06 December, 2010

♥ Mememe » Blush Me Boxes.

 I was so excited to get my hands on these blushers, and I had a few readers ask me my thoughts, and so here we have the Mememe blusher boxes in Coral and Pink..
 They come in a sturdy box package, which is similar to the Benefit blush boxes, and they include a little square brush which has nice soft bristles, but they are a little sparse and I much prefer to use my regular blusher brush. There is also a decent sized mirror inside the lid which could come in handy for travel.
Both shades are lovely and well pigmented. The texture is smooth, and they both have a really pretty sheen to them, They don't leave you looking like a glitter ball, they leave your face glowing. The pink one is currently my 'Go To' .. But I think I'm gonna change over to the coral soon. I love them both - Here are swatches :
See the gorgeous glow? Lovely! ...

These are available online here, or from Superdrug and they cost £7.99 each.
PR Sample.


  1. I don't know the brand, but they look pretty fabulous ;)

  2. I love the coral one! Thanks for doing a review on this, I've been looking at them everytime I go to Superdrug but I didn't wanna pay £7.99 incase they weren't great.. :)

  3. love to try these especially the coral one!! looks like a nice dupe to benefit's coralista xoxo


  4. 'Coral' looks amazing. The testers in Superdrug put me off buying any when I go in - all hardened from peoples' finger grease *gag* I know the actual products wont be like that, but it still turns my stomach.

  5. i love the look of the coral one I think i shall be visiting Superdrug sooner than i thought hehe

  6. I love the pink! Benefit do need to cop on and put mirrors in their lids!
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    Kat x

  7. Pretty! I love the fact that they give you a mirror in the packaging ;)



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