Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random : Things I am loving!

Not really a beauty related post, just a little random one, but hey ho - That's ok!

So, the things I am l-o-v-i-n-g!

MAX FACTOR FALSE LASH EFFECT MASCARA Sorry for the caps, but wow! I love this and the effect it gives my lashes :)

ADAM LAMBERT.. Oh, be-still my beating heart.. I think I love him, he is sooo gorgeous and talented and this is the album cover for his new album.. Phwoar!

SEQUINS!! (Not the vest pic, But..) Everywhere I look at the moment I see them spangling me and wanting me to have them. How could I not get this hat when I saw it in good old Primark last week, for only a fiver. I love it :)

GILES DEACON SCARF I know thousands of people tried to win one of these over the three days that they had a giveaway promotion thing on, and I was lucky enough to get one! I Can't wait for the postie to bring it to me!

LEONA LEWIS and her make up here.. It is so beautiful and I love it! She looks flawless and strong and I just love the gold autumny smokey eyes! I am inspired :)

Last but not least. . . .

The new SLEEK Graphite palette. Full of every smokey grey, silver and black (Plus highlights!) colours that you will need this festive season. Yay for Sleek!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maybelline - Ambre Rose.

I bought this lipstick a while ago and just neglected it, which was very silly of me, considering how much I wanted to get it! I'm silly like that though :)

Anyway, I am pleased to report that I have been giving it some love recently and I love it, It is so smooth and applies like a dream and feels moisturising on my lips.. It's not the most vivid of lip colours, obviously! But it is a subtle pale pink-ish colour that I think just makes my natural lips look prettier :)

This is an easy to wear colour that you can just throw in your purse and apply on the go :) Mine cost around £6.00 from Superdrug.. Yeh baby!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Of The Week - Get Lippie.

It's that time again..

And this week, my chosen Blog Of The Week is...


Louise, from Get Lippie. Her blog is full of great posts, Lots of makeover transformations, reviews and other good stuffs.

She doesn't have anywhere near as many followers as she should, So I suggest you go check her out.. She is having a blog giveaway when she gets to 50 followers too!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

FOTD - Stormy Eyes.

So I recently received this baby in a swap..

Gorgeous, right? It is the Infatuating Rose Palette from MACs Christmas Collection 2008.

Well I have been eager to play with it, but have been giving make up a break recently because my skin had a bad reaction to some new cleanser I tried out.

But the other day I got it out and just started putting the colours to my eyelids, and this is what I came up with.. (The eyeliner is a little thick, My Sleek Ink pot is majorly dried out and hard to work with!)

I hope you likey :)

Primark Nail Varnish!

I have been meaning to blog about these nail polishes for god knows how long, but with what's been happening and stuff, I forgot. I'm doing it now though :)

So, I saw these 'Primark - Glo Baby Glow UV Reactive nail polishes' whilst shopping with my mum before she went on her hols in August. The colours caught my eye to start with because they are all so bright and vivid, So I decided to get a couple of them to try, and I was so impressed, I got a couple more!

They are so opaque and apply so smoothly, you could get away with one thick coat of this polish, but I normally go for two thinner coats, because I hate waiting a long time for a thicker coat to dry. I haven't been anywhere with UV lights to see how they glow under the lights, but I am intrigued!

So anyway, here are swatches if the four I have, without and with flash.

The bottle is 8mls and they are only £2 each Bargain! I really rate these polishes, they are good quality, and an equally good price!

Have any of you tried these?

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Face Of The Day With Pigments.

Haha! Maybe I'm getting on the ball with this FOTD thing now!

I was asked to do a look using drugstore/cheap pigments, like Barry M and Collection 2000 dazzle dust thingies!

So here are some pics of the look.. (If you click on them they will be mahoosive, and you may notice I have a nasty rash type thing on my chin area-ish.. I have tried a few new face products recently and my skin has reacted badly to one of them, not sure which though, But it feels like a itchy sore shaving rash type thing.)

And incase you are wondering, this is what I used :

• Urban Decay Primer Potion
• GOSH - Love That Ivory (Waterproof eyeshadow)
• Barry M #96 Dazzle Dust
• Collection 2000 - Enchanted Dazzle Me
• Stargazer Eyeshadow - White
• Barry M Kohl - #2 Brown
• Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Review : Barry M Pencils.

