22 October, 2010

Things I am Love Love Loving! ♥

Models Own 'Juicy Jules' Glitter Polish. This is so holographic glittery gorgeous! ♥
Berehive from No 17.. I know I'm well behind on this bandwagon but I loovvee it! ♥
Sleek Skin Revive Foundation .. LIGHT Coverage! On me, and my bad skin?! Yep - Thanks to the Clarisonic! ♥
Girl About Town Lippie ♥ Love it.. It speaks for itself.
True Blood and in particular, this fella ♥ Stephen Moyer (Aka Bill Compton) God he makes me swoon! ♥
Speaking of my Clarisonic, here is my beloved ♥ I love it. Will review soon on the blog. (Video is up already!)
Inspiring make up, I love this look and plan on recreating it soon. It's gorge! ♥  
 Oh, and I am also loving ..
♥ My new blog layout, waddya think?
♥ The X Factor  (Mary & Matt)
♥ Liz Earle Products
♥ That it's the weekend!


  1. I'm loving Mary, Rebecca and most of all Matt this year :D You're very lucky getting your hands on the Clarisonic, I'd do silly things for one ;)

  2. Wow Juicy Jules looks gorgeous! I might pick up these 17 lippies as everyone raves about them. Ah Stephen Moyer <3 Totally with you there! Looking forward to your take on Kristen's make up :) xx

  3. Loved your post hun!!
    Lipstick and nail polish look so gorgeous!!!

  4. Juicy Jules looks amazing!!!! I love a bit of nail bling! xx

  5. Look at you totally rocking that Girl About Town! Love it...my fave colour ever! I seriously need that glitter polish in my life too after seeing that pic!

    Oh, and I'm with you on Stephen Moyer....phwoaaaarrrrrr! x


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