Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woo Hoo! New Layout.

Hey everyone. Just a little note to let you know that I am now a youtube partner! Yipeee!! :)

I am only so chuffed because I can have cute banners and stuff, So I am well pleased. & If I make any money, it will be a bonus!

So, today I have re-done my blog layout to tie in with my youtube page which can be found here .. I know it's a lot of black but it is my FAV colour and I think with brightly coloured banners and fonts it looks stylish, So that is the look, for now :)

What do you think? xx

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make-up Today!

Man, it feels sooo good to be able to put make-up on again now that my sty has gone!

I have had a pretty productive day today I feel. I tidied up the spare room (which is where I do my videos) and got some of my summer clothes out and ready to wear, now that the sun seems to be around, although it'll probably bugger off now I have done that!

Anyway, after I had been productive I set about making some new videos, one is a tutorial and the other a Vlog/Update.

I did quite a neutral-ish look (for me) and I like how it came out.

I have recently discovered some L'Oreal Colour Appeal Holographic eye shadows in my make-up that I had been neglecting and I love them! I used one in this look and it is called Solar Pink and is a lovely pink/gold/green duo chrome colour. I then put a brown in the crease and blended it lots so it looked quite soft.

(You will notice I have a summery hair 'do and earrings today too, I was feeling chirpy and wanted to make the most of the good weather.. Too OTT maybe? Who cares!? :) Not me..)

In's and Out's!

In In In!

* My sty is gone! I am happy :)
* Painting my nails in pretty patterns - (I NEED a Konad though! Please Santa! lol)
* The gorgeous weather, it makes me feel good and want to do stuff!
* Tidying up and feeling productive! I have tidied my make-up room today :)
* Making a video for the first time in ages, I did it today! (It will be up soon!)
* L'Oreal Holographic eyeshadows, I have some I have been neglecting and I love them.
* Finding old friend you have lost touch with via Facebook, Yay! :)
* Hells Kitchen and Marco Pierre White... Nice ;)
* Scrabble on Facebook, I'm addicted.

Out Out Out!

* Grant Bovey (On Hells Kitchen) Ughh.
* The Credit Crunch, I wish it would end! :(
* My Camera, It is on it's way out and it is all I have *Cry*.
* Bitchy girls, everywhere. Puh-lease! Get a grip.
* Plucking eyebrows! I need to do mine badly and cannot be arsed.

Short and Sweet!

HI everyone, just a small update from me :)

Good news, my eye is much better now, I have been bathing it with cold tea and it never came to a head it just eased off and went away.

I not have a few ideas for videos and am gonna go charge my camera and start recording!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather!

See you all soon! x

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nooo!!! *Cry*

So, about 30 mins ago I was sat here, at my PC and I blinked and felt a small pain and I was like :

Hmm, why does that hurt?

So I got my camera and took a pic because I didn't have my mirror handy (lol) .. I then viewed the pic and saw a redness under my eye where I felt pain, so I touched lightly and it hurt and I felt a small bump.

*Click pics for larger sizes*

I then decided to go investigate and went to the mirror! I have a small spot like red bump just underneath my lashline towards the outer corner of my eye :(

At first I thought I might just have a spot there, because I get spots all over, but I actually think it's a sty. I have just done some reading up online about them, and it sounds more possible.

I haven't had a sty since I was a young girl!

I am really gutted and now I know it's there it hurts! :( *Boo!*

So, it looks like my plan of making a few tutorials (because of my slacking in the last couple of weeks) is out of the window. I will do a few tags I have to do and maybe a Vlog!

.. The make-up will just have to wait! :(

Have any of you had sty's before? and how did you ease them? .. I can see that a hot flannel and cold tea are supposed to do some good from researching online.. So I will try them soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hot and... Not so hot!


*1 - Cadbury's mini eggs, Yum!
*2 - Hells Kitchen back on TV - I love Marco!!
*3 - Swapping Make-up!
*4 - Britain's Got Talent back on TV! (I know, a lot of TV related stuff!)
*5 - Boots No7 Mattifying Make-up base. <3


1* - Trying to make a video and being interrupted! (I haven't made one in ages!)
2* - Feeling inadequate in my make-up skills. and lacking confidence.
3* - Mineral foundation (It's making my skin feel dry?!)
4* - Out of date make-up (I had a massive sort out yesterday and chucked loads! I need to do this often from now on!)
5* - Being skint and jobless and living in the City with the 2nd biggest job losses.. Great! :(

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What's in and out?

I haven't done this for ageeees!

