25 October, 2012

MesmerEyez Contact Lenses.

There are the perfect addition to any Halloween costumes, or just to amp up a makeup look and give you a freaky look. Mesmereyez website (link!) has a whole huge range from coloured lenses to the scariest freaky looking ones.

Above, I am wearing the *Luna Lens (the blue) which could be awesome for a scary looking doll costume or anything that requires your eyes to look freaky really! They are available for 1 month, 3 months and 1 year and the prices are super reasonable too.

The *Green Werewolf Lens just scream Halloween and are great for a wolf, vampire, witch.. Whatever you fancy that's scary. I like these so much, I love the inner yellow ring around them, it's so eye catching. These are available with the same options and the prices are great.

They can be a little difficult to get in when you're a beginner (I'm still learning, hence the red eyes) but once you get the hang of it it does get easier. Make sure to follow the instructions and use a proper solution and care to store them.

Both sets of lenses are..
  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours
  • 45% water content
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive
  • Produced under ISO International Standards quality control
  • Manufactured in the UK
Check out the website here, and where you can purchase them here.


  1. Ummn,, Really I am mesmerized by seeing the pictures. Lenses are very pretty and the eyes are looking gorgeous with the lenses.

  2. Loving the green werewolf lens, these look fab and would be a great addition to the outfit at Halloween! :)


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