26 November, 2010

» Maybe She's Born With It ..

Maybe It's Maybelline! :)
I have some gorgeous new maybelline goodies that I want to blog about today. First off, some of their Colour Sensational Lipsticks, These are some of my faves, they are pigmented, light feeling and some of them have a gorgeous sheen to them, You'll see...
 They are gorgeously packaged, smooth to apply, the colour pay off is great and the colour range is pretty big! I already own 'Ambre Rose' which is my *My lips but better* Shade - Here are my swatches :
I adore all of the colours apart from Coral Fever, I'm not sure if it's me!? .. Anyway, these lipsticks get a thumbs up from me, they are priced around £7 and are creamy and moisturising, Check them out at your local Superdrug.

Next up are two of the Eyestudio Mono Eyeshadows from maybelline, not something I have ever looked into before, but these are stunning, see for yourself :
Gorgeous, right? They are smooth, intensely pigmented, they blend really nicely and I cannot fault them at all, they feel light weight, and they look lovely on! That blue is just amazing, and the silver is almost a taupe, Love it! You can also purchase these from Superdrug, I will definitely be checking out some more colours. They are around £4 each, Bargain!

Lastly, The NEW Falsies Waterproof Formula Mascara.. I already love this mascara, this is just the same as the non waterproof, it gives a lovely long voluminous lash effect, but it is waterproof. It lasts all day with out flaking or smudging, and  removed nicely with my boots botanics make up remover. I would recommend this mascara, it's one that I always have in my mascara box! This is around the £8 mark.

Thank you for reading. 
Sophie. xx
PR Samples.


  1. I've been looking at the Mayb. ColourSensational for ages, but I can never decide what colours I want.. Idk if it's a good or bad thing that they have so many colours lol!

  2. WOW. love the lipsticks :) thanks for the lovely post :)

  3. I don't think the eyeshadows are pigmented at all! But I love the lipsticks and mascara :)

  4. pink punch and pink brown are awesome!

  5. You were given 5 of the lipsticks as PR samples? Lucky thing! I love the colour Kiss Pearl, it's a gorgeous shimmery pink. Really suits my pale skin tone :) xoxo

  6. I have som of the lippies- quite like them :) x

  7. I'm currently using The Falsies and I love it!

  8. I can't make coral work on me - that colour looks very pretty on your lips, though.

  9. I love the coloursensational lippies I have a few and would like a few more :D

  10. I love those lipsticks, my Ambre Rose has nearly run out, I have never completely run a lipstick out before! I really like pleasure me red on you.


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