16 September, 2011

The MAC 'Club' FOTD.

Following on from my post on Mac's Club Eyeshadow the other day, I wanted to show a quickie fotd to show how lovely it looks, and how it transforms and looks like you have made an effort with more than one colour, when you wear it over a black base.

I used the Barry M Supersoft Eye Crayon in black as my base, blended over the lid. Then I just put Club eyeshadow over the top, and blended it up into the crease (past the base) to give a two tone effect.
Barry M Base                                    ----                     With Club Eyeshadow.
Then I added some liner, mascara, lipstick, foundation and blush, and here is a face of the day. 
Do you own Club eyeshadow?  ... Do you want to own it?


  1. Don't own it but damn I want it!

  2. Don't own it but damn I want it !!!

  3. I own and love Club eye shadow. I really like your look! The camera caught the colours perfectly.

  4. I have this eyeshadow. I love it- saves so much time on a night out! :)x

  5. Looks gorgeous on you :) I must get it!

  6. I've had it for a while and wasn't so sure how to use it to get the full effect. Then I tried it as you said in your previous post about it over the base and it was great! Thank you very much for introducing me to a minimal effort maximum payoff look.


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