17 January, 2013

Some New Things! ♡

It’s funny, when I haven’t had money to personally spend on myself for such a long time, then I get some and I’m stuck on what to do with it.

What I mean is that I got money for my Birthday and Christmas and I went shopping last week and spent a little of it on this little lot, but I didn’t go crazy. I think when you have to be so careful about your spending if you don’t have a lot of money, it kind of carries over into money you have to actually spend on you.

Anyway, ramble over. I had some money and so I went to Boots and Superdrug. I knew there were a few things I wanted, like the Real Techniques Brushes and the Effaclar Duo. The others were random, but things I sort of needed/wanted.

I was sad when the Boot Botanics range changed because for a while my boots didn’t have any of the makeup remover they used to do, so I was worried it hadn’t been carried over in their packaging change, but when I checked last week I found this. I love this makeup remover, it removes so well and is less that three pounds.

I got the core collection of brushes from Real Techniques. I love brushes SO much and especially eye brushes, but the face ones called to me much more, especially the buffing and contour brush. I’ll have a more full review of these soon.

As I mentioned in a mini post last week, I got the Effaclar Duo. I have to say I was having good results after just a couple of days, but last weekend I got sick with tonsillitis, which I am still suffering with, and to be honest everything went out of the window, I would just cleanse and slap on some Liz Earle moisturiser to be quick. Because I’ve been run down my skin isn’t at its best at the moment so I have started again today and I am hoping to see good things. I will review this eventually.

Collection (2000) lasting perfection concealer is a must for me so I picked another one up. I messed up though, I usually use fair and I picked up light… I am yet to see if this works for me. I feel it may be too dark. Great concealer though, long lasting and good coverage!

I picked up the MUA bits to try because I’ve only really tried their palettes (which I love) I have seen lots of raves about their lipsticks, so I got a red (to add to my collection of reds!) which is a lovely glossy, pigmented shade. I also got a lip liner which is a great colour, but it is very soft and needs sharpening lots, but for £1 it’s a total bargain… Then I got the nail caviar bead things, I haven’t tried this before, but I’ve seen it on others and I like the look of the effect, the MUA one is called constellations, and I got Libra, just because I liked the colours the most.

From NYC I picked up a foundation, I did have the Rimmel wake me up in my hand to purchase and then I spotted this.. How cheap is NYC by the way?! All under £3. This sounded really good and was £2.49! I haven’t tried it yet, and I didn’t really need it, but I wanted something new to try with the new Real Techniques brush! (Haha) … The foundation has good reviews on Makeup Alley though.

Finally, some No7 Boots quick thinking wipes. I got a £5 off voucher in Boots so used it to get these, which I have never tried, they were £2 though, so I thought why not. They are good for a quick clean up and for travel. I don’t use wipes to cleanse though, just to freshen up and stuff. These seem nice.


  1. I was sad to find that Boots reformulated that eye make-up remover. It used to be my favourite but I bought one of the new bottles and it stung my eyes. Not happy. Hope it works out ok for you.

    Lou x

    1. Oh no, that's not good. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. I'll see how I get on!

  2. This all looks lovely. I have had the core collection in my sights for a while now. I look forward to your review on them :)



  3. I'm the same as Oblivia the new formulation of the eye make up remover stings my eyes :( love the rest of the best really want to try the real techniques brushes

    1. Oh, that's such a shame. I haven't really given it a go yet, so I'll see if it is the same for me. I hope not because I loved it before.

  4. I want to try the new NYC foundation, I read great words. Can't wait for your review honey!


  5. Oooh I'm curious about that NYC foundation, please let us knoe how it works for you!


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