IN -

* Blogging, I am on a mega blog fest all of a sudden!
* Receiving compliments from a Make-up Artist to the stars!
* MAC Snob Lipstick, I love it!
* Twitter, I'm addicted.
* Straight Hair.
* Beyonce's Album.
* Vaseline.
* Avon Super Shock Mascara!


* My k800i, It broke :( I am gutted.
* Tweetdeck, I can't get used to it!
* My camera, I think it is dying, Slowly.
* The cold weather (Hopefully, but I doubt it).
* Having spots :*( Hmmph!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

UPDATE : The Holographic Nails

In relation to yesterdays post 'The GOSH Holographic Nail Polish' ..

Hmm, where to start!

Pretty much a couple of hours after applying it went a little scratchy looking, It is weird to describe but It was like if you scratch a scratch card, but on my nails, although not that easily.

It had started chipping by the early evening and today it has just gotten worse! So it can't even go for 12 hours without beginning to look crappy.

I admit, I am quite disappointed but it was worth it for almost a whole day of gorgeous eye catching nails! I will just save it for nights out so people can see it and go 'oooh!' ..

Here is a pic of them, today :

(I kept it HUGE so you could see - Click to see large image)

Chanel High Shine Lipgloss

Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss High Shine #68 Candy Glow.

I got this lip gloss in a swap a few weeks ago and was impressed with the sleek packaging and the formulation of the smooth gloss.

They say it is apparently 'High Shine Sheer Concentrate' - It is definitely sheer, More so than it looks in the bottle - I don't find the colour shows up very well on me at all, although up close and in certain light it is sparkly and a pretty pale pink colour.

I think this colour is really close to my own lip colour and it just enhances my lips, which I love.

If you look closely at the gloss bottle you can see a sheer candy pink colour with loads of golden sparkles.

You can't feel the sparkles at all when it is on your lips, it has such a soft texture and the brush applicator is nice and easy to use. It does not feel at all sticky on the lips, it's kind of similar to a balmy feel and it lasts for a long time too, I ate and drank with mine on and there were still reminants a few hours later which I found impressive.

It is a 6ml tune and retails for about £20 which I think is a very steep price, and I certainly wouldn't have paid that for it, nor will I ever. So, I don't really recommend it, there are loads of lip glosses out there that cost less and do just as good a job.

I am happy I swapped it to try though and will use this one up.

Prestige Mineral Bronzer

Hey all, I'm really getting into this blogging thing at the moment! :)

Today I am talking about one of my fav highlighters.

. . I spent such a long time searching for the perfect highlighter and a while ago now I saw on Lollipop26's blog that she has purchased the Prestige Skin Loving Mineral Bronzer from Boots, So the next time I was in boots I picked it up.

*No Flash*

It cost about £8.99 and they have three colours, two are bronzer type colours, but one of them is called pure shimmer and is exactly that! .. My initial reaction was that it looked very similar to a MSF from MAC which I had been dying to get one of for ages.


It is dome shaped and you get a lot of product for your money in my opinion. I just use it on my cheeks and cheekbones for a nice shimmery highlight. It is not overly shimmery, although it can be built up and it is not chunky or glittery either which is a plus because I hate fallout of huge chunks of glitter all over the place! It looks so pretty too and has lovely veining running through it with some peachy and golden tones.

Here are some swatches on my hand, one with flash, one without.

*No Flash*


All in all I would say that this is an amazing product and I do not regret buying it one little bit, and I will certainly repurchase it. I love it!

The MAC 168 Brush.

I've had this brush for quite some time now, and I bought it to use for contouring.

It is made from pure goat hair and it is the softest, loveliest brush ever.

I love to use it, as I said, to contour. Sometimes I use it for blusher too and highlight, I love how it applies and picks up just enough colour.

.. Anyway, where am I going with this?

A few days ago I was on a make-up forum where someone mentions how then loves the 168 to apply their foundation, and I was like 'WHAT!' ..

Then, a couple of days ago I saw a video from Leesha/xSparkage, demonstrating how she used it to apply her studio sculpt.

.. Sooo yesterday when I was doing my make-up I got out the 168 and tried to put my foundation with it. I dotted the foundation onto my face and blended it out with the brush.

One word......... Amazing!

It went on so smoothly! I literally swirled the brush over my face so softly and it gave me such a nice look, I was so pleased, The application looked smooth and almost flawless.

I then used the same brush to apply my powder, blush and highlight.

Let this be a lesson, you your brushes and makeup for whatever you like, you are not limited to what you use each thing for... Have fun and Experiment. :)

*This brush is around about £16 in MAC stores or on their Website.*

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Questions Survey! I TAG YOU!

