14 September, 2011

I Love .. MAC Club Eyeshadow.

This could quite possibly be my absolute number one MAC eyeshadow. It is such an interesting duo-chrome colour. It's so versatile and can be used as a liner, a wash of colour, a crease colour - and it makes for a great smoky eye!

I love to wear this eyeshadow alone. I put a black base on my lid (which brings the green of club to life) and then blend it over the top and up into my crease above the black base, and it looks as though you've made a real effort with two colours, when it's just one.

In my swatches you can see the colour alone, and then on top of a black base, and blended around the edges so that you can see the difference. MAC describe it as a red brown with green pearl.
Beautiful, no? .. I really love it. I thought I had a FOTD where I had used it on my blog, but I can't find one, so I will do one soon :)

Available from MAC online and MAC Counters for £11.50.


  1. Gorgeous colour! What black base do you use underneath?

  2. I either use any black smudgy liner, blackground paintpot or for this picture I used the black barry m supersoft eye crayon :)

  3. Gorgeous! I've seen swatches of it over a black base and WOW!

  4. I'm also a lover of Club. The black base really brings it to life! Great post x

  5. Oooh that is so nice! I might have to get it when I can afford it :)


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