04 November, 2011

Saucy, Glitzy Nails.

This nail of the day is pretty self explanatory really. Red nails, glitter tips. I was bored one evening and had this look in mind. I love how it came out, and the photos don't really do it any justice at all. It was one of those nails looks that had me staring at my hands throughout the day. It's difficult to capture the glitzyness of Models Own Juicy Jules on camera.
So I used Eyeko Saucy Polish, and Models Own Juicy Jules on the tips.

It took a little time to do the tips, and I needed a couple of thick coats, which took ages to dry.  When they did chip (after a couple of days without a topcoat) they chipped on the glitter tip, unsurprisingly.

I think I will do these nails again closer to Christmas. They are sooo festive!


  1. Juicy Jules is such a gorgeous colour isn't it? Shame Eyeko's prices have gone up because their products are great! Boo :( xxx

  2. Lovely so Christmas's time :D

  3. I actually did something similar in my last post.. like the red polish it looks really nice :)


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