive, but here are a few of my current up's and down's. Let's start with the positives!
* It's nearly my birthday (18th Dec) so I am excited for that!
* It's almost Christmas, and I am going to my Mum's on the 19th Dec for a week to spend Christmas!
* The X Factor. I love it and cannot wait for the final tonight. I want One Direction or Matt to win. (I have a crush on Harry from One Direction. God that lad is gorgeous. I know, I know, he is only 16!)
* Max Factor Xperience Foundation. It's amazing!
* Rihanna's new album. Loves it!

* * *

* The X Factor almost being over. This makes me sad. I love it! Strictly too, I'll be sad when they are gone!
* Women's problems making me feel like crap. Ugh. I ache like I have been beaten up!
* My hair. I'm in need of a hair cut. I want a restyle. I want it shorter and more manageable!
* The dentist. I'm done with them for now until after Christmas (hopefully). But I have taken ages to get over my treatments. Still suffering a bit now. *sadface*
* The cold and central heating drying out my skin. It's crazy, My skin feels horrible. I need lots of moisturiser and body butter!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lipgloss Loving!

I love the Sleek MakeUP High Shine Lipgloss in a touch of pink!

It's a gorgeous nude pink shade, it's not to sticky, but just right, It last for a good amount of time and it looks nice! This is what I have been mostly wearing this week.

You can purchase Sleek MakeUP here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Get Your Glow On, With Liz Earle!

Liz Earle.. I can't fault her, I have nothing really bad to say about her products ever. They always impress me lots, and this product has too. This is the Sheer Gold Shimmer. A gel like lotion that highlights wherever it is applied, giving a gorgeous glow!
 They Say : This light, refreshingly scented gel highlights skin with a soft, golden shimmer. Apply to bare shoulders, legs and cheekbones. Simply dab on to subtly highlight face and body.Naturally active ingredients include organic aloe vera, natural source vitamin E and 10 essential oils. It smells great, very liz earle / herbalish! It feels cooling upon application and it sinks in really quickly leaving a subtle sexy sheen.

* * *

I just know that people will probably love this for the summer, but it is great for now too! It adds the perfect amount of shimmer (not glitter!) and I have been enjoying wearing it along my collarbone, on my cheekbones, and even mixing a tiny bit with my foundation.
See how it has lots of gorgeous gold, with just a hint on pink sparkle too. It's great, the light catches it perfectly and you look lovely and illuminated in all the right places! 

You only need the smallest amount. Just spread it and rub it in gently, then will soak in, leaving you smelling great and gorgeously glowing!

You can purchase this from the Liz Earle website. 13ml for 4.50 or 50ml for 8.75.

PR Sample.

30% Off at The Body Shop!

The Body Shop Joy To The World film features an eclectic mix of quintessential English characters singing lines from the well-loved carol in front of iconic London backdrops – whatever their music style, age or ability! From the cabbie giving Christmas cheer to passengers as he harmoniously serenades them along the bustling high-street of Oxford Street to opera singers singing a cappella on London’s most famous bridge, traditional choral groups, rappers and street performers all entertaining us with their interpretation on a Christmas classic. The talented and gorgeous, British singer-songwriter Leddra Chapman also makes a guest performance in this uplifting and feel-good festive montage, sharing the joyous message from The Body Shop with her captivating voice.

Oh, and there is 30% OFF everything at The Body Shop (Online and instore) from now until Sunday. With free shipping online. What are you waiting for!?

Festive Red Nails With Mememe.

Another of the mememe polishes here. This shade is 'confident'. Application was easy peasy with the maxi brush and I used two coats, although you could get away with one, it is that opaque. It dries quickly too, within about 3/4 minutes (for one coat).

Here it is without flash. It's the most striking red and is so festive!

It's the most gorgeous red I have ever seen. What do you think?

Available from Superdrug or MeMeMe's Website. They are £4.50 and currently on 3 for 2 on their site.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Glitz n Glam Look!

 View the video on my you tube channel.

Blink + Go Make up! ♥

So, I am sure that you will have seen my posts that feature Blink + Go eyelashes? If not, click here. They make awesome lashes, that are easy to apply, light and easy to wear and they feel so soft and natural. They have dramatic lashes and more natural lashes, as well as outer corner lashes and lower lashline lashes. I would definitely recommend that you check out the range which is now available to purchase online.

Today though, I wanted to talk about their Make up range. I've had this for a while but I forgot about it for a while (a sure sign that I have way too much make up!) .. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I discovered it and whooped with excitement .. So I played, swatched, did my make up and was thoroughly impressed.I have two of their make up compacts, they are both awesome. Here is what Blink + Go have to say about them ...
Take your eye-style to dizzy new heights with maximum colour and perfect silk texture and finish—and staying power that won't let you down.

Included are an applicator and two sensational shades of blusher that compliment the eyeshadow and define your natural beauty perfectly.
See that bit about blushers? ... Yeah, well I didn't know there were blushers in these palettes until one day when I opened it up and discovered that the eye shadow section lifted and there were two pretty blushers, How exciting! :)
Those shadows lift and there are hidden blushers! ...
Four completely different colours too!

What do I think? .. I really like them and I'm surprised by just how impressive the quality is. The eye shadows are smooth and buttery like Urban Decay eyeshadows. They blend like a dream and the colour pay off is brilliant. The blushers are a little small, but I managed to dip my brush in. They are SO pigmented and give a lovely bright flush across the cheekbone, They really surprised me!

These little sets are the perfect gift for yourself or a make up lover! They are just 14.95 and you really are getting good quality make up! I will be sure to post some FOTD looks with these palette's soon. Click here for more info on how to order.