Hi Guys, Today I'm going to do a review on a few things from Barry M. Firstly the Supersoft eye crayons and also their Kohl pencil liners.

I'll start with the Supersoft crayons. These are available from the usual places that stock Barry M (Boots & Superdrug), and the Barry M website for £3.95 each.

I had never tried these until recently and I have to say I am really impressed. I have one of the new matte shades in 'Matte Green' and a normal one in 'Purple'.

They both apply so smoothly and have a really creamy blendable texture, the pigmentation is great and you can go for a really opaque finish or blend it out for a more sheer look. The green is a lovely bright fresh colour and the purple is quite a pale lilac and has a shimmery/metallic type of finish, although it's not over the top. I didn't find the purple quite as smooth to apply as the green, which for me was just a tiny bit softer.

For me they both make a great base to apply other eye shadows on top of. However, they will crease after a few hours of wear, unless you wear some sort of eyeshadow primer underneath, such as urban decay primer potion or something similar.

All in all I really like these and plan on trying some more colours, the black and pink in particular have caught my eye. I do wish Barry M would make a matte white one though, Kinda like NYX's Milk Jumbo pencil (Which isn't easily available in the UK). I would LOVE that and I'm sure many others would too!

.... So, on to the Barry M Kohl pencils available from the same places as above for £2.95, These come in a huge range of colours too!

I have been using the black and brown ones of these for quite some time and have back ups because I like them so much So I was looking forward to trying out some new shades, I got shades #4 - Navy Blue and #15 - Pastel Lilac to try out.

The Navy Blue one is lovely! this is my new favourite liner, the colour is gorgeous and the pigmentation is very strong, it is soft, applies smoothly and is easy to smudge on the eye, It shows vividly in the waterline and isn't a flat blue, it's dark, but has a lovely brightness to it at the same time (Gee, I hope that makes sense!) You would need to try it to see what I mean, but trust me, It is a gorgeous colour.

The Lilac is a pale pastel colour that unfortunately because of being so pale doesn't show on my waterline, it does however make a really nice light base for pink and purple eye shadows on the eyelid, it applies smoothly like the Navy Blue and it blends out nicely too, without pulling on the eyelid.

The only thing about the Barry M Kohl Liners is that they don't last for THAT long because they are not waterproof, They probably last about 3/4 hours before you need to reapply. But If you are looking for a longer lasting option, Barry M sell waterproof intense eyeliner pens, so give those a try instead.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Of The Week - Lollipop26.

OK.. So this BOTW thing was gnna be weekly, but I am a slacker and I keep forgetting, So for now I will do it when I remember, OK?

Anyway, this weeks (Ahem, *months*) blog of the week (... or month?) is Lollipop26. I really enjoy reading her blog, and I think you all will too!

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to help Laura gain any more followers as she already has gazillions, but if by some chance you don't already follow her, (Why the hell not?) Then you should go and do so!

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Woo, We have a FOTD!

I said a while ago that I was going to start posting more FOTD's.. Although really this is an EOTD cos I don't show my face, but whatever!

To create this look I used some fabulous Sleek products. (I LOOOVE Sleek!)

*MAC Blackground Paint Pot
*Sleek Eye Dust ('Dirty' - Dark Brown) All over lid
*Sleek Eye Dust ('Drama' - Matte Black) On Outer Corner and crease/Lower lashline
*Urban Decay E/S (Rust) On inner corner
*GOSH Black Ink Waterproof Eye liner on waterline
*Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
*Matte White to Highlight browbone

Here are a few more pics..

Thanks for reading all. What do you think of the new layout?

Have a great weekend! x

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No 7 Shine Free Base - My thoughts.

Hey everyone, Only me!

So last year I wrote this post about how I really wanted to try this face primer from boots.

Shortly after writing it I got it and have been meaning to review it ever since, so here it is, finally!

It costs £10.25 for a 40ml bottle and is available from Boots. (No 7 stuff has 3 for 2 at the moment too!)

So, before I bought this I read loads of reviews, most of which were negative, but I thought 'what the hell' and bought it anyway, because I liked the sound of what it did and I have very oily skin and was sick on my foundation sliding off my face after half a day.