What is your best friends name? Debbie

What are you listening to right now? Sugababes - Girls

What was the last thing you ate? A crisp

If you were a crayon what color would you be? Black

How is the weather right now? It's bright, but chilly!

Do you have a significant other? Yep

Favorite TV show? LOST

Siblings? Brother and Sister.

Hair color? Red/Brown

Eye Color? Blue

Do you wear contacts? No

What was the last movie you watched? What lies beneath

Hugs or Kisses? Both

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

What books are you reading? Currently, Twilight.

Piercings? I have a few

Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? Butter

Favorite flower? Lilys

Right-handed or Left-handed? Right

Are you missing someone right now? My mum and sister.

Do you have a Tattoo? Three

Favorite Make-up Brand EVER? MAC

If you are reading this, I tag you!


Friday, April 03, 2009

FOTD - Rainbow Brights! Oh Man! I LOVE make-up!

I really fu*king love it.

Sorry, I am having an over obsessive makeup day today, more than normal.

So today's FOTD is.. A nice bright lovely rainbow look and I LOVE it!

Rainbow eyes = Love & I hope you like this .. *Click for huge pic*

I used my 120 palette for all the eye shadow colours along with rimmel volume flash mascara and Avon Arabian Glow Kohl in Turquoise on the waterline, and sleek black gel liner on upper lashline.

Oh and the lips is Barry M 129 and MAC dazzle glass in blue comet.

Blue Comet is LOVE!

.. Let me know what you think! :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Men you shouldn't, but do...

So, after a little chat with thismodernpanda on twitter the other day about how we both think Simon Cowell is a gorgeous man, she thought it would be funny to do a blog post about men you probably shouldn't like, but you do.

Here are mine..

*These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! :) How could I choose before my fav men? lol.. (Of course my BF comes above all of these!)

Marco Pierre White

Gordon Ramsey

Eddie Izzard

Boy George

Simon Cowell

... Mmm Mmmm gimme gimme gimme!

Check This NEW Blogger out.

So, my gorgeous little sister Chloe now has a blog, I helped her create it earlier on. Please, for me, go check it out and follow her, you will not be disappointed, she is a sweetheart!

Click Here to see it.

Thank yous :)

Interview Tag!

So, I saw this on Mizz Worthy's blog and thought I would do it too!

1) What were the reasons behind you starting up your own blog?

I started it last summer to go along with my youtube account, I was addicted at first and then I let it go for a while, they blogging became the 'in' thing and I was addicted again, and still am!

2) Who (or what) inspires you in the blogging world?

Other peoples blogs, things that I see and I want to blog about so that my followers can share in it. Anything really, I just like blogging.

3) Who (or what) inspires you in the non-blogging world (aka reality!)?

My Mum, my whole family. My little sister.

4) What is your ONE 'must-have', 'holy grail', 'can't-live'without-it' item (can be non-beauty related)?
Ooh! A computer, otherwise I wouldn't be able to blog or make videos!

5) What is your favourite feature and how do you accentuate it?
My eyes, without question. I accentuate them by applying makeup to them and trying to make the best of them in every way possible!

6) What is your ultimate favourite brand (can be make up, fashion, gadget etc!)?
I have too many fav brands to mention, I'm stuck!

7) What (or who) gives you instant feel good factor?


8) Can you give your avid readers one top tip (can be non-beauty related)?
I'll stick with beauty related and I would say that you should ALWAYS remove your makeup for bed, can you imagine leaving it on, and how much it is clogging and blocking your face, Ugh.

9) If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather go without make-up, music, love or clothes?!
Music, for sure. The others are fun enough and I could sing!

10) Can you give us one totally random fact?!

Erm, I love make-up on men!

11) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Writing my thoughts and feelings down, receiving comments and being part of this whole lovely blogging community!

12) Do you have a message for your followers?
I love you all, thank you for following me. Oh, and always remove your makeup before bed!

Take A Bow.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Put your MP3 player/ iPod/ itunes library on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

IF SOMEONE SAYS "IS THIS OKAY" Love is a losing game - Amy Winehouse

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? One sweet day - Mariah Carey and boys 2 men


HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Infatuation - Christina Aguilera

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Melt the snow - Shayne Ward

WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? Sure - Take That

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Me & Mrs Jones - Andy Abraham

WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Harajuku Girls - Gwen Stefani



WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Say you'll be there - Spice Girls





WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST?? Sunday to Saturday - Take that (Yes, they are coming up a lot, I have their whole discography in my playlist!)



WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? Carry on Regardless - Beautiful South

WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS? Take a Bow - Leona Lewis

Hmm, Random! You try it too!