06 February, 2011

— Pretty Hello Kitty Nails ♥

I love them, they are just so very cute and simple, yet eyecatching! Everyone who has seen them has loved them too, this makes me smile. :)

I got the nail plate for free from bornpretty I had seen a post about it on a few blogs about them giving it away, and so I tried it, and got it a week later in the post. I was so pleasantly surprised..
- Models Own 'Black Swirl' .. Konad Stamper & Scraper .. Konad White Polish .. Stamping Plate Bornpretty.com -

So there you have it, just a pretty hello kitty nail of the day .. It's gorgeous, and Black Swirl by models own is my new fave polish too! :)

To get the template, just go here (you need to sign up to the site) and enter BP299 at the checkout .. You don't pay a penny! I don't know if they are limited though, so be quick and cross your fingers!

I am NOT affiliated with bornpretty, I am just letting you guys know how I got it. It may not even be available anymore.


  1. The code didn't work for me yesterday I still managed to order it for $2.99 hope it went through

  2. Awww cute! I still can't stamp at all :/

  3. Ah they look adorable!


  4. Awwwww soooo cute!! :D I got the plate too btw ;) x

  5. Greaaat !! :) <3 i love it so much!!!!!!!


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