19 June, 2011

- Ninja Crackle!

Current nails were done using the above products! .. I like the Hot Looks polishes, and colour selections, but I find them quite difficult to work with, which is a shame. Ninja is a great colour though, and I persevered with it. I need to find a way of making these work better for me, since I own about ten.

As for the nail effects, still liking the effect on my nails occasionally. It's eye catching. I think I want to try some other colours.
Ninja alone. Two coats.
With added crackle, courtesy of Barry M!

There you have it! :)


  1. Oh wow Ninja is an amazing colour! Phwoar, what a perfect Hulk green! :D I love crackle polishes, I think of the ones I've tried Barry M has the best formula.

  2. The green is gorgeous! Did you use a topcoat or is it just that glossy?



  3. Collection 2000 nail polish seem to be amazingly good, I must get some soon :P

    Ps. thanks for follow me xx


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