09 October, 2010

« Primark 'do' Urban Decay!


Oh Primark, how you love to take an idea from another company and make it your own!.. First with the benefit-esque rip off items, and now these.. (I've actully had these for a few months).. Doesn't the packaging of the above eyeshadow look super similar to THIS? .. Yes! I know! .. That's an Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow..

So, I picked up two of these bad boys from Primark to see how they compared, I didn't ecpect much, they only cost about £2 each.

Jade                                         Sapphire

They are actually not bad! One is better than the other and that's 'Jade' .. It is smooth and buttery, blends really nice and is pigmented. Sapphire on the other hand is a bitty, chunky, powdery mess.. I'm not sure why they're so different, but I love Jade and would like to test out some of the other shades in store to see if they are as nice as Jade.

What are your thoughts on these, have you tried them?


  1. Wow these look stunning!
    and so cheap, fab x

  2. they actually seem pretty good :)

  3. Naughty Primark!! lol Shopping in my local Primark makes me suffer were serious amounts of rage because it's constantly rammed and there is stuff flyig about all over the place! Looks pretty good though...might have to brave the crush to have a look at them!

  4. argh... my local primark selling those for £0.50 last time... I am so regret that I have missed them out @.@

  5. Everyone seems to be ripping everyone off these days! Ah well.
    I've not seen these around my Primark - though I rarely go in there. Will have to check them out!

  6. Also they have Gosh-like lipglosses with mirror and lights :P

  7. Jade looks gorgeous!

    I bought some eye dusts from Primark a few months ago. There were two in a pack and were originally £1 or £2, but were on sale for 50p. They're nice colours and really good quality. I was so surprised.

  8. I actually bought a few and had I not already tried the UD eyeshadows I think I would have loved them, however the Deluxe e/s are far more pigmented and smooth and I couldn't shake off the fact that I was just wearing and Urban Decay ripoff, they were fine really, but it just spoiled it a bit for me.


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