These were sent to me for tutorial / review.
My opinions are ALWAYS my honest opinion.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rodial Glamtox Peel!

Rodial is such a Luxury Beauty / Skincare Brand, Their packaging is flashy and eye catching, their array of products promise to do amazing things for your skin, without the need for surgery.

I was recently sent the Glamtox Peel, which is a is a clay face/neck mask that promises to reverse the signs of ageing in just ten minutes.

It contains revolutionary ingredients such as Laracare, which firms, lifts and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Fruit Acids to help refine the complexion, even skintone and soften fine lines, this clay mask will illuminate and brighten, even after the first use.
My thoughts : This is a thick luxurious cream that smells really pleasant. You apply it to clean dry skin and leave it on for ten minutes. This mask is a thick consistency and it thickens up even more when applied to the face as it sets. After about five minutes it starts to tighten as it dries, but not uncomfortably.

You don't need much of this to cover your face. Just a thin layer does it, go easy with it and take time to spread it on. After ten minutes I began to rub it off with my fingers and it just peeled away, like dead skin would. I then rinsed my face with lukewarm water and was instantly wowed at how smooth my skin felt. It honestly looked different, like it was brand new. It was bright, uplifted and it felt SO plump and smooth. It's not often I use something that I notice such results on, but this is fabulous.
I know at £70 it's very pricey, but it is only recommended to be used once a week (Like a weekly face lift!) and you really don't need much to cover your face. It's a delight to use, and such a special luxury item for special occasions. I know that my mum is going to love this, so guess what she'll be unwrapping on Christmas day! *Shh!* I'll be honest, I also have a little list of goodies I would love to try from the site, Including the Glamtox Balm, Moisturiser and the Snake Serum!
This is available online from here.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Max Factor » Cheeks and Lips.

I really like Max Factor's range. Their False lash Effect is my all time fave mascara, and I really like the creme puff face powder that they do.

I've recently been using some of their newer stuff, one of their lipfinity pens, which is like a lip stain in a felt tip pen, and also a cream blusher pot.

First up, The Lip Tint!
I would say that these are extremely similar to the Lip Markers from the MAC Art Supplies collection.
They Say : Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen has a non-transferable water based formula that doesn't just sit on top of your lips but permeates the upper layers for a stunning kiss-proof effect. And its nifty pen applicator is perfect for precise application so you can build up the colour as much as you dare or keep it light and simple – you're in control!
I love this product. It's so easy to use. I'm always a fan of something that is like a pen (felt tip eye liners anyone?) because it's just like you're drawing it on. I know that sounds lame, but it's more fun and simpler too! The shade 'Pink Princess' is so pretty. Sadly I think my image makes it look a little darker than it is, but it's as close to real as I could get.

You just shake the pen lightly, and colour in your lips. I outlined and then filled in. Don't smack your lips together, let it dry like with a normal lip stain, and once it is dried that's it, It doesn't budge. I ate and drank and it was still in tact. Impressive stuff indeed! I would recommend this, for sure. They're only £7.99 and perfect for popping in your hand bag. Available from Boots.

Next up is one of the Miracle Touch Cream Blushers. I've only ever tried a small sample of one of these that my mum got in a set one year, and I liked. This colour isn't something I would normally wear, but it actually warms up my face nicely. It's creamy, smooth, pigmented and blends really nicely. I wish the pots were a little larger though (they are the size on a standard eyeshadow) because it's difficult to get your brush into the product. I tend to use my fingers with this. The consistency is lovely though and they last pretty much all day if I use a primer on my oily skin. These are £6.99 from here.

What are your faves from Max Factor?
I have a review of their new foundation coming soon, and it's a good one! I love it :)

PR Samples.

Monday, December 06, 2010

♥ Mememe » Blush Me Boxes.

 I was so excited to get my hands on these blushers, and I had a few readers ask me my thoughts, and so here we have the Mememe blusher boxes in Coral and Pink..
 They come in a sturdy box package, which is similar to the Benefit blush boxes, and they include a little square brush which has nice soft bristles, but they are a little sparse and I much prefer to use my regular blusher brush. There is also a decent sized mirror inside the lid which could come in handy for travel.
Both shades are lovely and well pigmented. The texture is smooth, and they both have a really pretty sheen to them, They don't leave you looking like a glitter ball, they leave your face glowing. The pink one is currently my 'Go To' .. But I think I'm gonna change over to the coral soon. I love them both - Here are swatches :
See the gorgeous glow? Lovely! ...

These are available online here, or from Superdrug and they cost £7.99 each.
PR Sample.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Santa Baby! » My Christmas List 2010.

Lots of you are doing these Christmas wish list, so here is mine. I've been compiling it for a while! This is also a Birthday list too, as it is my birthday a week before Christmas :)

Santa, Here is my Christmas list for you ♥

Sigma Brushes Scrap the Sigma Brushes! They can be purchased here, individually and cheaper! :) Woo!

Desk, I like this one & this too!

iPhone or similar!

Cheers Father Christmas!
Much Love, Keep warm! 
Sophie ♥ xx ♥

Some Pictures From My Week :)

♡ Drawing Hearts In Fresh Snow :)
♡ Pretty Metallic Festive Nails.
♡ Christmass-ness..
♡ Make up for a night out.

♡ Beer for the Boyfriend.
♡  And for the lady, a Diet Coke :) Happy times!
♡ And for dessert.. A Tuck Shop Sundae .. It was huge!
♡ We both enjoyed it muchly!

♡ To finish, Some more pretty fluffy Snow :)