25 February, 2011

- Pretty Cheerful Nails ..

The other day I was feeling very, very miserable. I'm not sure why.. February blues or something - I couldn't seem to shake it though, and my poor BF got the brunt of it. So when he went for a bath to escape me I decided to cheer myself up I would give myself a bright, pretty manicure.

It did the trick.. I feel more bright, and positive just because my nails looked pretty.. How sad!

I used Sleek Makeup's Turquoise. One of my faves! Then some nail stickers that I have from Sparkly Nails.

The result is this ....

That is all.. I hope you like it :)


  1. ahh i've been feeling rubbish too! i was fine in Jan, so i must have late jan blues :( lovely nails, you're sooo talented. i could never do that. x

  2. Oh my this is so pretty and springy!


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