02 January, 2011

*NEW* Sleek MakeUP Molten Metals.

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year!!

On New Years Eve, I was surprised when my postie popped a parcel through my letter box. I was surprised initially because I didn't know they delivered on New Years Eve, and secondly because it was an unexpected parcel.. The lovely new Molten Metals from Sleek MakeUP!

They are designed for the eyes but can be used to highlight the cheek bone, cupids bow, or anywhere else. They are a smooth creamy consistency and are very intensely pigmented. I am really happy with the quality of them actually, I kind of expected they might be greasy and crease immediately, a little like the liquid metals from Illamasqua (don't get me wrong, I love them - but they don't last long and feel quite oily) but they feel less greasy, and once blended into the skin they kind of set, not completely, but enough that they would last for a good few hours.I haven't fully put them to the test yet, I've just had a play around, but when I do wear them, I will do a FOTD post and let you know how they last with a primer on the eyes.

The packaging is study and looks nice, and there is also a small mirror inside of the lid. I'm not keen on the white font on the front casing though, but that's just my personal opinion. The product inside is quality, and to me that's the main thing.

So, inside the duo are two colours : Pewter, and Gold Leaf. They look quite similar to the naked eye, but they photograph differently, and the swatches show their differences.

Pewter                                            Gold Leaf
 They are both gorgeous colours, and I really hope that sleek bring out some different combos! I love a cream eyeshadow, and they make great bases for similar colour eyeshadows for added intensity.

These are released on 5th January and will be on sale in Superdrug and online. They will be £6.99 and are to be part of the permanent Sleek MakeUP Collection!


  1. I am looking forward to this! It looks gorgeous :) xx


  2. They look lovely! The Gold Leaf swatch looks beautiful, will be keeping an eye out for this! x

  3. Ive seen a few bloggers reviewing this...i am dying for it now!!

  4. Ooh, pretty! It looks fantastic :)

  5. OMG im s0o jealous! i wanna get my hands on this! looks gorgeous!

  6. Thank you for your comments, I am glad you're loving the look of these, they are lovely!

  7. Stunning! :) I'm waiting for your review! ;) Do you know when this will be released?


  8. Yep... 5th jan! I mentioned it at the end ;) xx


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