27 March, 2012

Butter London - Artful Dodger.

Butter London: Artful Dodger.
This true teal is a show-stopper. High fashion and so unique, it’s the perfect way to wear this trend without over kill.
I love this shade. It just has me staring at my nails all day long, which is always a sign of a polish that I really, really like. It's a lovely bright teal that is a perfect eyecatching summery shade. Two coats give an opaque finish that is glossy and lasts on me for about 3 or 4 days without a topcoat.

Have you tried this brand before? I'd like to try some of their other shades for sure, I love the formula and the finish on this polish.


  1. This colour is beautiful!

    Sarah xx

  2. love the colour!

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  3. Do you have a top coat on with this or is it built into the polish?

    1. I wasn't wearing a topcoat. Just the polish alone :)


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