25 April, 2013

Amazing Dupe!! Sigma Brush Cleaning Mitt/Glove.

So there I was last week, browsing the aisles in my local Tesco, when suddenly something caught my eye. I rushed over to take a look and grabbed it off the hook to inspect it excitedly. My boyfriend followed me and gave me a look that said he thought I was going slightly crazy.

It was then that I explained to him about the cleaning glove that Sigma recently brought out for cleaning makeup brushes, and how it cost about $40, and there was so much controversy about whether or not a glove with nubs and textured bits was worth that much.
The Tesco glove had texture that I thought would be enough for removing grime out of my brushes, while keeping my hand dry, and it’s lined too.. So I purchased it and tried it as soon as I got home. It’s amazing! I am sold. I admit, when I first saw the Sigma one, I thought it was a great idea, but the price was a major turn off!

So this lovely lime green handy dandy silicone oven glove does just the job. It has a larger texture and then a finer one too, but I like to use the large one for all of my brushes.

I have to tell you, it works like a charm! Just wet the glove, dampen the brush, use a little baby shampoo and lather for a few seconds and rinse for lovely clean brushes! I like the little grip part between the thumb and fingers too; it works great for squeezing out the excess water from the brush when you’re done. The glove is textured on both sides too, so perfect for left or right handed people.
It worked amazing for the Beauty Blender Sponge too, which I always struggle to clean thoroughly.

So, if like me, you liked the idea of the Sigma glove, but didn't want to fork out a stupid amount of money, check out your local stores for silicone oven gloves. Fee from MakeupSavvy actually had the same idea and got a better deal than I did, on Ebay. Check out her post.


  1. Ahh thats brilliant i was cleaning my brushes earlier thinking about the sigma mitt but now i think ill just get myself down to tesco!! :D

  2. Thanks for the mention :)) Even though yours was a bit more expensive I actually like the look of it a bit more. I don't really think the different textures on the Sigma one are needed, but I do like the smooth part inbetween the thumb and index finger for squeezing out the excess water after the brushes have been washed on this one!

    Fee x

    1. You're welcome. :) Yeah, I do like that feature for giving them a squeeze (oo-er!) x

  3. Ooh, I so need to purchase one of these. Tescos are just fab sometimes :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. This looks so useful! I want to get one :) x

  5. I'm definately going to pick one of these up! Great post:)


  6. I have the Sigma Glove and This glove and I can guarantee 100% that they are very different and that Sigma's glove is much much better

  7. This post is not to say that this is better than the Sigma glove, it is simply a alternative and it costs less money. It works for me. :)

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