30 April, 2011

» The Royal Wedding, April 29th 2011. ♥

I just wanted to make short post about the fabulous Royal Wedding from yesterday. It's a day that will go down in history, and I am pretty sure that almost everyone watched it, so why not have a little post with a few lovely images from the day.

I set my alarm for 8.30am (on a day off, that is a big deal!) so that I could get up and watch all the preparations and guests arriving .. I got more hooked than I thought I would, and as soon as I saw William leaving Clarence House with Harry I felt a bit emotional, which surprised me. They both looked so handsome and grown up. I think the fact that their Mother wasn't there made me feel a touch sad too.

The whole thing was so brilliant though, everyone looked amazing, but Kate outshone everyone, and rightly so. Everyone was excited about the dress, and it certainly lived up to expectations, it was beautiful and she looks radiant and stunning - apparently she did her own make up too.

All in all it was beautiful overall. The kiss was so sweet, and they make a lovely couple. I loved when they left alone together in the Aston Martin too! Can I get an Awwww?!

I wish them life long love and happiness together. ♥
Did you love it as much as me?


  1. I watched it too and got suprised at being hooked! Was a fun day :)x

  2. I love the girl's face in the first picture XD

  3. I loved it :) I think the whole bunch looked elegant and Kate's dress is GORGEOUS (I'd love to wear Sarah Burton design myself).

  4. I loved watching the whole event, they are a lovely couple! ^^

  5. I definitely loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it as much as you !!!

    I was at work and watching it live on the Internet from France !!!!!!!!!

    I've lived in England a few years ago and I have stayed a true British at heart !!!!!!!

  6. I don't am a huge fan of the dress actually...

  7. I really enjoyed watching the wedding - I really like her dress - a lovely couple :)

  8. I watch their wedding I really enjoyed.Kate is totally beautiful :)

  9. Loved it and she was looking stunning in that bridal gown!!


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