So, I bet you're wondering what I think of it, ain't ya? Well actually, I am pleased to say that I love it! This is a must have for me now and I will repurchase over and over. It works wonders, It keeps everything in place and my skin does NOT get oily at all when I wear this, It stays nice and matte, ALL day long.


So, in the reviews I had read before I bought it people were saying how it was thick and difficult to work with, which is true, if you don't use it properly, I'll admit, I played around a bit to find a way for it to work, and now it does.

It comes out of the bottle as a really thick white cream, with a smooth texture. The trick is to dab it on your face, and only where you get oily, don't try and rub it in like it is some kind of face lotion or something. I just dab it where I need it and pat it in gently around that area until it has absorbed (no time at all) I then wait a minute or so and get on with my eye make up, and then go back and apply my foundation. My foundation applies perfectly over this and as I said earlier, it lasts all day.

I've tried to demonstrate in this picture how I apply it, by dabbing it until it's soaked in.

So there you have it! I love this stuff. Have you tried it, what do you think? :)
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clean and Clear Spot Kit.

Exciting new for all you girls and boy who have troublesome skin, which I'm sure you will know by now, I really do.

So Clean & Clear are just launching a new 'Advantage Kit' in the UK for those of us with really bad skin. It says you will see results pretty much immediately too, how great does that sound?

The website says that 100% of people who tried this saw an improvement in just ONE day, They had clearer skin after just Four weeks and after eight weeks their skin stayed clearer.

Now, as a long term Acne sufferer (Since my early teens) this to me sounds really great and I am very eager to try this kit out!

Inside the kit you get :

1 - Spot Control Cleanser: fast acting technology; deep cleanses to help prevent spots.

2 - Spot Control Moisturiser: helps fight and prevent spots. makes skin soft and smooth

3 - Fast Clearing Spot Treatment Gel: helps reduce spots in 4 hours!

You can read up on what they do in more detail on the website, Just click here.

The packaging looks really sleek too, which is always a plus!

Here is an interesting before and after video from Freya, I think you will agree that the results are pretty impressive.

So, what do you think about this kit, will you be trying it out? I will, for sure. As soon as I can get my grubby mitts on it and start using it I will definitely give it a review, with some before and after shots.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pulse Perfection Mascara.

Hey all,

Yes you read the title right, it's another review on the *New* Maybelline pulse perfection Mascara. Priced at £14.99 and available from the usual places, like Boots and Superdrug.

I have to say I was really looking forward to giving this a try, I thought the idea sounded good and I wondered how it would work.

The packaging of the mascara is black and gold and quite sleek and the brush is like the normal define-a-lash mascara wand, which is one of my fave mascaras anyway.

There was a little tab at the end of the brush which you pull out to activate the vibration button.

Now, the idea is that you press the button down whilst applying the mascara. I have to admit I found this a little difficult because the button itself is right at the end of the handle of the wand and I didn't feel like I could get a proper hold of it whilst pressing the button, but after a few attempts I got the hang of it, and the results were pretty good.

The formula is nice, it isn't too wet and it's more lengthening that volumising I found. As you can see below in this before and after shot, my natural lashes are very fair so you can hardly see them, and they are not overly long either. The difference with the mascara on is quite good, my lashes look much longer. (This is with one coat only)

So, You are supposed to apply the mascara from root to tip with no need for wiggling to get to all of your lashes, because that is why this one pulsates 100 times per second, like no hand can! Once I got the hang of holding the vibrate button while applying it I found the results to be quite impressive, every lash was coated and there was a big difference in the length of my lashes.

Priced at £14.99 I think it is a bit of an expensive buy, when all it is really is the define-a-lash mascara wand with a vibrator in the end (ooo-er!) I'm not sure that the effect that you get with the vibration can be achieved with a normal hand though, but I don't think it would be too far off.

So, as I said you can purchase this in Boots and Superdrug and there are normally some offers on in both places (I think 3 for 2 in Boots right now) Oh and you can click here for a £1.50 off coupon!

Have you tried this, what did you think?
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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Short and Sweet ...

To all of my followers, new and old ..

I just wanted to say ..

For reading my blog, following it, commenting and just being lovely.

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