21 August, 2010

Current Loves + Hates!

>> The fact that the X Factor is back on our screen tonight, woohoo!
>> Primark's amazingly cheap jewellery, I know it won't last forever, but it's gorgeous!
>> My new hair colour, It's called 'Spiced Chocolate' and it has never been so dark!
>> Getting back into blogging again, and my new layout!
>> The look of the Disney MAC Collection. When is that out?

>> The fact that out Sky+ box is broken and will not be fixed until Tuesday :(
>> Time of the month, Ugh. Nuff' said.
>> Missing my Mum + Sister, I hate saying bye to them and miss them so much.
>> Unpacking. I haven't started yet, but I hate the thought that I have to!
>> The weather, it's humid, then it's sunny, then it pours.. Wtf?


  1. argh I agree about the weather too hun! miserable :(

  2. The weather is driving me insane too! You look outside and it's summer...you actually go outside and it's freezing cold. Then it starts spitting 5 mins down the road. Over it!!!

  3. I agree, the weather is rubbish! Can't wait for more posts xo


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